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Killer Concept: The Widow

MinusTheBillieMinusTheBillie Member Posts: 346
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With DBD recently playing off the fear of clowns, id love to see them play off of some other common fears..  like spiders or insects! 

The Widow

In life, a murderous beauty that would prey off of rich men. Going by many different names, she has had many husband's that met horrible fates, disappearing with their fortunes after each kill. Authorities appropriately named her ''The Black Widow", for her murderous marriages and how the victims were found bound in rope and drained of blood. 

Honeymooning in a secluded mountain cabin with husband 16, the richest and fattest of them all, the Widow acted hastily. Her greed and disgust of her latest lover prompted her to take his life and fortune that very night.  Passed out in a drunken sexfueled coma,  she began tightly coiling ropes around his large snoring mass from ankle to neck before waking him with a knife to the groin. She had always woke them, as she took pleasure in watching their life fade away as their blood left their body. A blood curdling scream filled the cabin as she went in for a second stab to the crotch. 


The husband managed to break one arm free of his bindings just as the blade pierced him a third time, grabbing her neck and rolling his large body on top of his new bride. Wincing in pain, he stared into her eyes as he quickly lost conciousness due to the pain and blood loss... Dying within minutes. 

The Widow, trapped beneath his large corpse, screamed out for hours, as his weight began to crush in her ribcage and squeeze the air from her body. As she began to black out, a thick mountain fog began to pour in through the open cabin windows. 

She awoke in a strange new place with a strange new body. The entity had given her a more fitting form, turning her greed for money to an insatiable thirst for blood.


A spider-like humanoid with 8 legs and  dark black eyes. 

Climb (passive)
The Widow has the ability to climb and stick to walls, ceilings and trees. Whether it's to get a good view of the map, to get over a wall in a chase, or to leap down onto a survivor, the climb gives the Widow a very unique way to hunt. 

Web of Deciet (Power)
The Widow can shoot sticky webbing from her right arm up to 8m away. This can be used to block doorways or windows for a short time, but can be destroyed with a short survivor interaction (1.5 sec). She can have only one area blocked at a time, as blocking 2nd area causes the first webbing to deteriorate. 
Hitting a survivor directly with the webbing begins dragging them towards her, where the survivor must rapidly hit X to break free as the Widow rapidly hits X to reel them in for a hit. 

A sharp dagger-like appendage from her left arm. 

A Taste for Blood

The killer gains a 1%/1.5%/2% speed boost for every bleeding survivor. 


The killer is able to search chests or dropped items, destroying the item in return for extra bloodpoints. 

Easy Prey
Dying survivors within 8/16/24m are unable to crawl.  Their sellf-heal is slowed to 50% normal speed. 


The Widow, pinning the survivor down with a spider leg through the shoulder, opens her mouth wide.as mandables fold out from her cheeks. She bites down on the survivors neck, sucking the blood  from their now pale lifeless bodies. 

This is a first for me. Probably requires some more thought and tweaks, but she sounds pretty cool to me. Could have skins themed to different spiders... 

I love the idea of jump scares when she drops from a tree or ceiling to catch you off guard...or just seeing her running on the walls towards you. Creepy!!!

I imagine her speed being about like the nurses, since she has some reach and blocking abilities, but a smaller terror radius... Or just reduced drastically when climbing.

Open to ideas! Thanks for reading. 

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  • MinusTheBillieMinusTheBillie Member Posts: 346
    Another image that fits what I'm thinking of. FYI, I am not the artist on either image. 
  • Tepiglover88Tepiglover88 Member Posts: 44
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  • M2FreamM2Fream Member Posts: 290
    The perk about searching chests is farfetched and silly. As a spider, atleast one of her perks should be about trapping survivors in her web, or the basement which is her domain where she traps people.

    Something like this:
    Webbed Domain: Survivors, hanging helplessly waiting, with their fate in your hands fills you with power. If a survivor enters the basement when you are not in it, they will become exposed for 25/35/45 seconds upon leaving the basement. Hitting this survivor will give you 1000 bloodpoints
    It is also an anti camping perk, it only activates when you are not there and an anti tunneling perk because if the bonus and the unhooker also being the same weakness as the hooked dude.
  • MinusTheBillieMinusTheBillie Member Posts: 346
    I like it! Yeah, I thought the chest/item perk was unique and could be cool paired with Franklin's Demise. 
    This is very cool though and I like a perk for her that incorporates the basement. Love it. 
  • ZagridZagrid Member Posts: 699

    I would just love to see the devs with their spaghetti coding make an 8 leg killer

  • MinusTheBillieMinusTheBillie Member Posts: 346
    Maybe 4 legs, 2 spider arms, 2 human arms... Might be a lighter dev lift. 

    Lol, spaghetti coding. 
  • Mc_HartyMc_Harty Member Posts: 3,294

    I like the idea but I think the devs would prefer human killers over a humanoid hybrid of a spider.

    Kinda looks a bit like the new Nurses cosmetic but you get the idea

  • MinusTheBillieMinusTheBillie Member Posts: 346
    I can't see a lady in a black dress climbing walls and shooting web. Rather not bland her out, just to make her like the rest. 

    The hag is a monster-esque humanoid. This concept is a bit more beastly, but keeps enough human to fit the world/esthetic. I think it could really work. 
  • Mc_HartyMc_Harty Member Posts: 3,294
    edited June 2018

    @MinusTheBillie The hag appearance is to suggest shes older then she looks. Hence why she's hunched over. There's also some suggestion of wendigos used as inspiration.

    Though I agree, the Hag is quite beastly. If the devs manage to pull the Hag off without any problems, why not this one?

  • MinusTheBillieMinusTheBillie Member Posts: 346
    Yeah, just meaning the hag is more of a 'monster' than a killer.
    Id really enjoy a spider-humanoid. Seems to me she'd be very scary, which is very important to me, even if she kept a more human appearance with spider features. 

    I want to see new and different in the new chapters. Even a bug-themed killer like in the movie Mimic would be neat. 

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    I like the idea , can I make a video about it with mentioning you name in my channel ?
  • MinusTheBillieMinusTheBillie Member Posts: 346
  • swenpaiswenpai Member Posts: 258

    Really nice idea.

  • MinusTheBillieMinusTheBillie Member Posts: 346

    Can we get a spider or bug themed killer for the next chapter, pleeeeaaase?

    Licensed (mimic) or otherwise, the fear of spiders/insects is too widespread to miss. Would really love it.

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