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Stranger things wrong character

Firstly I wasn't sure where to put this so if it needs moved feel free...(also as its the new chapter I am rewatching this from the very beginning like its my first time and to refresh my memory a little with few things)

Right as the title says, the new chapter for Stranger Things the devs have chosen 1 wrong character which is Steve, INSTEAD they should have put in Johnathan in Will's brother...

We already have 1 ass in the game who is the "hard man" which is David now we have a second Steve.

My reasoning for this is every time Steve is on screen he is nothing but a dumbass an a chicken ######### plus he is a little obsessive BUT Jonathan on other hand shows he cares and protects who he cares about he doesn't put on a show in front of others and his character works better with Nancey...

So why go with Steve or is it just cause he is the "popular" one an more of a money maker?

Yes I am aware people will none stop argue with me but try and answer the question first...



  • AokiiSenpaiiAokiiSenpaii Member Posts: 91

    The thing is, they chose both of them because they have actually fought the Demogorgon. And Jonathan most likely will not disappear for Season 4 of Stranger things.

    That's why Hopper is not a Survivor. He is coming back in season 4.

    Usually a survivor has to disappear in some way in order to make it into the entitys realm.

  • Maelstrom1313Maelstrom1313 Member Posts: 230

    Clog I'll agree he is a bit creepy an looks simular to Quinten but I still think he would be the better choice even is Steve is the poster child outside of the kids.

    Senpaii I didn't even think of bringing Hooper into the mix lol but I agree with your logic

  • xnes_galaxxnes_galax Member Posts: 149

    To be completely honest, i think Nancy shouldn't be there.

    All survivor in the entity realm are proven to be extremely altruistic and to care about others. This is true for all survivors but the first 4 , nea, ace, and feng (especially since we don't know a lot about them).

    I think there is no need to do a list with every reason.

    Well, in my opinion, Steve follow this rule since the "First fight" with the demogorgon.

    Nancy doesnt. I see her character as a really selfish one. Maybe is just me, but i dont she "deserve" the acces to the entity's realm.

    I havent seen the last season yet tho, i may change idea.

  • Maelstrom1313Maelstrom1313 Member Posts: 230

    From all the hype I've seen about Nancy I wasn't expecting that lol maybe your right maybe it should have been someone else possibly eleven?

  • Maelstrom1313Maelstrom1313 Member Posts: 230

    I wasn't meaning Steve to be the hard man that's why I said David I meant steve as in been an ass but as far as what I can see you think they choose Steve cause he's the money maker cause he's the popular choice outta the list?

  • MikeadatrixMikeadatrix Member Posts: 890

    He's a fan favorite, a money maker for sure, and Quentin already looks like Johnathan. BHVR makes sure each character is different from the other for the sake of variety. John would get confused with Quentin 24/7. Steve, however, is noticeably different from everyone else.

  • Maelstrom1313Maelstrom1313 Member Posts: 230

    I can't deny Steve is noticeably different to everyone else lol

  • MikeadatrixMikeadatrix Member Posts: 890

    He's got the best hair in the game and is the first mom survivor added. B^)

  • Maelstrom1313Maelstrom1313 Member Posts: 230

    Seen as he is in the game 1 cosmetic I'd love for him to have was from first season when he got his ass kicked lol

  • TheGameZpro3TheGameZpro3 Member Posts: 699
    edited August 2019

    "...Steve is on screen he is nothing but a dumbass an a chicken [BAD WORD]…"

    maybe dummy. but a chicken?

    He saved Nancy and Jonathan in Season One at the finale, with only a bat, when he was offered the chance to leave. That scene from season 2, where the kids are in the bus and demidogs are outside, he rushes out to fight them one on one with a melee weapon. remember in Season 3 where he and Robin made the sacrifice so that Dustin and Erica could leave through the vent in the Russian labratory. Sure, they didn't die, but they most likely thought they would have.

    Dummy, maybe. but no way am I allowing you to say he's a chicken.

    EDIT: "...plus he is a little obsessive..." you talked about Steve when saying this, when...

    Quentin 2.0 in season one, literally took naked photos of Nancy in season 1. Sure Steve might've wanted 6 (but replace the "I" with "E") with Nancy, but at least it was with permission, as the 6 wasn't rap with an "e" at the end. Quentin 2.0 just took the photos.

  • MushwinMushwin Member Posts: 4,190

    jebus let them choose who they want, without you getting your panties in a twist

  • xmenfanaticxmenfanatic Member Posts: 815
    edited August 2019
    1. Joyce Byers
    2. Jim Hopper
    3. Nancy Wheeler
    4. Jonathan Byers
    5. Karen Wheeler
    6. Steve Harrington
    7. Billy Hargrove
    8. Bob Newby
    9. Barb Holland
    10. Robin Buckley

    Those are the 9 feasible characters from the show to choose as playable.

