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Those That Disconnect Should Be Blocked X Time From Playing

PumpkinKingPumpkinKing Member Posts: 122
edited August 2019 in General Discussions

I know there's much discussion on the topic of dc'ing. I have seen so much DC in the past few days it is driving me insane. As a survivor, everyone will do well and then when we try and go to the gates killer dc's (one time they said what's the point in staying, I'm just trying to get on to the next match quicker and not waste time)

Or playing a killer, find someone right away and they get downed and they just DC. I feel bad for the survivors that are left with that extra Gen. Maybe just give a Gen to survivors. There should be a better system in play than losing two pips for the occasional DC.

Some time block should be implemented. Someone dc's because they get downed. They can't play survivor for 10 minutes. Killer dc's because everyone is about to escape. They can't play killer for 10 minutes etc.

I'm just tired of the dc's, just play the game people. This is coming from a place of tiredness but I really love the game. Play it everyday so don't take this as a trash talk on the game. Very few individuals out there are just making certain rounds not fun. Thank you for your time and feedback.


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