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Gen Rush... srsly tired



  • gambit92gambit92 Member Posts: 58

    Tell me this is a joke... Once again must be killers feeling they lost because they didnt 4k smh

  • gambit92gambit92 Member Posts: 58

    Couldnt have said it better myself played a game today against freddy and pop goes the weasel was a real nuisance. Freddy finished with about 30k points and 2 escaped. I will say this a 3rd time. Getting a double pip or 4k is reward for playing great, survivor mistakes, or both. Yet getting a pip is still considered progression. In any competitive game you get points toward progression. So why are you all complaining......

  • gambit92gambit92 Member Posts: 58

    Do you know theres a thing called teachable perks and legion can hop right over a pallet and leatherface can just chainsaw it. Catch a survivor vaulting while breaking pallet with chainsaw they go down. Sir how new are you?

  • gambit92gambit92 Member Posts: 58

    Just like yall after a flashlight save huh with moris

  • RaidokuRaidoku Member Posts: 69

    this opinion is flawed your saying that ruin is the only way to kinda slow down gen rush? silly you need 1 perk in order to enjoy game as killer xD

  • TheGorgonTheGorgon Member Posts: 777

    Who even plays low-tier killers commonly up in the high ranks. You're literally committing yourself to suicide, and I'm not joking. In my opinion, this only happens in high ranks, this isn't an issue till mid-purples. I vouch for a secondary objective, not a lazy extra seconds.

  • ZertixZertix Member Posts: 122
    edited August 2019

    Is there anything that the survivors have or do that doesn't bother you?

  • C0MAxCHRISSC0MAxCHRISS Member Posts: 8

    I don't think gens are a problem. I believe the gates are a problem. If you've ever played White Noise 2. After all the tapes are found there's a final stand between the killer and survivors where survivors have to cleanse totems to win the game. I think if you double or even triple the gate times, with a secondary objective afterwards to lessen those times would be much better. This would also make alot of perks for both killer and survivors more useful. Like wake up, or hope..or noed. As of now as soon as the last gen is popped, it's gg for the killer unless they slug with noed. So the final stand will be the killer defending the gates. Maybe even taking one of the 2 incomplete gens and connecting it a gate to power it faster. And actual notifications when a survivor reaches 75% on gate. Idk.. something along those lines would be fun. I play both sides at purple ranks, I just think end game is way to easy for survivors...and mid game, and early game too. But endgame should be way more intense.

  • gambit92gambit92 Member Posts: 58

    Ok just just suck then. Go find a good killer and study. Been red ranks for awhile and i love a good wraith billy or nurse. Getting wrecked by a sniper huntress no different shows they learned. Clearly not you.

  • TenebroTenebro Member Posts: 89

    A bit before Endgame Collapse was released, devs decreased the amount of time required to open the exit gates in PTB. The community had to fight to get it reverted. I agree with you, but we have to deal with the devs perception of the game: it doesn't always coincide with the actual status of the game. I think most of them play between rank 20-15 at best. I hope there is someone testing consistently the actual gameplay at rank 1, because many choices they made gameplay side simply don't make you think that.

  • MrMisanthropy66MrMisanthropy66 Member Posts: 167

    Sorry buddy I don't DC like a baby when I get out played, I learn from it like a big boy.

  • Angelicus23Angelicus23 Member Posts: 2,547
    edited August 2019

    Every killer since Pig brang perks to avoid gens

    And ruin still exists, even got buffed a while ago

    (Ruin can be combined with haunted grounds, I love it)

  • ArrowTheGreat11ArrowTheGreat11 Member Posts: 306

    Second objective? Y’all ever heard of Ruin? Literally every survivor scrambles in fear to go find the totem instead of working on the generator. If you can’t stop someone from doing a gen in 80 seconds without Ruin then you’re not a good killer lol

  • Johnny_XManJohnny_XMan Member Posts: 5,648

    @Raidoku It would help if you actually read the entire thing, rather than read one sentence and put words in my mouth.

    I simply asked the question seeing as OP never provided information about what he was running. Ruin (yes) its just a perk, but some people need it more than others. I've seen killers 4k with only 1 gen done, and no Ruin... so you gonna tell me it's not possible?

  • SpicybarbecueSpicybarbecue Member Posts: 183

    yeah gen rushing is why I am barely playing the game now..I can see a lot of killers leaving due to how bad this had gotten of late

  • Johnny_XManJohnny_XMan Member Posts: 5,648

    Watch this space guys...

