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Ghostface needs immunity to Object of Obsession while in stealth (he's also still broken)

The last time a single perk completely wrecked a killer's power, we had a trap-less Trapper (it was actually two perks, sabo as well as small game when it could give auras of traps, all but nullifying his power). At least with that GIANT weakness it took some time to execute and sabo them all. And guess what, they fixed it.

"But the other stealth killers don't have Object of Obsession immunity!!" I hear you cry. Well, T1 Myers does.

But here's the kicker, the other killers can actually ignore the perk user and find someone else. What happens when Ghostface tries to ignore them? HE gets stalked, because he's the only one whose power is nullified by LOOKING AT HIM. If there's an OoO user in the game, just, don't expect to use your power at all. You would be better off leaving and trying another lobby this [BAD WORD] is so broken. And I CANNOT BELIEVE THIS IS STILL AN ISSUE.

Another thing about his power: you can try to hide to break off the reveal but the reveal still finishes behind a WALL.

Also, is it just me, or does Ghostface just get genrushed to death no matter what perk combination I try? The payoff vs reward for stealth is just too time-consuming to be viable, especially around red ranks. At least the other stealth killers have other gimmicks (AND NO CRIPPLING, BUGGY WEAKNESSES) to aid their stealth powers. Ghostface just takes a [BAD WORD]-ton of time just to set up a good ambush.

Guys, he already has a ton of weaknesses... just give him this.



  • MiloMilo Member Posts: 5,581

    "I hear you cry. Well, T1 Myers does."

    Yep, That's why he's only slightly faster than survivors and his lunge is nonexistant. Also he's still pretty visible instead of a crouching killer.

    "Another thing about his power: you can try to hide to break off the reveal but the reveal still finishes behind a WALL." Also this is pretty inconsistent i can agree.

  • AcromioAcromio Member Posts: 1,403

    The difference is that Myers' power actually does something. Loser Face™ is just a meme.

  • MiloMilo Member Posts: 5,581

    You don't have a TR and your Red Light is hidden. Also you can crouch. +the addition of possible instadowns.

    So it doesn't do something?

  • derpersonderperson Member Posts: 130

    If speed wasn't such an issue, Ghost Face would be my main, I love him as a character and don't want him to be any less strong than he is. I hear you on OoO being tough to go against as him, but it can be countered. On the other hand, it's a pretty big gamble to run OoO as a survivor... ever been running OoO and went against a billy or a nurse? Not fun. It's a lot to give up just to be able to see lil ole ghost face.

  • FredKruegerFredKrueger Member Posts: 265

    Just go after the person running OoO. You know where they are. It's a pain, I'll give you that for sure, but once you eliminate them, it's fair game, and gets much easier for you. Downside is if the person running OoO is good at looping, most the gens might get done while you try to eliminate them. I would agree tho that GF shouldn't be affected by OoO when shroud is active.

  • AcromioAcromio Member Posts: 1,403

    Even without a terror radius and a rest stain, Loser Face™ is still loud af. Crouching? Useless: his movement speed drops at 90% and his POV is hindered by whatever might be on the ground (grass and debris). His instadown that can only affect one survivor at a time? You're joking, right? You're never gonna get it against a team of survivors that are worth their salt.

  • MiloMilo Member Posts: 5,581

    Who said using his Crouch all the time >.>

    And what if he's loud. In a chase music is pretty much as loud.

  • Mat_SellaMat_Sella Member Posts: 1,456

    Crouching does nothing if someone has OoO

    having 0 TR helps the person with OoO see you even more

    Red Stain, one again, doesn't mean anything while a person can see your exact position at all times.

  • sailormarssailormars Member Posts: 110

    Lmao imagine complaining about Ghostface. A killer who, unlike Myers, gives 0 indication of approach at the beginning of the game. A killer who never has to mind game as his red stain is already hidden. A killer who can get an insta down by stalking for 5 seconds. Ghostface is fine where he is, he does not need a buff.

  • OneblacktophatOneblacktophat Member Posts: 3

    OoO should stay the same and should work on all killers, giving the survivor the ability to look and see where the killer is and the killer seeing them too, is already a big gamble, why would a survivor want to run OoO just so the killer can find them but, they can't see the killers that doesn't make any sense, if you give ghostface the ability not to be seen by OoO, then other stealth main Killers like pig and wraith are going to want the same, and it just leaves the survivor defenseless with a perk that can't even be used only if they were out of stealth mode.

