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Some beautiful DBD girls - my group Vkontakte

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 I agree with these terms


  • MandyTalkMandyTalk Mod, Co-ordinator Posts: 3,708

    Those are really good, I love the style.

  • AcesthetiicAcesthetiic Member Posts: 536

    That Meg one is incredible.

  • SkarkioSkarkio Member Posts: 464

    I love meg and nea!

  • Raven014Raven014 Member Posts: 1,116

    Cool, Meg looks great with the style you've used... but Nea and Feng look very similar (facial structure does anyway).

  • GODQueenEvyGODQueenEvy Member Posts: 43

    Really unique art style. I would definitely keep working on those, there is more potential in those pieces. I feel a uncomfortable, silent connection with Nea, because of the way she “stares” at me. Really love it. Keep up the great work.

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