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PTB - What's It Like?

How Is It?
I won't be playing the PTB anytime soon(TM) for personal reasons, but I am interested to hear your opinion. So, how is it? Good? Bad? So far I've heard a lot of good things, and the store looks amazing (seen from screenshots).


  • jn5480jn5480 Member Posts: 20

    I like how they cleaned up the menu/sub-menus.

    For example, the white outlines around perks /addons/etc. are all thinner and it just makes the game look very slick.


    @ZombieGenesis said:
    I like the PTB itself. It's nice being able to test features out and, honestly, I was dubious about this whole rework but this might get me and my wife back into DbD. The cosmetics store has a ton of neat options for characters.

    The one drawback is that you're playing against the DbD community. And while a lot, I'd even say most, of the people on the PTB are there to have a good time and test stuff out you will encounter your veins of dirtbags and try-hards who are just there to ruin the fun for everyone (camping killers, survivors who just loop and teabag, etc).

    Overall, however, my experience has been pretty positive and I've been a huge naysayer of this game for a long time now.

    How are you finding the pallet and their layout change?

  • ToxicTappToxicTapp Member Posts: 63
    edited May 2018

    I like it, but it says everyone is rank 1 when I play with/against them. Is this a glitch, or do rank 1 players like playing more than lower ranks?

    Edit: Never mind, just read the known issues.

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