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Error 1803

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When pressing space bar to start after entering the game I am prompted with error message 1803, cannot connect to online services. I know there are other posts about this but I have tried all of the recommended steps and still am unable to play the game. I have close to 200 hours on the game and this error just started happening. I submitted an official support ticket where the rep gave me a few things to try that did not work before just stopping to reply to the thread (very frustrating). Ticket number 361191.

I have reinstalled dead by daylight, steam, disabled antivirus, ensured no other games were running, ensured admin privileges, launch directly from steam, no VPN is used. I have tried running it on another computer with the same steam account and it works fine, just does not work on my main PC.

If anyone can help at all, I appreciate the suggestions and I want to fix this without having to reinstall Windows completely, as that should not need to happen just to play a game.

I attached the game error log.

System Specs:

Windows 10 Home

i5-6500, GTX 780, 16GB DDR4, Windows on 128gb ssd, DBD on 1tb HDD,



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