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Killer Devs

CymerCymer Member Posts: 942

If once a year the devs had enough of whining and blame and decided to go into the fog to teach the community a lesson.

@Peanits @not_Queen @Patricia

If the devs would be killers for one night. What would be their weapon of choice and what powers and perks would they have?


  • YamaokaYamaoka Member Posts: 4,165

    @not_Queen used to powerlift I think so her weapon would be her bare hands. On top of that the entity increases her powerlifting powers allowing her to "deadlift" dropped pallets very quickly and throw them at survivors causing them to go down instantly.

    Not sure about the perks yet.

  • KabuKabu Member Posts: 926

    One of the devs could be the killer that was tried out early on in development that could smash through walls.

    You think Nurse is tough?!?! You don't even have walls to hide behind!

    Would you want that @Patricia?

  • PatBrutalPatBrutal Member Posts: 566
    edited August 2019

    @Kabu DAMN! Being able to smash through walls, i'm so down with that!


    @PhantomMask20763 But Cooper is too lazy ... don't think he will make a great weapon hahaha.

    Mathieu can use some catnip to make Cooper more powerful how about that ?

  • PatBrutalPatBrutal Member Posts: 566

    @Gardenia How this would work ?

    Seriously i'm loving this conversation haha!

  • CymerCymer Member Posts: 942

    Mathieu throws catnip at the survivor and Cooper just jumps them, hinders them as he rubs himself all over the survivor and the purring let's Mathieu know where the survivors are hiding to down them with his banhammer! Alternative he can have a nerf gun, that at first just slows the survivor with every successful hit until they cannot move anymore and collapse in defeat.

    Peanits has Spies in the Shadows build in. He has a power meter that let's him turn into a murder of crows to traverse the map faster, maybe even ignore some terrain. He either can afflict Deepwound in his murder form and be a legion 3.0 or he could manifest at the end of the flight and lunge at a survivor.

    Patricia would be like a sexy horror version of a secretary and by tipping her glasses she blasts open windows and pallets.

  • Maelstrom10Maelstrom10 Member Posts: 1,920

    Matthieu just controls the entire game glitching it in various ways that make survivors like fall through the floor and be insta hooked, or be unable to escape as he just slowly nods at you smiling as the egc timer runs out. The only way to counter his ultimate power is by playing civ 5 in the background. Pretty good job so far is what you hear instead of a terror radius.

    McLean just smiles and everyone hooks themselves though. No escaping that smile, but then why would you want to

  • CymerCymer Member Posts: 942

    @Peanits the crow killer, I remembered a trailer from tsw. It looks cool and transforms into a murder of crows. Maybe you like something like this?


  • TAGTAG Member Posts: 11,989

    It's obvious. The devs would wield the Nerf Bat, and the mods would wield the Ban Hammer.

  • ShyN3koShyN3ko Member Posts: 1,616

    Ok, Am I the only one?

    @Peanits should have Peanuts as weapon :3

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