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Camping - A Thought?

Hello to anyone and everyone,

I am very aware that this game has been out for three years now, and this is no doubt an exhausted topic, however, I just had a match with good ol' Leather Face and of course he was running Insidious and of course stood in the basement and waited for us to come make the rescue. You can then guess what happened.

I had a quick thought about how to maybe come up with something to help stop/minimise camping at the hook by killers. Just like Kindred where you can see the aura of the killer if they are standing too close while the person is on the hook, what if there was an automatically generated aura of the killer that spans further than the effects of Kindred, after a certain amount of time which would inform the other survivors whether or not they should bother even going if for the hook rescue.

'Well then why not just run Kindred, huh?'

Well my educated friend, I shouldn't have to run a perk each match for the off chance that they are going to stand in my face or in the corner of the room, quietly humming the Thomas the Tank Engine theme tune until they can spill more blood up the walls, hmm?

Nothing worse than an arrogant Leather Face typing 'EZ' in the chat for doing jack. End of. And then you have the luxury of taking abuse from the other survivors for not try to make the save. You can't win.

No doubt killers will still stand at the hook regardless, but it's a nice way of knowing that if a killer downs you in a game that they did it by catching you and not luring you all to an entity based death. I don't want those prats getting blood points for doing absolutely nothing. ENTITY IS MOST DISPLEASED.

If you have any comments on this or want to point out a flaw in my argument then let me know in a constructive and civilised way and it would be most appreciated.

Anyway, I hope you all have a lovely day and enjoy playing regardless. And who knows whether or not this will fall on deaf ears, but there's no point in complaining about something if you're not trying to do something to change it, hmm?

All my love with hugs and kisses



  • NMCKENMCKE Member Posts: 8,051

    He never said it wasn't a legitimate play style, but rather, it's frustrating to get camped. You got to understand what it's like from both perspectives, and judge what's the best change to solve camping from there.

    Preferably, I would like to see a base incentive for the killer to not camp, like getting a 20% action speed bonus towards breaking pallets, and vaulting windows. :)

  • ZanferZanfer Member Posts: 647

    I remember the devs during a live stream a while back before the spirit came out that they were looking into reworking kindred into a completely different perk and making kindred a baseline for all survivors for the killers aura near the hook. Now I don't know what numbers would be a great balance, but Identity V uses this for a baseline and really helps out solo players.

  • NMCKENMCKE Member Posts: 8,051

    Well, that's because it isn't fun to do nothing for 2 minutes, especially when it happens to you in continuation of Trials.

    Camping isn't a problem in my opinion, but there should be incentives for the killers to go hunt for some fresh meat. Killers will become stronger when they spread the love when it's more effective to take out survivors as fast as possible, and survivors will be able to have more chances. :)

  • RougeRouge Member Posts: 102

    @Locker_Dwight said it all. If you punish them then they wont do it. If they refuse to leave


    If you have the other three people alive in the trial (assuming you are in the beginning of the trial.) just go do gens and you will outright win the game and escape, this forces the killer to leave the person on hook and go create map pressure or they outright

    l o s e

    We all know it's not fun to be camped or tunneled, we all know it's not fun for you but that's just what happens if you face a killer who chooses to camp over doing other things. The reason people camp and that sort of things is because people are allowing it to work and they are not punishing it. There are plenty of examples of this happening in many other games, one that I can think of is CS_GO. If they enemy team dosn't chose to buy helmets you simple buy your sides AR and shoot them in the face. Bam. It's done. They will then start to buy helmets, and now it's not an issue because people know that their strat has flaws and dosn't work in all situations. Now people no longer camp and it's not an issue! Woo! We solved the problem without breaking the whole game!

  • Atrushan88Atrushan88 Member Posts: 2,083
    edited August 2019

    @Locker_Monster The problem with your thought process is that all four survivors have to know what the others are thinking and be on the same page. They also have to KNOW the killer is camping and not everyone(I don't either) brings Kindred. Sure, it might work with SWF, but then if you're solo the others might end up throwing themselves at the hook and you're left sitting here being the only survivor trying to punish him thinking "Well I guess this dick is getting all the blood points despite doing absolutely nothing but sitting there staring at a wall and I'm getting a depip to be put back into this ######### even more often". I also don't know how you think 2 gens can get done by yourself in 100 seconds when most people claim 80 seconds is the time it takes for a gen to get done.