  • MiloMilo Member Posts: 5,581

    Oh yes, because i totally meant to use it againts OoO person.

    Also did you guys try crouching on some loops?

  • michaelkhjmichaelkhj Member Posts: 76

    so everyone uses OoO now? XD

    well Calm Spirit makes survivor not scream when the killer is the doctor or clown..

    do you use it every time you get against those two killers? I meaning not missing a single time, like ummm I feel is a doctor, then I'll use Calm Spirit, and then is 100% a doctor?

    try to use OoO against a nurse, it will be really fun ;) first blood secured hahahahaha

    come on guys.. if there are risk there should be rewards,

    also Ghost Face can down you in 1 hit, I mean his stalking thing accumulates, then you can use it like Myers that 99%s his ability to BOOM! down the next survivor that is close to him.

    then ask to make it not accumulable I mean if you did not trigger your exposing survivor thing in those stalking seconds, you have to do it again, and again from 0, like when survivors try to break Ghost Face stealth skill, after that ask for OoO nerf XD

    What I want to say is that.. not every killer should have only positive things. there should be something that can counter it.

    is like asking for a new killer that can trow a nuclear bomb in the match to kill 4 survivors at the same time at the start of the match, and that gets 1,000,000 blood points when does that..

  • PolarBearPolarBear Member Posts: 1,899

    Only killers that can "punish" OoO users is Nurse and maybe Spirit. Every other killer can be looped just as easily. Any confident looper can use OoO and ruin the day of any stealth killer.

    Comparing OoO to Calm Spirit doesn't make any sense because one tells you where the killer is at all times (valuable information) while the other stops you from screaming.

  • michaelkhjmichaelkhj Member Posts: 76

    @PolarBear so are you telling me you are untouchable and god like against all other killers that are not nurse and spirit? because when you are in their terror radius you cannot see them with OoO, then you if you win all those chases (which means you win all kind of mind games and have a 100% win rate) then you can start streamming, I want to see you winning all mind games against rank 1 killers. And if you are talking about a wraith that chases you in stealth mode when you have OoO, then we are talking with a guy that plays against rank 20 killers, because why the ... the killer would let the survivor know their location when they are running in a jungle gym....... ah or you are telling that in your country even 1 rank players play like 20 rank players? o.O

    and stop screaming can save you a lot of times.. since you DO NOT GIVE THE KILLER INFORMATION ABOUT WHERE YOU ARE.. then will be a valuable information since location is so valuable.. then is not so different I think.. also this discussion is about how "broke" is OoO against a Ghost Face, and I was saying that Calm Spirit is "broken" against those two killers :D

  • PolarBearPolarBear Member Posts: 1,899

    I never said I have a 100% winrate. Just that Nurse with the knowledge where you are, can start chases quickly and probably end them quickly, same with Spirit. Both are very good chase killers but also weak to stealth and only lose time when they are not in a chase. Using OoO and revealing your location basically removes the downtime between chases with these killers.

    Against any other killer that follows the rules of looping are mostly powerless against punishing OoO users. Typically, if a survivor is using OoO, they are also a very proficient looper. I can agree, that Calm Spirit is powerful against the Doctor but not nearly in the same capacity that OoO is against any other killer but Nurse or Spirit.

  • derpersonderperson Member Posts: 130

    Lies! I can usually aura teabag the OoO before they aura teabag me, in my mind, that's a win.

  • derpersonderperson Member Posts: 130

    I wish it worked like Myers stalking gauge, but Ghost Face stalking is like use it or lose it, because hitting someone resets any stalking progress on them.

    It's fair I guess, but it can be so annoying because often times the person you're stalking spots you before exposing them, or and in their awareness, they run to a safe loop or hide before you can recharge. I've tried letting my gauge reset as they ran to a safe loop, hoping to easily down them once I could stalk again. But, if things go their way and you don't get a hit before being exposed expires, that's a ton of wasted time :/ so, anytime that happens to me, I just wound them to slow them down and take off to find someone else, or maybe make them think that, and mind game em a bit.

    Overall, I still think GF is a great killer and one of the more fun ones to play. The fact that he can crouch so quickly can create some great mind games in chases when combined with his stalking ability, or even when using Beast of Prey.

  • CoffengMinCoffengMin Member Posts: 835

    you know ... if you hate how his power works you can like... not play him, and play myers instead

  • No_Mither_No_ProblemNo_Mither_No_Problem Member Posts: 1,476

    Gotta love that people are actually out here defending an already-sleeper meta Perk completely deleting a Killer's power.