    Watch devs actually increase gen times/ add a secondary objective and watch this space still complain about "gen rushing".

    Survivors will adapt. They always do.

    They've already nerfed gen repair time, they've already given you bloodlust to aid you during a chase, they've already nerfed healing time (which is why someone who knows how to loop doesn't even bother doing it). What more do you want? The survivor's head served to you on a platter?

    Imagine if you had to assemble your own hook before hooking someone... I mean there are times when I can think of that survivors needed that extra 30 seconds too.

  • CoffengMinCoffengMin Member Posts: 862

    ruin doesnt need a buff, its bad now because it has been abused all the time and people adapt , killers kinda had it coming

  • edgarpoopedgarpoop Member Posts: 5,306

    I'd ask that same question of you. Legion can hop a pallet and hit someone with Feral Frenzy or suffer a pretty big cooldown...but either way, if he's hopping a pallet, he's not downing anyone right after. Leatherface can chainsaw a pallet. Correct. And the reason I suspect you're new is because you seriously just listed Leatherface as having pallet utility. I am aware of teachable perks. They range from counter-able by good survivors (Enduring/Spirit Fury) to borderline useless (Brutal Strength). Regardless, your reply to me didn't even address what I said (dealing with pallets is a losing proposition at high ranks). But yes, Legion can indeed hop over pallets and give deep wound to people. So, uh, yeah.

  • gambit92gambit92 Member Posts: 58

    Have over a 1000 hrs ginji amano on steam. And if your complaining about pallets regardless your new not from the days of double shack pallet and 2 per jungle gym. So yeah its just funny you guys on here complaining i simply come here to laugh at all the crying and smile at the real people who play the game. Dealing with pallets is just fine regardless of killer if you know what your doing. Clear example they can only drop the pallet one of two ways. Force them to drop it when they are in the less optimal position. It's really not that hard.

  • gambit92gambit92 Member Posts: 58

    Lmao legion isnt downing anyone well no duhh. is anyone downing anyone without exposed status hell no .... God you people. Talk about this game like its master tier league of legends or overwatch. Its so comical.

  • KillermainBTWm8KillermainBTWm8 Member Posts: 4,213

    Nah people will just complain until they get everything nerfed on survivor's side. Because killers obviously have no room to adapt...

  • gambit92gambit92 Member Posts: 58

    Thank you i swear it really just seems like they want to take every dang thing from survivors. Oh keys are op they dont do gens. Well last time i checked still have to complete one more than remaining survivors for it to even appear. Oh toolboxes are op. I come from days of brand new parts instantly finishing an entire gen. And lastly yes as you stated. Gen times have been increased about 2 times now so yes. Time repeats itself. They will complain regardless of the multitude of perks that exist to slow them. And lets not include all killers though. There certainly are a few bright ones and i love playing those moonwalking smooth sons a guns.

  • GloryGlory Member Posts: 239
    edited August 2019

    Just make totems slow gen progression by 5% each. Game is slower, incentive rather than mandatory objective, NOED gets worse overall, everyone gets ice cream

    Also, a LOT of games in purple ranks 0 or 1 gen gets done. Make this take even longer and oh baby will that hatch need to start opening when two people are alive XD

  • gambit92gambit92 Member Posts: 58

    Makes no sense to force people to kill perks. Thats all that you would be doing. Devour bye. Lullaby bye. We need to get these gens done. Killers find survivors because they suppose to be doing gens. If they looking for totems then killer would need whispers or the like. Gens are fine. Played today and good killers rotate awareness and pressure. Keep track of whos doing what. You dont you lost not gens fault. Yours. And i take that responsibility everytime they get done fast

  • GloryGlory Member Posts: 239
    edited August 2019

    Oh, glad you think everything is fine. That changes my opinion on the topic completely, of course. Glad we could exchange ideas on the threads topic, my dude.


  • Atsuka_AnarchyAtsuka_Anarchy Member Posts: 51

    Get gud.

  • gambit92gambit92 Member Posts: 58
    edited August 2019

    YOU MAKE NO SENSE with that last statement i swear. And your aremt just making noed weaker your making all totem perks weaker thats game breaking. Do survivors do gens while ruin active? not really then why would they at -25%. Eat your wheaties for breakfast and lets get some better ideas pal. Thats clear.

    -25% gen progession smh to that.

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