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Why do people want desperately a nerf to Spirit?

PoisonNPoisonN Member Posts: 624

As a main Spirit I agree that Prayer Beads in general is bullshit and needs a rework or just go (like iri heads, omega blink, keys, moris and maaaaybe instaheals) but the killer itself... What's the point for having information that she is phasing in/out the terror radius or kill her vault animation? Besides her power (which has cooldown) she is just a 110% killer. The mind games from Spirit can be pretty strong but they're not impossible. I've seeing a lot of survivors trying to mind game me with own scratch marks or just walking instead of running. You can say that I'm a bad Spirit player because of this but it's not like that I have control of 99% during the match or that I underrate survivors strategies for using a "op killer". You can win or loose in this game sometimes but wanting a weakness in everything sounds like people just want easy M1 killers with situational powers to have advantage and bully them during the match. Spirit is a fun killer in my opinion and you can win or loose against her. The game isn't 1x1 but 4x1. Of course, I'm only talking about my point of view.

What you guys think? If they're going to nerf Spirit I will be 100%. She is my favorite killer for personal reasons with Pig from now, but I'm not gonna lie... kinda sad that she is getting so much hate from everyone (main survivors players and twitch streammers) and this hate can actually turn into a nerf to kill her fun mind games.



  • PoisonNPoisonN Member Posts: 624

    Well, you don't know that she is pretending or she is behind you

  • JudgementJudgement Member Posts: 955

    Inb4 ‘free hits doing nothing’ argument.

  • PoisonNPoisonN Member Posts: 624

    It depends in my opinion. If your power is still in recovery this strategy can't be so effective. At least to me, I use phase-walking all the game to patrol gens, it's not like that I will use a mind game to get down every survivor lol but I like your point about the grass sound

  • FriendlyGuyFriendlyGuy Member Posts: 2,768

    Even Prayer Beads are fine in my eyes. Remember as a Survivor you got "Iron Will", what does exactly the same only for surv.

  • ahandfulofrainahandfulofrain Member Posts: 528

    Uh... no. You can stand still the first time, quick and quiet into locker next, walk after that, etc. It's somewhat guessing, somewhat strategy.

  • PoisonNPoisonN Member Posts: 624

    Like I said I'm not spoking facts but only about MY opinion towards from what I see. And I would love to read other people's opinions. You should said why Spirit deserves a nerf instead of being ironic.

  • Locker_MonsterLocker_Monster Member Posts: 496

    Be chill. I was not targeting you, or anyone or I would have quoted you, or someone. I was just being silly.

  • PoisonNPoisonN Member Posts: 624

    I agree but imagine Spirit as the old version from PTB, she would be a viable killer? I could say that she would still a good map pressure but not that good during chases, since you will know how to deal with her and tha she is a 110% killer with a useless power, loud and loopable.

    Forgive me for being stupid or dumb but I can't really see how she would be useful without the element of imprevisibility. Prayer beads is a exception

  • MrPeterPFLMrPeterPFL Member Posts: 636

    Love playing against Spirit, prayer beads though....

  • SnakeSound222SnakeSound222 Member Posts: 4,467
    edited August 2019

    They don't like Killers that can consistently be threatening to their survival. The only other Killers that can do that are Nurse and Hag. Nurse is going to be looked at in the future after years of complaining and Hag is really difficult to play properly so most people don't end up going against a Hag at full power, which means that there won't be as many complaints about her. I don't think it's that surprising that they've turned their attention to nerfing Spirit.

  • BithardBithard Member Posts: 406

    Spirit is probably the most balanced killer. If you don't learn how to play her she is a bad pick but for the people that master her she is probably the closest to nurse level. Prayer beads are not an issue if you run spine chill and you just have to win mind games with her when she is teleporting.

  • MarcusMarcus Member Posts: 2,047

    Because she is a viable killer, which can deal with most of survivors BS, of course survivors will ask for nerfs ...

  • RaptorrotasRaptorrotas Member Posts: 2,609

    And since nurse is going to be "slightly adjusted" soon, the focus now falls to the next killers in line.

  • mistar_zmistar_z Member Posts: 816

    I believe its mainly because she doesn't really give the survivors any feedback to play against her abilities.

    She can use scratchmarks, sounds, grass AND COLLISION. To hit a survivor. Meanwhile the survivors only really have the grass to know where she's at. Or that if she's even phasing especially around windows. Survivors can feel like they're cheated.

    I've heard sentiment that playing against a nurse is actually more fair because you know when the Nurse is charging her blink, blinking and reblinking before she either hits you or goes into fatigue. So survivors can adjust their playstyles according against the nurse. With the spirit all they can do is pray that she is terrible if they did't bring Iron Will into the match.

    While I am personally fine with her being as strong as she is right now because it helps break up the repetitive 1/3rd of the ranks being filled with nothing but Nurses and Hillbillies.

    The only real nerf that I would ever give her is for her to have a particle effect like the nurse when she's phasing around, similar to the nurse where she has leaves following her. For the spirit she could have maybe glass shards instead that sparkle behind her.That way survivors don't lose before the match even starts, if they get maps without grass and it also means we don't need to nerf her stronger addons.

  • DarkskiesDarkskies Member Posts: 1,158

    Simply put they have got nurse getting add ons changed and slight change to her base power possibly.. So up next is spirit to get similar changes and then billy...

    Just because strong killers need reworks as they are unfun to survive against or something im guessing.

    Ever since legion its been out cry of change this killer they are unfun and the devs are doing it so yeah. If the outcrys dont work they will dc till changes happen noticing alot of dcs vrs spirit players its jush uhh...


  • Locker_MonsterLocker_Monster Member Posts: 496

    The point is that people would rather destroy viable Killers so Survivors have an easier game, instead of making more Killers viable & balancing Survivor perks around that.

    It's what I'm scared of; every Killer turning into a loopable, pallet-eating M1 Killer because most Survivors don't want to learn to play against Ghostface & then learn how to counter Nurse. They just want to win with minimal effort while slotting the same 4 perks for every Killer encounter, and nerfs encourage that.

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