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dear solo players



  • danaradanara Member Posts: 129

    it’s not as easy as i stated, that’s true. which is why i said to learn how to handle a chase injured. if many more survivors learn how, the problem of ‘omg, i’m injured! must instantly go to a corner and do nothing but self care for 32 seconds’ wouldn’t be a problem every time you get hit.

    fact of the matter is self-care wastes a lot of valuable time, then it’s always the solo survivors complaining that they’re not on par with SWF, i wonder why? because everyone is running self-care unlike SWF.

    if it’s that much of a problem, just equip other perks that help with survival like iron will, adren, ds etc.

    i don’t even use adren i’ve started running hope and still don’t find any use for self-care.

  • aurum_exeaurum_exe Member Posts: 178

    Danara, self-care is a perk you gain leveling up a character. Developers put it there, not solo players, or me. It is part of the game mechanics. So that means it is usable if it is valuable, and i think it is. In lobbies i often find people that in chat asks for gen rush, but gen rushing doesn't grant you a PIP point at the end of the game. What grants ranking up, is staying alive the longer possibile, making points. I see games where people greedily attack a gen because they wanna exit fast, and fail miserably because a HilliBilly down them all at the very same gen! Time is not the only important part in this game, is just one condition. Do you wanna PIP? Then you have to fight a little more longer.

  • CarpemortumCarpemortum Member Posts: 4,511

    So instead of just doing YOUR job, and letting them die, you get both of you caught because they're not following your rules?

    THIS is why people hate bond users.

  • LaakeriLaakeri Member Posts: 835

    2 survivors on hook (you are one of them) and killer is chasing 3rd survivor to the other side of the map. And what do you see? 4th survivor Self Caring middle of nowhere and isnt coming to save you.

    "Damm my struggle didnt work" ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • danaradanara Member Posts: 129

    games go on long enough even without the use of self-care, the point i am making is that self-care makes it even longer. and just so you know the perk gives you nothing to pip either.

    you can use the perk all you like, after all the developers did put it in the game for a reason. however like that other person said, maybe find the reason you’re always alive at the end of the match is because players like you are so busy self-caring in the corner of the map, instead of working as a team to make sure you escape with more people.

    like i said, the bridge between solo’s and swf is huge and self care is a big cause of that

  • anonymous31337anonymous31337 Member Posts: 192

    What's your steam account? I have leatherface waiting to facecamp you

  • ShapedShaped Member Posts: 5,323

    I prefer iron will to sc. I used sc for a long time until I realised how much time do I waste healing.

  • CardgreyCardgrey Member Posts: 1,418

    @danara @My_Farewell

    ok that’s cool I’ll just drop every pallet on the map cause I can gl looping with 0 pallets

  • My_FarewellMy_Farewell Member Posts: 495

    It was a joke and i've never done it in this scenario, but is true that i expect a better playstyle than selfcaring in a corner in red ranks tbh.

  • indieeden7indieeden7 Member Posts: 3,117

    As much as I understand that, I don't want to run around the whole map, chasing the Ash that unhooked me but is scared to heal me for some reason.

  • CardgreyCardgrey Member Posts: 1,418

    O.o ashy slashy doesn’t wanna catch any blood borne pathogens.

  • Rokku_RorruRokku_Rorru Member Posts: 374

    I agree OP, we should also seek out other survivors so if you do need healed it can be done faster then you can do a gen together, I always take prove thyself for that reason when I play solo. Yet so many claudettes don't play her to help others which makes me roll my eyes.

  • SlothGirlySlothGirly Member Posts: 1,146

    There's a differance between healing in a corner, and loitering around. If I'm playing solo and am injured, more than likely I'm going to heal, because I dont have any indication of the current game state outisde of the occasional queue of sombody being injured, or such. I would rather stay on the safe side as opposed to risking being a 1 hit to a killer, then being left on hook by others, atleast by healing I get more play time, and being solo, I care most about my own playtime as opposed to the others, I'll save if it means it benefits me, but if they're being camped, or I think that somebody else will get them, I'll go do a gen or heal. If you were to loiter around however, then that is a problem, because you're not helping the team at all, atleast with healing, you can distract the killer, for that little bit longer.

  • ZagridZagrid Member Posts: 999

    As a solo player, I use plunders and ace and pull keys every game to escape.

  • AkumaAkuma Member Posts: 407

    No one talks about no healing. We are talking about not selfcaring because it takes much longer. If no one is with you you do gens or idk, cleanse a totem... something helpful to win the game. And if someone next to you you let him heal if he refuses then yea..bad luck but I didnt had these issues in months. I mean it's efficient, 100% faster and instead of self healing the whole time you put pressure on the killer.

    Being temporary injured isnt that problem especially as experienced high rank player.

    It seems that guys always wanna play smart, smarter then the others. But you dont if you heal every single time yourself for 32 seconds or more... Just to get injured 10 seconds later and ´start healing again if the killer stops chasing you it's just awful... So often I could have done one more gen if the guy next to me just came over and help doing this gen. No he selfcared. If he came over I could heal him within 16 seconds and we could do the gen faster. I mean, it's not that efficient but better then the original scenario. Scenaríos were refusing to selfcare and instead doing a objective could have safe at least one other survivor..with many 2nd chance perks maybe 3... but nah they selfcare...just being deleted from the game for such a looong time

  • meatisadelicacymeatisadelicacy Member Posts: 1,920

    Best killer perk in the game is self care. I only play solo survivor and I can't stand it. I won't play a game with more than one Claudette in the lobby but most of the time, my entire team runs it. They won't even let me heal them off the hook. Absolutely maddening.

