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No one play Ash anymore ?



  • NickNick Member Posts: 803

    They should lower his volume tbh. His heavy smoker grunts are way too loud

  • oxygenoxygen Member Posts: 2,010

    I like both the character and his model in DBD, but he's so incredibly loud and his injured groaning gets on my nerves really quickly.

  • drkiwiedrkiwie Member Posts: 56

    DS is fine, plz fix dead hard....and plz stop making this look like a Reddit thread....

  • AkumaAkuma Member Posts: 407

    I dont like playing him.

    I switched from claudette to ace to Nea and now im leveling jane because her booty is so funny. But her screams are awful if survivor should ever get build in things, jane needs iron will and calm spirit xD

    And keep in mind those character switches happened over the last 3 years so maybe one day Im playin Ash but for now he's boring and ugly. And I never liked his perk. I love strong perks and fun perks but MoM was just annoying to play and play against. I like it strong, not toxic

  • SunderMunSunderMun Member Posts: 2,137
    edited August 2019

    I P3 and got every perk on my Kate, who was to be my main before Ash came out. That said, once I've got all killers I intend to play regularly to P3 with all perks, (half way there) I will be going back to Dwight, Nea, Adam and Ash and doing the same so I can perk wheel with them too and swap around freely.

    As for the changes to the one decent perk on that build; it was definitely a stupid move, imo. Only safe hooks made it usable and also maxed you out at 8 tokens, so only two people could use it in one game. It was obvious that it would become a perk seldom used outside of meme builds and 4 man SWFs with the change that came.

    And at the same time since this was a thing I've had a bug that made the game painful to play as I don't gain all the progress I earn and keep it. Which is still not fixed. :)

  • SunderMunSunderMun Member Posts: 2,137

    Left Behind exists and is likely as such even less used.

  • CrazewtboyCrazewtboy Member Posts: 937

    I already got his three teachable perks on my main and hit the first prestige with him. I'm working on the prestige for other characters right now (I kinda have a cycle set up) so I haven't been using him. Didn't change because of the Mettle of Man nerf, although I do agree that they went a bit overkill on it.

  • CarpemortumCarpemortum Member Posts: 4,510
    edited August 2019

    Arent BT and Dead Hard also, "bail outs"?

    Also your "three hit needs DS still" co descending statement would require then to be using DH, DS, AND have a teammate (random in this situation) use BT. Pretty specific.

    Sounds like you're just biased against DS users.

  • PeanitsPeanits Dev, Community Manager Posts: 6,441
    edited August 2019

    Wait, you mean to tell me that we nerfed something that was overpowered in a live game?

    You should never buy something in an online game- any game at all- just because it's really powerful. Everything is subject to change.

  • SirVicksTheSlayerSirVicksTheSlayer Member Posts: 85

    im a killer main, but when i play survivor, i play as ash because i love the movies and bruce campell

  • Sushi_x2099Sushi_x2099 Member Posts: 23

    what 60 seconds of complete immunity r u talkin about all u hav to do is slug and mori survivor and mettle of man should of kept safe hook rescue cause ur never gonna get protection hit pulled off

  • Sushi_x2099Sushi_x2099 Member Posts: 23
  • ChickenchaserChickenchaser Member Posts: 391

    A killer waiting/camping outside of the terror radius to lure survivors in is not camping close enough to hit you the second you get off the hook. Giving you plenty of time to start getting distance. If the killer is face camping one survivor can body block while the other one saves. Or they can use borrowed Time. Or they can distract with flashlight blinding. There's several effective ways to get a save with a face camper.

    If you've got a team of mouth breathers, and the killer is taking advantage of that it makes the killer smart. Camping is smart only if survivors are falling for it. It's not pathetic. You know better. you can make that distinction yourself.

    I don't care if you use decisive strike. I just said that I don't feel comfortable using such a cheap perk. I've already said pathetic was the wrong word. Go ahead and keep your crutch. that's what it's there for. Players just like you.

    Two chances with dead hard. dead hard=1st chance. Running around injured=second chance. 1+1=2. Add borrowed Time for +1. 1+1+1=3. With only dead hard it's just like any other normal chase. the killer must hit you twice. Dead hard isn't broken. You have to know what you're doing. Again You know better. Dead hard isn't a "bail out" you don't get 60 seconds of immunity with dead hard. 60 seconds. 60....Seconds. That's a total bail out.

    I win chases all the time. I see other survivors win chases all the time. I truly feel sorry for you if you think no one wins chases.

    And read the thread again. I didn't bring up camping. All I did was casually mention how I didn't like the perk. That's why I find this funny.

  • CardgreyCardgrey Member Posts: 1,363

    I play ash love evil dead 2 and 3 and his role in alien apocalypse

  • AceonfireAceonfire Member Posts: 304

    Lost for words in THAT being a companies response to this complaint. "don't buy our stuff if you think it's too useful. We'll will likely make it less useful after we cash in."

    Besides the fact that you didn't nerf, you did ALL but delete it.

    Like I said, lesson learned. I DEFINATELY won't have this problem again. It's the only thing I can be certain of.

    Now I'm gonna walk away from this train-wreck of a thread.

  • BhazgrimBhazgrim Member Posts: 40

    I always play Ash.

  • FreudentraumaFreudentrauma Member Posts: 948

    I would argue, that the way you nerfed it, was a disservice for itself. Putting it in a state, in which it's even almost impossible to play it as intended now. MoM is one of this cases, which sometimes make me lose faith in your design team. Starting with an absolute overpowered annoying perk, which gets "fixed" by making it completely useless and basicly unplayable. That's not good balancing and a good reason to complain about.

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