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Another Legion change post

ChavanChavan Member Posts: 9
edited August 16 in Feedback and Suggestions

So since I saw people complaining about Legion, saying their ideas how to buff him, I started investigating, I have been looking around watching videos with legion, people playing as and against him, looking at some people's ideas; and I noticed that the changes people suggest the most are just reverting some of his aspects to be similar to the original one.

BUT, I finally realized it, Legion's power may need a few tweaks, but I focused on something different... DEEP WOUND, because it's not actually that deep... people don't feel threatened by it at all, all they have to do is hold m1 for a few seconds, and I even heard that some survivors just sit in Legion's TR and do gens.

So I thought about this for a bit and I came up with three changes:

The first one has been actually requested by people a bit which is: Give mending skillchecks, when you miss the skillcheck you will loose 25% of your deep wound timer.

The second thing is 15% Slower generator repair while in deep wound, this is because of all the people complaining about survivors rushing gens in Legion's TR.

And the last thing I have come up with is: if you hit a survivor with killer instinct all survivor's mending will be stopped for a few seconds, it will not stop the mending action itself but it will stop the bar from progressing for a few seconds while the DW timer is still going, and if you weren't mending at that time then the ability to do so will be blocked for these few seconds

I think that these changes could make the Deep Wound more useful


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