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I wanna know why survs hate Billy and want him nerfed???

To get it out there I main Billy and play the doc, but as a Billy main why do u survs want him nerfed? Cuz he's been here from the start of the game and is the top 2 killer if not first, Can't it just be ur not as good as u think? Cuz Billy is easily juked while reving his chainsaw up and while he is zoom zoom, so why is it y'all can't just loop him? Cuz I can when I play as survs yes it difficult but once u know it's Billy just don't [BAD WORD] up, so I wanna know wat the survs think



  • PiedPiper365PiedPiper365 Member Posts: 231

    Also I mean no offense so please take it easy with the comments

  • JdsgamesJdsgames Member Posts: 1,109
    edited August 2019

    Just curious is this a Platform specific bug for Hillbilly or is it across all platform? Can you give me a bit more detail of the bug, the steps to replicate it if possible, and how often this occurs?

    Generally speaking I think it comes down to inexperience. I personally don't have a problem with Billy. Spirit on the other hand... That cut up dismembered haunting witch is far from fair at base, However, just tolerable enough to not be considered Nurse level. (PERKS ARE NOT A COUNTER)


  • CakeDutyCakeDuty Member Posts: 446
    edited August 2019

    Billy is fine. He's strong, got an instadown and great map pressure, but I wouldn't call him OP or that he needs a nerf. He can still be looped like any other killer. The only thing is my friends say he should be a 110% killer, since any other killer with range attack (Huntress) or map control powers (Hag, Nurse and Spirit) has decreased speed. I don't entirely agree with that though.

    I'd rather they take a look at Spirit instead of Billy.

    I think the real problem is that people meet him in almost every other game with Ruin, BBQ, Spirit Fury/Bamboozle and Enduring, which makes him boring. That's how I feel with every killer tho if I meet them multiple times during one session.

  • PiedPiper365PiedPiper365 Member Posts: 231

    True, yes they really should take a look at spirit, I think Billy is balanced the way he is u just gotta learn how to avoid him cuz not one killer is the same and u have to learn how to avoid each one effectively

  • NMCKENMCKE Member Posts: 7,287

    It's because getting insta-downed isn't the most enjoyable thing in the world, and to a certain extent, I do agree, but he should stay as he is in my opinion.

  • SpyMatureSpyMature Member Posts: 204
    edited August 2019

    I'm pretty sure that people who say and make threads about wanting to nerf Billy are either baiting or they just installed the game.

    Also, Billy is 3rd in the top, Spirit is 2nd and Nurse is obviously 1st. With Spirit being the most annoying killer to play against next to release Legion, I swear, I'd rather go against a great Nurse than good Spirit, as there is practically no counterplay against her, and the one she's supposed to have is not even working in the first place (Grass is supposed to move whilst she's phasing, but it doesnt).

    A good fix to Spirit so she'd have any counterplay would be removing collision with survivors while she's phasing.

  • AngryFluffyAngryFluffy Member Posts: 419

    As a survivor main speaking: no idea.

    I personally enjoy to play against him and for me he is easier to juke than Bubba (even though Billy is way stronger than him, I'd choose to play against Billy over Bubba anytime).

    Most rounds against him are pretty fun and I see no reason why he should get nerfed. I like him as he is right now. If you know how to juke it is possible to avoid his chainsaw for a good amount of time. If not, it's most likely the survivors own fault. Of cause there are situations where you can't do anything about it and just get chainsawed - but that just how it should be. A killer which can be looped for a little while and eventually gets you sounds like a good balance for me. This way it is fun for both sides you can have good chases and no one is getting absolute depression in the end.

    I guess many people are just whiney because they still couldn't figure out how to avoid his chainsaw when he's running to them.

  • MrPeterPFLMrPeterPFL Member Posts: 446

    Dunno, people just can't adapt

  • KenshinKenshin Member Posts: 912

    because they want every killer on wraith lvl.

  • deathsiadeathsia Member Posts: 250

    Survivors who get downed by a Billy without addons are just bad period.

