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Pig Buff (serious)

FabFab Member Posts: 265


HA! You thought I was done for awhile? Nah, I'm back baby and this time, I'm bringing my proposed Pig changes to the table.

If you don't know who I am, (I don't blame you) I'm the same guy who posted the following discussions:

Legion Buffs:

Bloodweb Fix:


  • The loud roar will now be heard after the Ambush Attack has been fully charged. (Previously it would be heard during the charge time of the Ambush Attack.)
  • Survivors caught in a Reverse Bear Trap, suffer from the Hindered status effect.
  • Survivors take 10 seconds by default to search a Jigsaw Box. (Previously 12 seconds.)
  • The Reverse Bear Trap death timer takes 120 seconds. (Previously 150 seconds.)


  • Workshop Grease: Slightly decreases the success zones of good skill checks when interacting with Jigsaw Boxes.
  • Shattered Syringe: Slightly increases the duration of the Ambush Attack. (Increases the Ambush Attack duration by 0.5 seconds.)
  • Razor Wires: Moderately decreases the success zones of good skill checks when interacting with Jigsaw Boxes.
  • Jigsaw’s Annotated Plan: Increases available Jigsaw Boxes by 1. Moderately increases the Reverse Bear Trap death timer. (Death Timer is increased by 15 seconds.)
  • Interlocking Razor: Considerably decreases the success zones of good skill checks when interacting with Jigsaw Boxes. Removes great skill checks when interacting with Jigsaw Boxes.
  • Bag of Gears: Moderately decreases the time it takes to put on a Reverse Bear Trap. (Decreases time by 0.5 seconds.)
  • Tampered Timer: Moderately decreases the Reverse Bear Trap death timer. (Death Timer is decreased by 15 seconds.)
  • Crate of Gears: Considerably decreases the time it takes to put on a Reverse Bear Trap. (Decreases time by 1 second.)
  • Amanda’s Letter: When a Survivor fails a skill check searching a Jigsaw Box, their search progress meter will be reset.

Thanks for taking the time in reading my discussion and I always look forward to feedback. Also, I'm now going to be posting future ideas and discussions like this one exclusively in "Balance & Feedback". @Peanits @not_Queen


  • FabFab Member Posts: 265

    Thanks for taking a look at it. I felt like those two were a bit overboard. Also, it would be gnarly if you could take a look at my Legion changes. <3

  • tavdogg11tavdogg11 Member Posts: 43

    Hopefully we can get pig to the proper spot she needs to be in the meta, and nobody will complain and force the devs to nerf her to a weaker form even though she is good when she does get buffed.

  • TAGTAG Member Posts: 2,384

    Ambush Roar being after charge I am on board with.

    Hindered being base kit would make chases really bad for Survivors and just promote tunneling. I wouldn't even want it as an add-on without restrictions.

    Box Search speed-up and Death Timer reduction don't solve the Pig's problem IMO.

    Workshop Grease - Technically better than current one but I still would not use it.

    Shattered Syringe - Sure, I'm down with that

    Razor Wire - Seems like it would hurt lower rank players and do nothing to higher rank players.

    Jigsaw's Annotated Plan - This is...the same?

    Interlocking Razor - This + Razor Wire seems like it would be crushing to lower ranked players. Even if they weren't stackable, it would be similar in issue to Razor Wire

    Bag of Gears - I assume that it would still have the moderate increase to Box Search. If so, this is fine. If not, no way I am using this.

    Tampered Timer - I know this is only because of the reduction in death timer for base kit, but as I am not a fan of that, I am also not a fan of this.

    Crate of Gears - See Bag of Gears

    Amanda's Letter - Isn't this more or less just what Interlocking Razor currently is?

  • YaiPaYaiPa Member Posts: 209

    Just one change:

    The first search in a Jigsaw box won't take your rtb off, 100%.

  • ThirdSealOPplzNerfThirdSealOPplzNerf Member Posts: 273

    Survivors can be hinderd but the debuff goes away when killer is closer in 24 meters. Also I think the killer should also see the timer not just the survivors. Also everytime a gen is progressed by 30 percent the bear trap time is reduced by 20 seconds. I think the traps rely to much on rng and is useless if people keep doing gens and the person gets it off usually in the first or second box. It happens way to often and rarly do survivors have to use the 4th box and sometimes the 3rd box and I think if this change was made it would force people to make a choice continue gens that could kill someone or stop doing them to give the trapped survivor a better chance of getting the key in time.

  • avilmaskavilmask Member Posts: 89

    Considering jigsaw boxes, I just would like to see some of add-ons reworked.

    • Amanda's secret, instead of doing all that silly vision stuff, should just add a fake key to jigsaw boxes, making it impossible to remove a trap from the first searched box;
    • ruleset no.2 should instead make it impossible to use jigsaw boxes when trap is not active;
    • rusty attachments instead of mangled, should punish survivors for searching boxes when injured. Ultimately I would say that survs should lose searching progress without other penalties on successful skillchecks. Discouraging survivors, that you don't want to chase anyway, from wasting time on something else is counterproductive.
    • utility blades are worthless for the same reason: you don't want to chase survivors, so bleeding effect is pointless.

    Also it would be cool to have more add-ons for ambush of higher rarity. But I don't know, what actually could be visibly changed without making it too good and what I didn't want see to be baseline (ex. roar after charge).

  • avilmaskavilmask Member Posts: 89

    Also I really dislike a change to Amanda's letter suggest by OP. It's an unique add-on, much like scratched mirror for Mayers, that used when you want something very different.

  • Cayde1342Cayde1342 Member Posts: 19

    I think it's a great idea

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