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If Trapper was in Smash, what would his moveset be?

Rocketlauncher22Rocketlauncher22 Member Posts: 13

With SSBU only having 2 slots for DLC left, i thought it would be fun to create a raw moveset for Trapper should he somehow get in.

Trapper would be a Heavyweight with extreme damage output and area-denial, at a cost of agility and recovery.


now... Trapper's actually pretty hard to make a regular attack set for. since he only has his cleaver as a weapon, and his bear traps are going to be used as specials later, i've only got regular slashes and punching to work with.

Jab: Trapper would slash forwards three times, with each attack dealing a decent amount of damage. the third hit would knock back enemies.

Side Tilt: Trapper would jab forwards like he does when finding a Survivor in a locker. the move has a short range, but can deal a nice amount of damage.

Up Tilt: Trapper would quickly slash upwards. the slash would deal moderate damage with a slow start-up, but not much end-lag.

Down Tilt: Trapper preforms an action similar to his side tilt, but he rotates around to his other side as well. the change of tripping is removed.

Side Smash: Trapper charges a downwards slash like he does when attacking while standing still in DbD. this attack has some serious power, but has plenty of start and end-lag.

Up Smash: Trapper's up smash is basically his up tilt, but with more damage.

Down Smash: Trapper pushes forwards like he does when charging a lunge, then 180s and slashes behind him. the push wouldn't deal much damage, but opponents hit by it get swept to his other side, which deals more damage. slight amount of end-lag.

Dash Attack: Trapper preforms a Lunge attack, similar to his Side smash, but with a little bit less power. there's less start-up lag, though.

Neutral Aerial: Trapper preforms a 360 with his cleaver. It deals low damage, but knocks away opponents.

Side Aerial: yes, another Side smash clone! this time, it's in the air, and trapper slashes upwards with more knockback.

Up Aerial: unlike most of trapper's moveset, he instead punches upwards. the hit doesn't exactly do much damage, and it puts him into freefall for a short period of time. it's a fast attack, however, and moves him up slightly.

Down Aerial: Trapper kicks below him, dealing damage to anybody below him and spiking if his heel connects first.

nice, that's all the regular attacks done! Trapper's attacks deal a nice amount of damage and have a good amount of knockback, allowing him to keep opponents away. most of his moves have a good chunk of end-lag, though, leaving him open if he misses.


Considering how killers can pick up survivors in-game, Trapper's grab would be him picking up a close opponent. for balance reasons, Trapper cannot move while holding somebody.

Jab: Trapper would give the opponent a punch. it's too slow to be spammed, but it deals a decent amount of damage for a jab.

Forward Throw: Trapper throws the opponent forwards as if he were hooking them.

Backwards Throw: Trapper does the same as his Forward throw, but he turns around and swings them instead.

Up Throw: Trapper tosses them into the air. yeah... that's it. DbD is a grounded game, so aerial attacks are hard to think up.

Down Throw: Trapper throws the opponent to the ground, stomps on them once, then slashes at them like his Mori.

So that's Trapper's basic moveset! thankfully or unluckily for my sanity, Trapper has much more to him. so, let's take a look at the big guy's Specials.


Neutral Special: Bear Trap

Trapper starts off with 2 Bear traps. Upon using his Neutral, Trapper drops one of his traps that arms itself after a short period of time. Trapper regains a trap whenever it is destroyed.

An Opponent walking over a bear trap is slowed and takes a small amount of damage, along with some Dot. This also Destroys the trap. The slow effect gives trapper time to land a smash attack, though the opponent can still jump out of the way.

Trapper is not effected by his own traps, unlike DbD, and traps last forever until stepped on, or if it falls off an edge. Traps are quite obvious, so be careful.

Side Special: Throwing Hatchets

So, Trapper has the Huntress' main power. i assume he stole them? anyway, Trapper has 3 Hatches that he can toss. Hatches travel in a straight line , but eventually gravity drags the hatchets to the ground. Trapper regains a hatchet every few seconds.

Trapper's main way to use Hatches is in combination with Bear Traps. by zoning an opponent by placing traps, Trapper can line up hatchet throws to force damage onto opponents. trapper can also land hatches hits easier if his opponent walks into a trap. trapper shouldn't rely on hatchets, though, as they have low knockback and don't cause opponents to flinch.

Up Smash: Summon Hook

Since Trapper can't just slash his cleaver downwards to gain height or can, but is too fat, the Entity could potentially help out by summoning a small hook that rises Trapper into the air. The Hook lasts for a few seconds, during which it counts as a wall.

"But you said he has a bad recovery! couldn't he just use the hook as a platform?" i hear you cry. well... nobody can use the hook as a platform. it's a wall, and you'll just slide off if you try to stand on it. trapper also doesn't get any extra jumps out of it, and goes into Freefall afterwards. Summon Hook should be used as area denial, not recovery. it can help if you've fallen slightly away from the stage, but it won't help at all if you've gone a moderate distance.

Down Special: Chainsaw Charge

Trapper's stolen yet another power from one of his... "allies"? anyway, upon using this move, Trapper starts revving the Hillbilly's chainsaw. trapper cannot move while channeling his Down Special. once he stops channeling, he dashes forwards, dealing extreme damage to the first person hit. how far Trapper goes and the damage dealt depends on how long the Special is charged for.

Chainsaw Charge can be used to reposition and quickly get from one area of the stage to another. Be warned; the Charge is near useless in the air. Trapper can also land heaps of damage if he hits an opponent while the Chainsaw if fully charged.

Final Smash: Entity's Grasp

The Trapper summons the Entity in the form of a hook that impales 1-3 opponents standing directly infront of Trapper and drags them to the sky, where it impales them multiple times in a cinematic. opponents that have too much damage are Sacrificed (KOd), while any opponents who survive are dropped back into the stage.

Due to Trapper's damage output, Entity's Grasp can be extremely useful. Entity's grasp has an extremely short range, however, and due to Trapper's slow movement speed, it can be hard to get an opponent close to Trapper in order to use it. go for opponents who have stepped in Bear Traps to make it easier.


Trapper's entrance would be him spawning out of some black fog, the same way he does when entering a lobby as a killer or survivor.

Kirby's clone ability would be slightly weaker, only having one trap to compensate for his higher speed. Kirby would also wear Trapper's mask.

For Taunts:

Up Taunt: Trapper nods up and down like you can do in-game.

Side Taunt: Trapper wipes blood off his cleaver, similar to how he does after hitting a survivor.

Down Taunt: Trapper tries to set a trap, but fails and traps his hand instead.

Victory Screens:

For Trapper's victory screens, the music would be the Victory music for achieving ruthless or merciless killer, or escaping as a survivor.

Victory Screen 1: Trapper stands near a Hook while wiping blood off of his cleaver.

Victory Screen 2: Trapper picks up a bear trap, then turns his head to the camera.

Victory Screen 3: Trapper walks forwards like he does in the results screen, then steps into one of his own traps.

Alternative skins would be a few of his recolors from the game, along with a few of his skin sets from the store. take your pick; i'm too lazy to look them up and decide which one looks the best.


So, that's Trapper's moveset for if he ever gets into smash! he's an expert at area denial, and is extremely powerful, but can't recover even if his life depended on it.

So, what is everyone's thoughts on his moveset?


  • MegaWaffleMegaWaffle Member Posts: 4,126

    So long as we get his voice from Saminations videos I'm all for this!

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