  • PiedPiper365PiedPiper365 Member Posts: 231

    I understand bout the insta down I play survs to and I don't like it when I get insta down but it's my fault and of the killer don't face camp me I'll do my best not to make the same mistake

  • JawsIsTheNextKillerJawsIsTheNextKiller Member Posts: 1,977

    From a killers perspective: The devs are nerfing the other killers but Hillbilly always stays safe from nerfs, increasing the gap between the top killers and the bottom killers and reducing our choice of who to play if we want to win.

  • PiedPiper365PiedPiper365 Member Posts: 231

    I'm glad to hear someone loves to go against Billy, even if I get alot of toxic messages bout me being Billy he is so fun to play against and to play as

  • PiedPiper365PiedPiper365 Member Posts: 231

    My Billy is on 37 but I'm still trying to learn the chainsaw flick

  • PiedPiper365PiedPiper365 Member Posts: 231
  • TR_stonezTR_stonez Member Posts: 53

    Billy is fine i love playing against billy maybe the most annoying things are the perks they ussuslly run bbq, enduring, ruin spirit fury but other than that billy is gun to go up against unlike some of the other killers

  • PiedPiper365PiedPiper365 Member Posts: 231

    Honesty I understand wat ur saying but I really do believe Billy is balanced and is in a good spot, on his description it says easy for a reason u know? So that's one reason he is so high up and in the top 3 I believe if they need him it will just mess him up and nobody would play Billy

  • JudgementJudgement Member Posts: 797

    My only issue with the Hillbilly is that he moves at the same speed a Survivor does when he’s charging his chainsaw, so he can just run up and point-blank everyone. If he moved at the same speed Bubba does then I’d be fine with him.

  • PiedPiper365PiedPiper365 Member Posts: 231

    I'm always gonna be worried when an update is fixing to roll out and people are saying Nerf Billy 😖

  • PiedPiper365PiedPiper365 Member Posts: 231

    Lol I don't have BBQ I literally just run wat is meant for him🤣 and still win, buuut I really do want BBQ lol

  • JawsIsTheNextKillerJawsIsTheNextKiller Member Posts: 1,977

    Don't worry they won't nerf him because he has a disability.

  • PiedPiper365PiedPiper365 Member Posts: 231

    I see wat u mean and yes it is fairly easy to catch up with a surv when I'm Billy and yes the chainsaw makes it easier but he is easy to juke if u know how and/or practice doing it with friends or whenever u go up against Billy but I do believe Billy is fine as he is just when u go up against him if u have spine chill it helps alot atleast for me it does cuz it gives me a heads up before he even gets to me and before he even sees me

  • PiedPiper365PiedPiper365 Member Posts: 231

    Ok thanks lol, it's just really normal to see killers get nerfed when u see alot of people complain. But I won't anymore, and goodluck in ur next match whenever u play👍

  • AngryFluffyAngryFluffy Member Posts: 419

    I know there are so many toxic survivors who will give you salt in the chat for anything.

    Even when I play with randoms, they sometimes try to insult the killer for their own faults and if the killer gets a 4k he is "definitely OP". Of cause. Especially when they played like potatoes. Don't give any value to that.

    I'm just sick of all these whiney peoples, who think they got a bad match when they get killed. I can have a good match even when I die in the end. If the killer camps hard or tunnels extremely and no one helps, it is a bad match for me. But that's more depending on the killers playstyle than on the killer itself.

    And Billy is designed for map pressure and to run around fast. It is not a killer a camper would choose I think. And it also does not really make sense to tunnel with him. That's another reason why I like to play against him. He'll most likely go after different people instead of hunting down one person.

  • meepeemeepee Member Posts: 44

    I like Billy if there skilled it can be a joy to play against and even the bad ones are enjoyable to go against.

  • CarpemortumCarpemortum Member Posts: 4,510

    Because people get caught making stupid mistakes and his chainsaw can make them pay for it quicker, and from farther away than most.

    Most killers you can get an unhook as soon as they leave. If you get seen by billy, you wont even get them off the hook before you're laying next to them.

    So stupid mistakes are punished more often, thus they get upset and blame the only changed variable in their mind: the Billy.

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