Killer hit cones should be unique to their character model

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  • immortalls96immortalls96 Member Posts: 2,707

    Not to mention itll make killer size a balance factor -_-

  • Financial_StabilityFinancial_Stability Member Posts: 375
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    For realism, yes. For balance, HELL NO!

    They've done something similar to this before, where 110% killers had a smaller lunge, and that was wack. With the dedicated servers coming, you'll see less hits from across the field. Most of that distance is actually latency, so it isn't hitboxes that are the problem. Also note the devs adjusted the animation of freddy to better match his hitbox in a recent patch.

  • doitagain_doitagain_ Member Posts: 374

    Lol then everyone would only play as female characters for smaller hitboxes & killers w/ smaller weapons would be more frustrating to play as.

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  • Jed_OlsenJed_Olsen Member Posts: 195

    I would like to see the survivor hit boxes just one time. One little look is all I need

  • Might_OakkMight_Oakk Member Posts: 1,223

    Pretty sure they showed them a number of times when talking about huntress tweaks on stream.

  • Jed_OlsenJed_Olsen Member Posts: 195


    I thought hatchet hit boxes are different? As in a lot bigger.

    I think remember they made them smaller for hatchets and quickly reverted it over all the complaints.

    I presumed it was a separate hit box because I've been hit by hatchets plenty of times when my body is in full cover, you can even see the hatchet hitting a wall or something but still connects

  • immortalls96immortalls96 Member Posts: 2,707

    Besides the fact it would make smaller killers get screwed in chase...? Plus the fact these kind of things have been put to rest by the devs..I'd rather avoid a balancing nightmare....

  • immortalls96immortalls96 Member Posts: 2,707

    Latency..survivor hitboxes are actually smaller than they should be

  • Jed_OlsenJed_Olsen Member Posts: 195


    In my mind a basketball is much bigger than a hatchet a lot wider too lol

    so does this mean being hit when none of your character model is exposed intentional? Not a huge deal I've been hit with like 5 phantom hatchets in 2 years but its an instant DC nonetheless

  • immortalls96immortalls96 Member Posts: 2,707

    No , that is latency doing that..the reason her hatchets are that way is because if they weren't they'd go through survivors and nearly be impossible to hit, as the test they did with huntress proved and that's why it was reverted

  • AjritokaAjritoka Member Posts: 599

    Survivor hit boxes are shaped like giant vertical pills surrounding their characters. Hatchet hit boxes are small spheres. You can understand why it may seem like the two shouldn’t connect sometimes. The hit boxes for both are larger than the actual model.

  • RougeRouge Member Posts: 96

    Nerf Freddy thread confirmed!!


  • RaptorrotasRaptorrotas Member Posts: 1,769

    hatches are not hitscan weapon. They have a variable velocity and ballistic arc.

    Those kinda projectile weapons tend have slightly bigger hitboxes to make it less frustrating, especially in our spaghetti coded game.

    Even if we got "character shaped hitboxes", they'd still be bigger than the cjaracters, like dwight put in a minecraft skin costume.

    Afterall this is a "casual" game, "fun" applies to the huntress too.

  • NoShinyPonyNoShinyPony Member Posts: 4,336

    This thread reminds me of this article somebody linked here on the forums some time ago, where the author stated that Spirit could land hits easier than other killers because of her katana having a very good reach. Seriously, it's a good thing that killers don't have individual hit ranges.

    (No idea if some of you remember, it was an insane article claiming that reworked Legion was 2nd best and Leatherface 4th best killer in the game.)

  • Mellow7Mellow7 Member Posts: 592

    I wouldn't mind that, it just means that the more skilled players will adapt and learn.

  • BossBoss Member, Trusted Posts: 8,842

    Realism was sacrificed for balance.

    My Killer lobbies have only increased ever since they made it so the Killer doesn't instantly enter the lobby, just saying.

  • SnakeSound222SnakeSound222 Member Posts: 2,374
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    Lol no. This would make the game very frustrating. Survivors would have to learn evasion tactics for every Killer (and probably with every weapon they have too) and would almost always play as female characters due to their smaller size. Killers couldn't just use any weapon they want without having to worry about balance (this would piss off a lot of players). Smaller Killers like Hag and Freddy would struggle due to their small size.

    Balance > Realism in this case.

  • RydogRydog Member Posts: 1,580


  • RaptorrotasRaptorrotas Member Posts: 1,769

    Lets assume that machetes, axes, handaxes,cattle hammers, dicksticks all count as long weapons

    What would you give the others in return? Movement speed? Attack recovery?

    If you were thinking about "nothing" i've got some seriously bad news for you about yourself.

  • danielmaster87danielmaster87 Member Posts: 207

    I already feel like certain killers are way harder to land attacks with than others. If you really wanted to apply that, certain killers would be absolutely unplayable. Knife characters would have pathetically short range, and stuff like the Doctor's club and the Nurse's blade would literally never hit.

  • kid187emkid187em Member Posts: 102

    you know, keep making the survivor experience get worse and worse to increase those killer lobby wait times.

    On the PS4 there's a long wait time for survivors because nobody wants to play killer anymore, your great idea would effectively kill the game for the counsel version. As it is the game gives all the power to the survivors, your idea is wack.

  • BBQnDemogorgonBBQnDemogorgon Member Posts: 3,356
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    They definitely should not do this. This would be so frustrating for killers you'd be missing because you're not playing a killer that could hit easier...

    There are no long killer queues at least in my experience on PS4.

    The only time they were SUPER bad was Ghost Face's release.

  • Rex_HoneycutRex_Honeycut Member Posts: 56

    My thoughts exactly. Nobody would play as Hag or Pig if attack cones were relative to size. Most likely a latency issue. Check your ping next time it happens.

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