  • Mak0Mak0 Member Posts: 245

    Camping Punishes itself. For gods sake we don't need any more threads talking about punishing strats this is the survivor alternative of Killers saying Looping is an Exploit. Your all giving the devs headaches at this point. What the guy said at the top is perfectly correct the reason killers keep doing it is because Survivors Keep trying to go for the save when they can punish it themselves by doing Gens if their camping that means their not protecting their totem at all. Meaning hex perks are useless cause they can get cleansed while the killer is In an insane staring contest with the hooked survivor if your being camped just go into the next game theres no need to call the killer bad say your gonna report them make a thread saying Camping is OP just move on to your next game. You guys already had your camping counter but survivors abused it. Now your asking for another one?! No. Quit complaining and just play the game.

  • Richter_CadeRichter_Cade Member Posts: 91

    That's what perks are for, you run them to have the advantage in certain situations so why you down on kindred? Never mind that it's a great perk even when not being camped since it helps your team realise someone is going for the unhook so stay on gens.

    Just accept you got camped and move on. It sucks, it's a crappy and unfun playstyle to run into but it happens.

  • Johnny_XManJohnny_XMan Member Posts: 5,022

    I would like to see an incentive for the survivor on the hook who has to stay there for the remainder of the hook phases to give other people a chance.

    They gain NOTHING for being hooked AND camped. While everyone else is at least getting objective points.

  • RaptorrotasRaptorrotas Member Posts: 2,366

    Only 50% of trials start with 4 random.

    That means that theres nearly a coin toss' chance a minimum of 1 survivor knows what the killer will do after hooking.

    Also "campers are so common" that most survivors just assume its a csmper. That mentality is so strong they even scream it at noncampers, lol.

    Sorry but camping works because sirvivors make it so.

  • NoShinyPonyNoShinyPony Member Posts: 4,570

    Camping Insidious Leatherface is a meme, no serious playstyle. Besides that, if the killer camps when you are hooked, wave your arms to signal your non-SWF-teammates that the killer camps.

    Camping early in the match is not a good tactical choice. If the survs focus on gens, they will win. Camping is only a thing because survivors keep feeding the killer. Also playing like Insidious Leatherface doesn't give a lot of bloodpoints and will make the killer de-pip.

  • StupidButTruStupidButTru Member Posts: 366

    You must be the Claudette who Urban Evasion around the hatch and wait for everybody to die.

  • SaltySwagSaltySwag Member Posts: 140

    Wanna stop camping?

    Do not get downed.

    It's amazingly just that simple.

  • AlfredAlfred Member Posts: 272

    Another reason to completely remove SWF. When insidious Bubba is camping they just tell each other and rush gens...

  • SlothGirlySlothGirly Member Posts: 1,146

    The way I see it, I dont have to run Calm Spirit for the off chance there's a Doctor, but I do. People call perks band-aid fixes, but in doing so is not seing the bigger picture, those perks are made to help in those situations because those situations are part of the game. The perks exist to help minimis the effects of certain playstyles, so the solution is already there, you just aren't willing to use them. Like I've said so many times now, if you dont like it you can run perks to help, why should you stop a killer from playing his way just becuse you dont like it, why should he care about how you feel in a PVP game?

  • Hello again,

    Not sure if posting on the comments of the discussion will let everyone see it, but I want to say thank you all for taking a bit of time out to leave a comment on this post! I expected either one or no responses, so thank you so much again on giving me your opinion and seeing a topic from another point of view.

    Like I said at the start of my original post, it's just a thought or a suggestion and I hadn't realised that the ones listed by Locker Monster were actual sent into the developers already, so thank you for letting me know that Locker Monster.

    And NoShinyPony made a good point about the arm movement as well, I just always found arm signals to be a bit of a mixed signal, when I started arm moving meant 'Come rescue me, they're gone' then it moved into 'Don't come over, they're here' and I've even heard it can be used as a ploy to make the killer stay longer at the hooks to make people get on with gens longer. Mind blown!

    Who knows what the future holds with this game in the way of changes but we'll have to see, won't we? I am going to leave this discussion up if other people would like to give their opinion on it and feel free to leave more comments if you wish.

    Many thanks again



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