    Object is extremely, extremely strong if you actually know how to loop. Like people with actual intelligence are saying, Nurse and Spirit are the only two Killers that OoO is a gamble against. Anyone else can't do jack-diddly squat about having your aura revealed if you actually know how to loop them, and the Perk just becomes free tabs on the Killer at nearly all times. And with stealth Killers, it's an even bigger nightmare. But for Faceghost, it's hell on Earth.

    Every other stealth Killer has something other than their stealth. Pig has traps and dash mindgames at loops. Wraith has higher map traversal and map pressure. Myers is immune to the Perk during his actual pure-stealth stage—the literal only counter to Object in the entire game. Faceghost has nothing but stealth, and because of his lack of a TR when in Night Shroud, giving Object unlimited range, everything good about his power either vanishes or outright becomes a hindrance.

    He can't sneak up on you, because you can see him through walls.

    He can't stalk you, because you can see him through walls.

    He can't use his lack of a red stain to mindgame you, because you can see him through walls.

    It's one thing for a Perk to soft-counter a Killer's power. It's another thing for a Perk to hard-counter a Killer's power. But it's ANOTHER thing for a Perk to actually make the Killer weaker when using their power. Object does exactly that against Faceghost: It turns him into Legion It makes him weaker when Night Shroud is active. It makes him weaker when he uses his power. It punishes him for having a power.

    TL;DR: Faceghost should counter Object, not the other way around.

  • michaelkhjmichaelkhj Member Posts: 76

    Sir this is just my point of view, nothing personal against survivors or killers mains.

    Why do you think that they are useless punishing OoO users? that only happen when they are rank 20 killers, and why they should be punished? do killers get punished for using Ruin or Bamboozle?

    I mean, if the OoO user is the god like user that never get hit, then.. there exist non OoO users that are god like too, then, if there is one of those player in the match... is it a secured win for survivors?

    If you are playing as killer and see a OoO user and noticed that he is good at looping, are you gonna chase him letting the others do all the gens? that's rank 20 play style.

    OoO not only helps survivors also gives info to the killer, why not thinking in ways to use it in your advantage as killer?

    e.g. you can see at least what is doing that OoO user, you know his location, after hooking another NON OoO user, if you do not want to camp, you can go and take PoP Goes the Weasel perk and explode that gen that your God like OoO user was doing since you can check if that player is doing a gen or was just doing nothing while watching you with that OP perk.

    Also you should know that your God or OoO user will get a little complicated to come to rescue someone that's on the hook, or is there a new patch that if one survivor brings OoO the rest of the teammates cannot be hit because OoO gives an immunity shield that do not damage survivors even if they get hit?.. plus you know at least 1 perk that is using that survivor.

    If OoO is the perk that makes a survivor like a GOD, that cannot be punished by no killer that nurse and spirit.. that perk should be the most used perk in the game.. that's the reason I asked you if you got 100% win rate, cause if it makes you a GOD, then use it and show me how you make every single game escaping and not giving any kill to the rank 1 killers.

    that's the same excuse with teabagging, OH TEABAGGING IS OP AND TOXIC, IT MAKES KILLER ONLY CHASE THE TEABAGGER AND WITH LUCK HE ENDS GETTING ONLY 1KILL.. then teabagging is the best strategy.. because a good survivor that teabags on purpose to get attention, most of the time, is a survivor that knows how to loop. are we gonna ask for a nerf of teabagging now? hahaha

    And.. if you cannot mind game a OoO user because he/she sees you trough the wall.. then.. when you chase him, break that stealth ability and play your mind games, or now Ghost Face cannot M1 in case the survivors are not in exposed status? he wasted a perk slot to put that perk.. you as a killer can take other perks.. like Bamboozle, Spirit Fury + Enduring or Brutal Strength to end chases more quickly. There is a reason of why killers are faster than survivors and devs created those perks that helps in chases for killers....

    This is the same as when a Claudette user ask to make maps more darker or black because she stills be caught even using Urban Evasion with P3 or dark clothes.

    If OoO shows the aura of your teammates at the same time, then that perk will be one of the most powerful perk in the game when playing SWF since you can tell your teammate that the killer is getting closer or looking to X direction, but idk how organised are SWF groups but the only thing that can the OoO do is to say to his teammates if the killer is going to the Killer Shack or to the other House that always appears in every map (I mean he can say where is he going by landmarks but if you are coward enough you can hide perfectly without any problem even listening only the heartbeat..) well do not know if you all play with special code names for every generator or know exactly the point where you are as playing chess table, e.g. he is in B2 moving to E5... but well.. I bet no OoO user can give the exactly coordinates of the killer like the example, even I bet no survivor can say "I am on coordinates XXX, YYY of the map".