    Hopper is a cop, and we already have a cop in the game so though I would love to have him, he doesn't bring as much diversity.

    Jonathan though feasible, is a creeper and he kind of lacks personality except for being a voyeur and a brother.

    Karen though she would bring diversity to the game seems like she wouldn't bring a fanbase.

    Billy is WAY too similar to David to be considered.

    Robin is awesome, but relatively new and wouldn't bring much of a fanbase with her. My favorite character btw.

    The 5 most feasible in my opinion would be:

    1. Joyce - Older woman, Mother, Fan favorite
    2. Nancy - Different from other girls, reporter
    3. Steve - Cooler then Dwight, nicer then David
    4. Bob - Older man, nerdy
    5. Barb - sweet, smart, different look from other girls

    Joyce and Bob were probably too expensive which leaves Nancy, Steve and Barb. And though Barb was a fan favorite, the other two have a longer run on the show so they have had more screen time and represent the brand better.

    This is all opinion so I know some won't agree. I would have personally chosen Joyce, Robin, Barb or Steve if I had the ability to pick myself

    The three that make the most sense to me outside of that would be Barb, Bob, Hopper or Billy as the four to pick two from.

  • Maelstrom1313Maelstrom1313 Member Posts: 230

    You mean have an opinion like everyone else has on here with literally everything the devs do lol I didn't say they couldn't choose him I just said in my opinion I think they made the wrong call

  • MushwinMushwin Member Posts: 4,190
    edited August 2019

    @Maelstrom1313 it doesn't matter what you think they made a choice and that is that, who cares if they made a wrong call it is an interesting chapter but someone somewhere has to dislike something -rme-

  • Maelstrom1313Maelstrom1313 Member Posts: 230

    For me only interesting bit will be how they pull off the Demogorgon just for simple fact of how it looks, sounds and moves perhaps if they pull it off it might be enough to change my mind on whole chapter who knows

  • AshleyWBAshleyWB Member Posts: 4,062

    @Maelstrom1313 you're such a negative Nancy.

  • Maelstrom1313Maelstrom1313 Member Posts: 230

    Lol had to up vote that it made me laugh

  • SpirezSpirez Member Posts: 666

    No one cares about Jonathan, they would put all that work in for no one to use him. Waste of potential, I’m happy they put Steve in, maybe we will get Dead hard 2.0, WGLF 2.0 where doing gens or healing will get us points, or even No Mither 2.0 where we start in dying state and never bleed out but we have a 200% repair speed bonus with 100% quiet grunts, and crawl at speed of tenacity(50%) while also leaving no blood stains.

  • MochanMochan Member Posts: 2,886

    I don't either. Steve is not a hardman or an asshat or anything of the sort. He is a kid lover. He dropped the asshat thing very early on back in Season 1. The real hardass is Billy.

    Jonathan is meh, he is like the worst guy in the show and pretty creepy to be honest.

    They actually should have gotten either Joyce or Hopper, though to be honest I'd rather they gave us the kids. I guess they don't want child models in the game.

  • AshleyWBAshleyWB Member Posts: 4,062

    I don't get the negativity towards Jonathan. He was supposed to be a creep in season 1 and from there he became a loyal and determined character who wanted to help in whatever way he could, this involving moving really quickly at his own will to attempt to aid that common goal.

    Good acting and a really good example of good character building.

  • n2njauwun2njauwu Member Posts: 256

    tbh i watched only season 1 so far and i like jonathan the way he was , social outcast who has no friends , and see the world kind of diffrent , and he look at it through photos

  • xEaxEa Member Posts: 2,972

    Dont wanna spoil anything for you, but is it possible that you have not seen the show? Or maybe just like 4-5 Episodes yet?

    If so, watch it and come back later :)

  • NeonAlienNeonAlien Member Posts: 328
    edited August 2019

    Steve is a great choice. I just wish we would have gotten Joyce or Hopper, or even Robin instead of Nancy (She's so boring past season 1 😪).

    Edit: also #########, Jonathan is a creep, and Steve DOES care a lot. It seems to me that you didn't really watch the show tbh.

  • MikeadatrixMikeadatrix Member Posts: 890

    Steve is the best written character in the show with the only other character coming close is Eleven and maybe Joyce. I don't care if you think it's cliched and generic but the character development and the subtle changes in personality that he goes through really makes him incredible. Steve and Ash are genuinely the two best survivors added and I'm still reeling at the fact we even got them.

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