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Why so much GF hate?

AvarikuAvariku Member Posts: 603

I don't understand how so many can act like ghostface isn't strong...

He has the best of Pig and Michael together.

insta-crouch and Insta-downs to top it off... I rarely have any trouble out of survivors when I play ghostface (Though I readily admit I avoid red ranks like the plague, no pun intended)



  • AvarikuAvariku Member Posts: 603

    I will agree that the reveal bit is painfully inconsistent, but I still rarely have trouble with survivors like so many others say.... and I refuse to agree he needs any kind of buff at the moment. I just don't see how anyone could have any true hard time playing him so long as they use his insta-down properly.

  • MarcusMarcus Member Posts: 1,942

    I still consider him weaker than Myers and Pig.

    And I think his cooldown at base should be buffed, 30 seconds is too much, especially for such buggy power.

  • screamdreamsxscreamdreamsx Member Posts: 206

    I play ghostface a bit and I do enjoy him, however there are plenty of games especially against a SWF where you get revealed far too frequently, and spend a lot of the match as an M1 killer. That said, on games where you do get successful stalks and downs, ghostface can be very powerful.

    I will say, he lacks pressure. When stalking, marking and chasing a single survivor you’re putting a lot of dedication and time into one person. Considering without perks he had no map/gen pressure, this can sometimes be inefficient. But with a good perk build, with things like Ruin and/or Pop Goes and/or Thrilling, it’s ok.

    My other problem is the reveal mechanic, as others have said it is inconsistent for both killer and survivor side. I also believe hooked survivors should not be able to reveal GF from across the map because they literally have nothing else to do on the hook but look around for the killer especially if SWF.

    Overall though, I’d say he’s in a pretty good place, though much better with a strong perk set and add-ons that speed everything up a bit.

  • PoisonNPoisonN Member Posts: 624

    Ghostface is fun to use but he is pathetic at the high ranks. I mean, good survivors won't let GF use his power properly

  • johnmwarnerjohnmwarner Member Posts: 2,538

    This is the problem, I can stare at him from 5 feet away and not break him... or glance across the map and get the reveal bonus... no rhyme or reason. I play him for BP because I have 40+ gateau on him still and he's alright, kind of meme-ish

  • Locker_MonsterLocker_Monster Member Posts: 496

    I'm of the opinion that Survivors should NOT control a Killer's power.

    Killer is supposed to be the power role, but the Survivor has the power to turn his ability off?

    Hard to be scary when someone with a 360 degree see-everywhere camera can negate you around a corner while staying hidden.

  • AvarikuAvariku Member Posts: 603

    again, his buggy reveal aspect is just that... bugged.

    it shouldn't work the way it does and needs to be addressed...

    but other than that I don't see the problem... if a survivor pops me out of shroud I just hunt them down since the game essentially told me "psst, they're hiding behind that bush to your left."

    that and most of the time (MOST of the time) I have someone stalked by the time I'm popped so I can just put them down anyway.

  • PhantomMask20763PhantomMask20763 Member Posts: 5,177

    I think he's pretty good, I do well with him at high ranks personally and I think he's pretty fun. Of course his revealing is a bit inconsistent but I feel like some people just don't play him right

  • immortalls96immortalls96 Member Posts: 3,022

    The real extent of whether the devs ruined him or not will be revealed when they fix him..honestly..I'm not optomistic considering how the devs handle killer "changes"...I've just gotten my Hope's up too many times these last few chapters

  • PinkErickaPinkEricka Member Posts: 1,042

    I honestly think he’s annoying. It’s so annoying being automatically exposed at the beginning of the game sometimes.

  • Boosted_DwightBoosted_Dwight Member, Trusted Posts: 2,604

    I love Ghostface! If you play him right he's amazing imo

  • MonsterInMyMindMonsterInMyMind Member Posts: 1,186

    As much as i love ghostface he's got a lot of buggy things about his kit that are just super unfun on both sides.

  • Mister_HoldoutMister_Holdout Member Posts: 2,312

    He's an okay killer, just not very fun to play against.

  • TrueKn1ghtmar3TrueKn1ghtmar3 Member Posts: 1,143

    I don't see why people go gungho stalker you need to pick your moments stalk from afar and if your right up on someone and they are less than ~50% stalked just hit them its more efficient if they are more than 50% go for the expose but for the most part you want to be enough to stalk without bing notice of which is why I say red forest is best for him

  • DudeDeliciousDudeDelicious Member Posts: 6,764

    I still a lot of NS being immediately activated after hooking someone (and subsequently being immediately deactivated).

    Haven’t GF mains learned yet?!?!

  • AngryFluffyAngryFluffy Member Posts: 363

    I love him. It's always fun to play against him, as well as to play with him. He's my favourite killer with a strong ability which can be easily countered if you are vigilant and spot him before he fully stalked you.

    I think Myers is stronger than him, but a match with Ghostface brings me much more fun than with Michael, regardless which side I play.

  • KillermainBTWm8KillermainBTWm8 Member Posts: 4,193

    It's because he is a killer based off getting the element of surprise some don't understand this so they think he's trash.

  • TenebroTenebro Member Posts: 87

    It's a bit trash because at high ranks you don't have time to set up surprises. It's a funny mechanic, but should be adjusted so it can works even at red ranks.

    It's the same old problem: devs balance this game around rank 12-10.

  • BlueFangBlueFang Member Posts: 1,130

    Ghostface: Look at me to take my power away!

    Spirit: Look at me and die

  • toxicmeggtoxicmegg Member Posts: 662

    in my opinion.. ghostface already ruined the game. the reveal is so buggy, i look at him for 5 sec straight and still get the exposed. this and the new freddy are reason im considering to stop playing survivor, it's not fun anymore especially solo is crap

  • toxicmeggtoxicmegg Member Posts: 662

    but yeah i agree i don't see why people think he is trash. he's maybe too good.

  • AcromioAcromio Member Posts: 1,371

    Because he's a M1 killer with a big terror radius. That's why.

  • Dr_TrautsDr_Trauts Member Posts: 624

    against compitent survivors, most of the time his power means nothing

  • Mister_xDMister_xD Member Posts: 4,375

    honesty, i just recently started playing him - and i played him before i got any good stuff on him so i literally ran around rank 6 with thrilling tremors tier 1 as my only perk - and i very much enjoyed him.

    he opens up so many pathes for possible mindgames its amazing!

    i cant stop playing him now... yeah okay the stalk aint amazing, but the ability to just turn off your TR and red stain is sooo gooood!

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