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Have your loadout factor into matchmaking along with rank

I've had my fair share of issues going up against survivors and killers with particular perk layouts, but stepping back, but I've noticed a general pattern:

I will get beaten by a team of survivors or a killer at their strongest - They've got full meta perks, addons; the works. The next game, I will want to play harder to ensure that I win. This will usually result in me making myself stronger than I normally would, by taking something like an instaheal or a mori. However, the very next game will instead pit me against naive players running whatever they feel like (just like I did in the previous game), and I would end up destroying them. I'm helping perpetuate one big negative and unbalanced loop.

The problem is that I prefer to play casually, and the opposing team's power is a complete dice roll - at lower ranks, perks matter more than anything else. I need to be aware that my opponent is bringing their A-game so that I can bring mine as well. Of course, the straightforward answer would be to bring the strongest perks every game, but playing the same way without any experimentation is what dulls the game for me. I need to know when to play to win, and when I can experiment and have fun.

I know that the title may be a bit extreme, but what I'm suggesting is that, in addition to rank, players should be made aware of the power that others will be bringing in to the match. Killers already have this in a sense with items - Some will bring Franklin's Demise if they see the survivors with four medkits. What I'm proposing is that this be extended to perks, and apply to both sides as well. I don't know what a proper implementation to this would be - Maybe everyone locks in their perks before matchmaking begins, or maybe perks are just made visible in the lobby. Perhaps each perk could have a certain point value assigned to it, and their total will be tallied up to give you an idea of how "meta" a specific player is going to be.

People group perks like Adrenaline and No One Escapes Death together because they are game changers. Because of this, they need to be kept together, otherwise games with one and not the other will be swung regardless of the ability involved. This is why you only see Hillbillies and Nurses at high ranks, and why every survivor takes Adrenaline and Borrowed Time.


  • Night13Night13 Member Posts: 19

    I dont think it's good for the game to have the devs decide which specific perks are better. Which is essentially what they would be doing. Not that there arent perks that are blatantly better than others. But they should strive for balance.The ranking system helps mitigate the possibility of fully kitted players being matched with lower skilled players as higher ranked players will have better loadouts. Obviously there'll be smurfs which cant realistically be defended against without it's own issues and swf pulling high and low tier together.

    maybe some of these ideas?

    -matchmaking being partially based on perk tier and item/add-on rarities could possibly work.

    -unranked matchmaking could work.

    -new game mode with random (similar tier perks) could be nice.

    -seperate solo queue for both surv and killers. (significantly longer queue times likely)

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