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What the devs should have done from the very beginning

StupidButTruStupidButTru Member Posts: 366
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As the years progressed this game has surviors face some serious nerfs, and killer received some serious buffs. Problem is despite all of this bullshit, problems still arise Killer whine and complain and Survivors whine and complain toxicity plagues (har har) the community and the game still face some serious balance issue, but what if I told you there was one simple solution that was so easy to figure out it's embarassing the developers are now just figuring it out. MAKE GENERATOR PROGRESSION LONGER.

This is the primary issue with every killer, there isn't enough time to do anything because Generators take only 80 seconds at standard to complete, this isn't enough time for the killer to get into a groove. On average a game might only last 5 to 8 minutes with a swf group that manages to avoid the killer and work on generators only. That is not sufficent time to do anything, if the killer runs ruin and have crappy totem placement (raise your virtual hands if this has happened to you multiple times) the game might last at least 10 minutes, not enough time.

If Generators took roughly 1 minute and 80 seconds to complete, that means it will take 9 minutes uninterrupted to complete 5 generators which will give the killer enough time to do anything. This will promote healthy gameplay from both sides and mend the discord between two groups. Atlas at the point in the years with too many buffs and nerfs it would be pointless to incorporate this change due to killer perks that can stall the game.

Leave your thoughts below and please don't be a dickhead about it.

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