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Why is tunneling bad?



  • Night13Night13 Member Posts: 19

    so I play killer mainly but I'm also pretty new to the game. been playing for maybe about 3 weeks judging by shrine resets. rank 5 killer, 11 survivor

    so heres my 2 cents.

    tunneling is good for killers because it allows you to eliminate a survivor the quickest.

    only reason I decided to post here now is because I just had a game where i was accused of camping and tunneling.

    to me camping is if the killer is if the killer is close enough to get to the hooked survivor and attack in the time it takes to unhook them if a survivor was already there to unhook. otherwise it is patrolling the area. obviously if I see 1 or 2 altruistically heavy survivors while hooking I'm going to patrol like I'm not boosting with you.

    tunneling, to me, is more so if you hook 1 person 3 times in a row. this is not what survivors believe is a reportable offense. because I for sure have been reported for this giving me a 1 day suspension on my gamer pic priveleges.

    this most recent game I intended to kill a claud with a key 1st so theres less chance of an early escape. post game I'm pretty sure it was a 3man. I find bill and claud 1st but bill gets swiped off a gen unawares so I hook him twice. then I hook claud, my main target, twice. all while a meg is being that survivor with a flashlight. I then hook a lorie. I attempt to hook her again but get DS (which btw is good for countering tunneling same with borrowed time both are high tier popular perks. good killer counter to that is MYC but I'm sure survivors will hate that too. who kncall what it might end up being called in the future if and when survivors start complaining about that too.)

    I then continue to chase lorie but the bill runs straight into me while injured. (maybe trying to body block idk.) so I oblige since hes been hooked twice. hook em then dies and sends me a msg about tunnel report. I cannot make this stuff up.

    I hook the meg. try to go for her but I find a wild claud instead and remembered she had a key. hook her. more hatemail, same stuff. hook meg and find hatch at that hook. patrol the surrounding building only for the lorie to have a key or found claud's and escape from under my nose and leave the meg who is there and I stand there waiting for her to die. get more hatemail from the flashlight meg.

    as an aside, hatemail seems to be prevalent on xbox ranks 20 to 10 then rank 6 and 5 in my experience. Between rank 10 and 6 I thought hatemail disappeared in the higher half of ranks cuz the survivors were better but I guess not because some of them are for sure boosted bonobos.

    during this game I never patrolled or camped until the end when I patrolled rather poorly. most of the time I would patrol all unrepaired gens b4 checking if the hooked surv needed some water. I would turn back if I was notified of the unhook, saw someone run in that direction, scratch Mark or just plain saw someone, like the meg, nearby waiting.

    i guess tunneling to be more accurate to the survivors definition if you hook them and dont let them get away or chase them after. if I see you get unhooked I'm gonna hit u cuz it's not my fault they unhooked you unsafely and chances are ur injured they are not and I dont have MYC. I'm sorry for deciding to play the game and not letting you boost your way to the red ranks. yea it sucks that you might get depiped and you know what its gonna happen cuz everyone isnt boosting. also if survivors didnt know it's what the game wants. killers lose on points if survivors get away and heal. also it's common game sense to go for squishies, i.e. players with lower health (which is what you are after you've been hooked) to reduce numbers of the enemy team.

    if you really dont like tunneling run DS have teammates run borrowed time, insta heals and get good and getting away.

  • michaelkhjmichaelkhj Member Posts: 77

    for me, tunneling is not bad, like camping which is not bad too, it just makes the survivor salty but you will probably get at least 1 kill in case the survivor overpowers you or if all goes well you will get 4k, is a good strategy if you wanna get rid of a survivor that bothers you during the match. XD

  • michaelkhjmichaelkhj Member Posts: 77

    hahaha salty survivors will call you camper or tunneler even if you did not camp them XD

    those are the majority of survivors that never played killer because they are afraid of getting 0 kills, then do not listen to them, hahaha

    for me a camper is just the one that camps the first hooked one while there still are more than 4 gens to be done.. yeah I know, all would say.. just do all the gens and just leave, but well good for the ones whose are not being camped and bad for the one who has to depip because he did nothing than run cause he got caught first hahahah and guess what? that only works in SWF hahaha but people hates SWF but makes people play SWF hahahah Imagine being the camped one, and no one comes to save you, I can say that 50% will not make time for his teammate and will suicide or DC hahah and I bet at least 1 or 2 people will go and check if the killer is camping or not wasting generator repairing time in case they play solo, so the "do all the gens and leave" will only work in SWF.

    returning to the discussion, as I said people who never touched the role of killer, will accused you for camping, even if you only patrolled near the hook when all the gates were open, haha so no need to be sad, just laugh at them at least you killer his friend hahahaha

  • Steve0333Steve0333 Member Posts: 529

    Tunneling will cause the killer to focus on one survivor while the remaining three survivors are free to work on gens. That's not a good strategy. If you are tunneling someone it only works if you can get them out super quick and if the remaining three survivors are not working on gens the entire time. The best strategy is to create pressure on all the survivors as much as possible. You don't want any survivor to feel safe for long. One reason why Spirit is such a strong killer is because she can create that type of pressure very well since she can be anywhere fast. As survivor you never really feel like you're in the clear against spirit.

  • Richter_CadeRichter_Cade Member Posts: 91

    Let me give you a scenario. You're playing dbd, you get caught, you get hooked. Happens all the time, that's fine. You get unhooked and the killer immediately goes straight for you ignoring everybody else. Second hook. Thankfully you get hooked again and the killer is immediately back on you, downs you, removes you from the game.

    You got next to no points and spent most of your time on a hook. You probably depipped because of the killers playstyle and not what you did. If you were teabagging the killer or clicking at him yiu deserved it, if not you just had a very unfun experience.

    I'm a killer main BTW, but I see the frustration. It's like when I just get gen rushed or the game I had a few hours ago where some David followed me and every time I got a down he would flashlight save. I'm rank 12, he was rank 2, even looking at a wall he got one from the side.

    It's a viable tactic just like tunneling but it's super frustrating for the other player. I will tunnel if I'm getting gen rushed, because I have to slow the game down but tunneling in a normal game is bad form.

    I will admit that after that David game I put on a red mori and didn't care though...I'm sorry for the innocents I got in the next game.

  • johnmwarnerjohnmwarner Member Posts: 3,793

    It’s not always intentional tunneling though, sometimes one player is just the worst at stealth or the one you always find for some reason.

    When people say tunnel I always ask, “you’re the only survivor I saw was I supposed to pretend I didn’t?”

  • UltraBananaUltraBanana Member Posts: 100

    It's a game about an invincible beast sent by an evil entity to murder helpless survivors? I play both sides and honestly can't even be mad about it. There have been plenty of games where I play "fair" as killer and then still get BM'd at the exit gates and in post game chat anyways. If you hate getting tunneled as a survivor there is a perk for that.

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