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The Matches One Should Live For

DoomOrbDoomOrb Member Posts: 170

Before we get started, I want to put this out of the way. I'm not a Survivor main. I'm a killer main who sometimes plays survivor. With that said, let's get into it.

Now one of the things I do enjoy in this game is when games are very close on both sides. Now what I mean by that is when either killer games or survivor games, is not a complete slaughter where one side wins by a long shot. I never really find games like that as a killer or survivor fun. Now this could be because I get more "Average Survivors/killers" but I generally want a challenge be it me playing survivor or killer.

Fortunately my wish came true, as I had what I will call one of the hardest matches I've ever had as a survivor. Now I will explain most of the details of what happened that match, but if you want to see the match yourself, here is the full match. Skip all the way to 49:00 which is where the match I'm talking about happened.

Now I was in a 2 man swf. My friend was the looper for the most part and I was doing the objective. I also happened to get the ritual "repair 3 generators" but for most of you survivors know that, unless you're lucky, you're at best completing 2 gens by yourself. However it was not the case here.

Spirit's build was Haunted ground, Ruin, BBQ, and Spirit Fury (Don't ask me why, because I'm just as dumbfounded as you when I saw that.

My build I was running that match was my usual solo build which was Self Care, Adrenaline, Dead Hard and Quick and Quiet.

I finish the first two gens with no real interruptions, aside from unhooking my friend, and I did it working threw ruin, because that match I was the only one who could decently hit Ruin Skill Checks. The 3rd Generator is where me and Spirit got acquainted. She mories my friend and I was given the task to pick up his flashlight, which I did after I finished my 3rd gen. When she found me I was able to escape her by using quick and quiet and then hiding on tall grass like the claudete I am.

She leaves, and I continue to repair the generator, and then haunted grounds, I hide but she found me in the locker. I get hook, then saved, then I heal up and complete my 3rd gen and picked up my friend's flashlight. Now my ritual is completed but the fact that I was the only one doing gens wasn't really a good sign. Since no one has found Ruin and I'm the only survivor there that could get it done. Two survivors are left and I was going to work on my 4th generator, but Spirit latter found me and I run her around a few loops before finally loosing her with Quick and Quiet by jumping in a locker. I barely escape her and my own adrenaline (my body not the perk) is very much high as I know for a fact the other survivor isn't doing anything. In fact she gets found and hooked and face-camped. She assumed I was going for the save but at that point I was camping the hatch.

Fortunately I knew where the hatch was, bad news she also knew. So when the time was right, I managed to jump in and escape. After that the biggest relief was felt in my heart and soul, I was still very stressed out even when the match ended, but one thing was clear. I haven't had that much fun in a long time. Sure, I wouldn't say I carried the game or anything, I didn't as everyone else died, but man. I never felt more satisfied winning as I did there.

These are the kind of games I want to feel. Sure, I rather have better survivors in my game, but a challenge like that was insanely satisfying when I manage to escape. These games are the kind of games I want, stress and when the game is very close that it could easily go to either's side win. I wish I had more games like that as killer, but I'm glad I felt that kind of game as a survivor.


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