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New Party Game Modes

csandman1977csandman1977 Member Posts: 1,667

Thinking of some fun game modes that people can play with their friends.

1) Hot Potato - A survivor is randomly chosen to be the obsession. When a generator is completed, the obsession dies. At any time, the obsession can point to another survivor to make that player become the new obsession. Last man standing wins. No Killer needed.

2) Hide and Seek - Stay alive for a set time. Killers have bloodlust 2, no terror radius or red stain. No whispers or survivor seeing aura perks. Survivors get one hook. No scratch marks. And no noise cancelling perks. Stillness crows have decreased activation time while survivors are in a locker. Survivors can't see killer aura unless killer is within 48 meters of a hooked survivor and not in a chase for more than 10 seconds.

3) Power Company - 4 survivors must travel the map searching for parts for their own personal generator. First person to complete a gen wins. Survivors can sabotage each others generators.

4) Gen Rush - 1 generator. 240 charges to complete. Killer has to keep generator from being completed for 10 minutes. Killer has pop goes the weasel effect permanently. Every time killer kicks a generator it teleports to a new location. Survivors have unlimited lives but timed respawns. Killer must mori a survivor. No hooks.

Would love some feedback. Thanks!


  • naitsirhCnaitsirhC Member Posts: 52

    1) Hot Potato - seems to get rid of the entire point of the game. I think that being able to play as the killer is why I play the game, without a killer, the creepiness and general horror theme of the game is depleted. Also, I don't think it would be quite fun because of the size of the map and the amount of generators that spawn anyway. Players could just hide in lockers.

    2) Hide and Seek - seems pretty fun, however, what happens when a player is in a chase the entire game? What if the survivor's just hide in lockers? Other than those tiny problems, it seems quite fun!

    3) Power Company - This gamemode doesn't make much sense to me. It seems sort of bland. Is there a killer in the game? Can the survivor steal other's parts? Where do the survivors start building their own generator?

    4) Gen Rush - My number one issue. The killer can simply camp the generator, since there is only one. If the killer never kicks it, it will never teleport. Plus, this game seems legitimately impossible. If it takes 240 charges, and the killer has pop goes the weasel, not only does the killer have to find the new generator, but the survivor's do as well. Having the game be 10 minutes long would be quite boring. Add some unique abilities or something!

  • csandman1977csandman1977 Member Posts: 1,667

    Some of these aren't meant to have killers or keep the feel of the game. Just different ways to play with friends.

    1) Killer mains need not apply lol. Originally I imagined this as a normal game just with survivors back stabbing each other. But then many games dont make it to end game so changed it to this. Originally, just the obsession died when last gen popped.

    2) Stillness crows prevent locker hiding. Make it harder to get rid of them too.

    3) No killer. Survivors spawn next to their generator. Yes they can sabotage each others generators.

    4) 10 minutes may be too long. Would need to test. Maybe Survivors could see generator aura. Firecrackers could spawn just to disorient the killer.

    I would think maybe there would have to be special maps for some of these.

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