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Why not add a SWF icon to player's names?

RivynRivyn Member Posts: 2,042

In the lobby. That way the killer and solo survivors don't have to go digging through Steam profiles in order to see it. If you're in a SWF, you have an icon letting others know.



  • RivynRivyn Member Posts: 2,042

    What's wrong with killers dodging swf? If they don't want to deal with that level of team work, why go through it?

  • MegsAreEvilMegsAreEvil Member Posts: 819

    Just let killers play vs solo survs with nö perks and ranks far lower. Just because they cant play the game.

  • KillermainBTWm8KillermainBTWm8 Member Posts: 4,215

    Def a no killers over react over anything a duo swf? I need an ebony for this!

  • JagoJago Member Posts: 645


    Or yes, but dodging might be punished.

  • Johnny_XManJohnny_XMan Member Posts: 2,689

    Let them play only against solo survivors and get a lobby every hour instead of 30 mins.

  • se05239se05239 Member Posts: 3,920

    Yes, and add bonus for killers/solos for playing against SWFs.

  • AlfredAlfred Member Posts: 272

    SWF is not problem -> add SWF notification for killer

    SWF is problem -> remove it from the game.

  • prayer_survivorprayer_survivor Member Posts: 626
    edited August 2019

    Agree if:

    Camper/tunneler killers are allowed in the game -> add a notification of this kind of killers, so survivors can dodge

    Camper/tunneler killers are not allowed in the game -> remove them from the game

  • BossBoss Member, Trusted Posts: 10,769

    Cause they don't want 99/100 lobbies to be cancelled.

    Numbers are an exaggaration of course, they simply represent the increase that will oh so surely happen.

  • LaakeriLaakeri Member Posts: 833

    Once we get dedicated servers and ping is not an issue anymore on either side they could add notification about cheat with friends so killer could prepare accordingly. This would also mean that killer has to get penalty from dodging.

  • ZerLukasZerLukas Member Posts: 222

    I completely agree that there should be a notification. I've had matches when I was completely underprepared to face an SWF and matches where I took some really strong addons/perks/moris against rather weak survivors.

    Both scenarios aren't really fun.

    And I'm okay with a penalty for dodging on one condition: it doesn't apply if there is a red-pinged survivor in the lobby.

    Because being forced to play with 300+ pinged teleporting people or facing a penalty isn't okay as well.

  • twistedmonkeytwistedmonkey Member, Trusted Posts: 3,940
    edited August 2019

    Because like it or not SWF is part of the game.

    Survivors used to be able to see the killers profile in the lobby. It was taken away as they used it to dodge certain killers like the Nurse by checking achievements, those with lots more play time and steam block who camped them which flagged their profile etc.

    This was done as a way to stop players from cherry picking playing versus something which is part of the game.

    Why would it be a good idea to give killers the same sort of info to do what the devs stopped survivors from doing?

    I'd rather they removed profiles from the game entirely with dedicated servers as well. It serves no purpose now but to spread toxicity.

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  • BigBubsBigBubs Member Posts: 1,131

    Seems like a bait.

    I'd love this to be a thing if at the same time they add a 10 min cooldown for lobby dodging killers.

  • SairekSairek Member Posts: 4,965

    So pick 3-blink range Nurse every game? Gottcha. c:

  • My_FarewellMy_Farewell Member Posts: 495

    For obvious reasons which have been estated by other people already.

  • AsheruSwiftwindAsheruSwiftwind Member Posts: 129

    Just have it show up after the match. A little link Icon showing who was grouped with who. By then no one will care really but you will also know if a group claims they weren't a SWF. I personally have run into SWF groups that claimed they were solos... If one one of them wasn't streaming the group... But honestly as a killer main I could care less if its a SWF as long as they just play the game, if they are there to be toxic... Go find another match I am here for some fun.

  • RaptorrotasRaptorrotas Member Posts: 2,038

    And now question about the reason why all those killers would dodge.

    (Because "chat and have fun" with friends gives a huge advantage to survivors.)

  • CarpemortumCarpemortum Member Posts: 4,510
    edited August 2019

    That level of teamwork?

    You do realize the "coordinated swf" are like 1 in 100 games right? Majority swf just play with friends. <10% are even full swf, and even LESS that that are "try hards".

    Secondly, what's wrong with dodging a game because you cant handle a potential loss?

    Everything. Just dont play the game if you cant take a challenge or a game that may not go 100% your way. Its childish to dodge or DC because you "think you cant win".

  • RaptorrotasRaptorrotas Member Posts: 2,038

    Everyone playing swf cant take the challenge of playing the game normally.

    Just playing with friends to chat is either a meme or a myth. As soon you:

    • Hear the TR from friends crappy mic
    • One screams loudly that hes being chased
    • One asks for a heal
    • That one guy who always gets found first gets camped and he cries about it
    • Etc

    Then youre doing the same as "coordinated swf.

    Good that survivors dpnt have to try hard, afterall the game gets balanced about their potatoes.

  • MadjuraMadjura Member Posts: 1,207

    If every killer expected the worst possible matchup in every game then no one would play killer anymore, ever

    The worst in Dbd is just that bad. In other games the worst matchups are signifcantly less bad in terms of winning and having fun

  • WuhelmWuhelm Member Posts: 260

    So what if it boost killers dodging. I main survivor and I hate playing with swf too. Killer and survivor should both have a heads up when play with swf. Only way to fix this is to have a lobby for swf only and another that swf cannot join. The game will balance itself out then.

  • KabuKabu Member Posts: 926

    What would be childish is not having the insight in recognizing how an aspect of the game would affect you. It's a great coping skill in choosing to not participate in something that would likely lead to frustration.

    To call it just a "challenge" is ludicrous. SWF breaks the game and is unfun to go against.

  • SpaceCoconutSpaceCoconut Member Posts: 1,899

    @Peanits with that in mind along with the stats released about groups and the % of matches they're in, why can't we opt out of going against swf groups?

    The stats show that the impact of "splitting the playerbase" wouldn't be as bad as people make it out to be.

    Additionally, why can't the icon be added to the tally screen at the end of a match if everyone is so scared of dodging?

  • PeanitsPeanits Dev, Community Manager Posts: 6,394

    If we're going purely based on those stats alone, a 4 man group has an average survival rate of just under 50%, which is the target for balance. But as we know, that doesn't paint the full picture, which is exactly why we recommend not drawing any conclusions based on stats alone.

  • PrincessPoopPrincessPoop Member Posts: 919

    If they just buffed solo players to swf level, this wouldn’t be an issue. But as we’ve seen they ain’t doing that anytime soon.

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