  • aurum_exeaurum_exe Member Posts: 178
    edited August 2019

    Well the only last thing i can say more, after reading all these posts, is that devs made the perfect game that bring people to argue on stupid stuff. I told in my post that i do all my job possibile to play the game under fair rules. I earned my red rank not because i self-care but also because "i care of other players" 1) yeah i get points in doing it. So what? It's a game ffs! 2) i love to rank (again so what?) and i don't wanna end up my game with some players that like to teabag killers and then ends up hooked in the basement. Every player should do their best to end the game, but the most of the times, they don't. So what? (again). It is because "Self-care" perk? Do you really believe in what you are saying people? Every game is different. Same rules, different conditions. If you can get that, then you'll see that "self-care" is not an issue at all. If you watch players like No0b03, Puppers (all rank 1 survivors), they all self-care in their build, and they win games like 50 in a raw! So? Are they stupids too?

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  • Steve0333Steve0333 Member Posts: 529

    I agee. Too many survivors use self-care. Just use bond. You can find other players who will be happy to heal you easily. And they do it faster. Self-care is only good if you are the last player alive with one other survivor on the hook and it's the end game and you can heal yourself before going for the save. But mostly it's just a waste of time.

    I use bond and I see too many players self-caring when they don't need to. It's especially annoying when we have one more gen left and it's not being done because too many survivors are busy self-caring.

  • CardgreyCardgrey Member Posts: 1,418

    I love it when people heal and I'm unlimited Myers. Sure heal won't stop my one hit downs.

  • oxygenoxygen Member Posts: 2,848

    It's less about the perk and more about knowing when to use it. Running to a corner every time you get hurt to self care no matter what even against heavily stacked healing speed debuffs is painful to see people to while you're on the hook or something.

    Of course a lot of people do exactly that so it's understandable the perk itself gets the reputation it does. Personally if I'm gonna run it I tend to squeeze the most utility possible out of it by running it with Botany AND a medkit with lots of charges as well so getting hit isn't a big deal unless I go down.

  • QuickStiQzQuickStiQz Member Posts: 194

    As a solo player myself, I find this very annoying as well. But I think it's most annoying when I get an AFK person in my game.

  • martin27martin27 Member Posts: 696

    Doesn't make my argument less valid, there's been plenty of times i'v had to stop doing gens and start searching for a chest because my team mates have refused to heal me.

  • AkumaAkuma Member Posts: 407

    But it also doesnt made it to an argument because i dont have these issues. Maybe because I couldnt care less about staying injured and playing around with grunts of pain.

    And if I meet a teammate i usually get healed if I want to. And im not dying faster than in my selfcare-times. But im also a tryharder, I need it so play smart.

    And Im okay that you have some issues without Selfcare and you can continue playing it. I dont want you or other people to play like I do. Just do it wisely. Dont excessive. ONE heal takes >32< seconds. That's a really big deal. That is a ton of time you hopefully invest smart and not to get injured 3 seconds later or doing a thing you could have made injured. Or you could have wait until someone heals you idk.

    Spamming this perk is killing your game and thats a fact. The fact is if 4 survivor running this perk the game will last much longer and will be much harder because the killer has the time doing his #########.

    So please in the love of god, use it wisely and be aware how often you are using it and maybe other teammates.

  • WuhelmWuhelm Member Posts: 260

    I will stop SC when the 99% potato survivors learn to play. They complain about not being rescued and are proud that they ran the killer for 10 secs before being downed. Then their potato ass gets saved and they run off without self care and a few minutes later that potato is back on the hook. OP sounds like the person who is on the hook alot and is jealous they cannot be better at the game so lets bring other survivors down to his level. I win most games than I lose because I watch out for myself, if i had to babysit the potatoes too there is no way the killer would not 4k every game. OP play the game your way and stop bitching about how others play their game.

  • danaradanara Member Posts: 129

    you sound bitter, re-read the thread and realise a majority of the people are saying self-care is a complete waste of time.

    it really makes me laugh seeing the amount of people self-caring whilst on hook or with empathy/bond

  • WuhelmWuhelm Member Posts: 260

    Your the guy that was on the hook not able to loop killer. Your post is one big QQ. Git Gud and stop blaming others for your shortcomings.

  • danaradanara Member Posts: 129

    ok mr i’ve never been on the hook before, lets be realistic everyones been on a hook if you’re playing this game.

    and yes, i do know how to loop thank you very much. stop being hurt just because a perk you run is garbage, just be real and accept it lol

    self care was a good perk before the nerf. not anymore

  • WuhelmWuhelm Member Posts: 260

    Dude your whole post is QQing about survivors that use sc. Grow up and play the game the way you want and stop bitching that people are not playing your way. Stop the qq and play the game. Learn to adapt to your teammates instead and you will become a better player. Right now you sound like a kid who is just started and looking for others to blame.

  • danaradanara Member Posts: 129

    and a lot of people agree with me on my post. so what are you trying to say? if you can’t handle a post on these forums and you’re going to come in just to say ‘u qq learn2loop’ you sound like a hypocrite yourself.

    you sure you’re not the child here?

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