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What's your favorite MMORPG?

SmruthiReddySmruthiReddy Member Posts: 4

Mine is  World of Warcraft

Anybody likes it ? Share your favorite!


  • SmruthiReddySmruthiReddy Member Posts: 4

    World of Warcraft----Gamer or not, it’s no surprise that one would have heard of World Of Warcraft (WOW), easily the most popular massively

    multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) today


  • SblitcherSblitcher Member Posts: 35
    edited August 2019

    Mine used to be Aion: the Tower of Eternity. I didn't really appreciate WoW because of the outdated graphics, but I must admit that it had (and still has) an amazing lore.

    Currently I'm not playing any MMORPG.

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  • My_FarewellMy_Farewell Member Posts: 495

    Elder Scrolls Online. The pvp in that game is AMAZING (when it works properly, which is unlikely most of the time).

  • Earth_ChanEarth_Chan Member Posts: 24
    edited August 2019

    Path of exile>World of warcraft

    best RPGMMO for me

  • GrootDudeGrootDude Member Posts: 14,112


  • JesyaJesya Member Posts: 1,092

    I used to be heavily obsessed with Perfect World International.

    God I wasted soo much of my life in that game.

  • drimmalordrimmalor Member Posts: 909

    I grew up playing a bunch of different MMOs and MMORPGs. Toontown Online, Pirates of the Caribbean Online, Wizard101, MapleStory, and Dragon Nest were the most notable ones that I played a ton. I haven't found any that have stuck with me recently (I don't like subscription-based services, so WoW is out of the question), but I'm always craving a good MMO to scratch that itch.

  • SureSpearSureSpear Member Posts: 211

    FFXIV, easy

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