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Required pieces to fix generators?

I think the main issue with the game is that survivors have no reason to actually explore the map besides chests, gen rushing is annoying so why not put generator pieces that survivors have to pick up to actually fix the generator? They put the piece in, then players can fix it. They can put like multiple pieces on the ground and nearby the gens so it doesn't gimp the survivors, but they actually have to check what part they need to get the objectives done.


  • Bravo0413Bravo0413 Member Posts: 2,562
    This is what I feel needs to happen for the game... the thing is they can't have it for every gen unless the objectives are almost brain dead easy that take up a little time. reason is theres 2 killers called nurse and Billy that would wreck this mechanic if the player optimal..  I feel having top go and find a couple parts for maybe 2 or 3 gens would make it fun... or maybe they could have it adjust between the killers less objectives for the nurse and Billy more for the lower tiers
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