    Just trying to share my info, or my knowledge of the game..

  • immortalls96immortalls96 Member Posts: 3,513

    Stealth killers should be stealthy..otherwise theres no point to them...no 1 perk should fully counter a killer

  • michaelkhjmichaelkhj Member Posts: 76

    yeah! Claudette should be invisible! even running should not leave red marks. Stealth survivors should be stealthy, Claudette should counter BBQ, Nurse's Calling even Whispers.. otherwise theres no point to play Claudette. that's right? hahaha

  • starpilotsixstarpilotsix Member Posts: 198

    This is a ridiculous argument and you discredit all your others for having made it (not that they were that strong anyway).

    Survivors are meant to be functionally identical, except for perks choice... that some characters like Claudette are naturally more stealthy because of color scheme is just an unfortunate circumstance. Killers are meant to have a special power which gives them a key advantage over survivors and compared to other killers. Imagine BHVR released a killer with no special power at all: who would play them except diehards with something to prove? It would be considered the weakest killer in the game and most survivors with any skill would trounce them.

  • immortalls96immortalls96 Member Posts: 3,513

    Shes not made to he stealthy technically shes made to be a medic and her perks confirm that...so..you have 0 point I guess..? Lol

  • michaelkhjmichaelkhj Member Posts: 76

    so asking to remove the function of OoO against stealth based killers is not ridiculous? the survivor is taking a RISK using it, he/she is wasting a perk just to take that GOD LIKE PERK as you all think it is, that I am explaining why it is not, but has to be punished because he is abusing that perk or maybe because he knows how to play, but of course killer can use Whispers and should not get punished right? because they are really bad finding people and they also have feelings, so what part of the argument is ridiculous? if you look on my previous comments I told that asking for OoO make no visible for killers is like asking for making a Claudette user invisible at all too. Or you are new and do not get the joke of that Claudette users uses almost every time Urban Evasion and darker clothes and hides when they hear a heartbeat?

    Meant to be functionally identical, in what kind of function? to do gens? to escape? they all have different body sizes that helps to hide, different tones of voices to have a little advantage when hiding, killers too, they have different heights different speed, lunge ranges, and I know what you are trying to say about killers powers, but there will be always something that changes the routine, or when you play Ghost Face 100% of survivors uses OoO? and when you play as Doctor 100% of survivors uses Calm Spirit? I do not get why you all are making survivors god like, if you cannot win a chase against a survivor practice a little more then. ah and then the function of each killer is the same, they have to kill every survivor or that's not for every killer?...

    now talking about your example, AH SO NOW.. if a OoO user goes against a Ghost Face, the killer cannot use his power in that match? even stalking another NON OoO user? that is what you meant to say? DID NOT KNOW THAT IF THERE IS A OoO USER IN THE GAME WHEN I USE GHOST FACE I WOULD NEVER BE ABLE TO USE MY SKILL IN THE WHOLE MATCH...

    In conclusion, bad killers will be bad, as bad Claudette will be caught even using Urban Evasion, that's not of OoO that makes a survivor untouchable like you all think.

  • michaelkhjmichaelkhj Member Posts: 76

    I understand, you are new in the game, have a nice day :)

  • immortalls96immortalls96 Member Posts: 3,513

    XDDDDD believe what you want buddy..believe what you want

  • michaelkhjmichaelkhj Member Posts: 76

    HAHAHAHA Just believing the fact, not what I want. ;)

  • immortalls96immortalls96 Member Posts: 3,513

    What proof do you have then if your so smart? I'd like to see your source if it's not just what you think , how many hours do I have? How many killers/ survivors do I own? What's my devotion level? I'll wait

  • michaelkhjmichaelkhj Member Posts: 76

    what proof do I have? If you never saw a Claudette using P3 clothes and hiding in the corner of the map.. then you have a long journey to go bro HAHAHAHAHA even, I assume you did not know that you can use other perks.. hahahaha for sure claudette is the medic (? and ONLY uses self care, botany and empathy right? HAHAHAH go and play a little more kid :D when you get in red rank we talk boy oke? have a nice day HAHAHAHA

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