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Unpopular opinions thread



  • Seltas0208Seltas0208 Member Posts: 1,056

    When people pulls the "racial" card in a blendete argument it's because they can't come up with any gameplay justifications as to why p3 Claudette shoudnt be brightened up

  • DCh4rlieDCh4rlie Member Posts: 62
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    1. Endgame Perks should be deleted for the health of this game.

    2. Too many perks have too much inpact on this game.

  • Tower_XVITower_XVI Member Posts: 107


    Since you took the time to write all that I'd like to take the time to provide some feedback. I know it's all just opinions but they were some good talking points!

    1. To be honest I feel like this one I can't really get behind when looking through the business scope of things. The games three years running with almost little to no recurring financial investments from players beside a $20 initial investment + however much dlc they bought (this was before the update, now you can spend even less money on all the work they've ever done. I'm not trying to sit here and saying all corporations are entitled to money, but it was genuinely surprising to see any sort of cosmetic stuff take this long to appear, and I'm surprised they made DLC earnable to be honest. I also think the bloodweb grind has been just a huge longstanding issue that they haven't prioritized addressing until recently, rather than something any degree more sinister.
    2. I can't agree with the speculation that licenses attract casuals. I would more likely infer that they would attract any sort of gamer whose interests already included whatever licensed content existed and hopefully this weird horror game. I agree with your attitude about licensed balance though, that's actually a really bizarre phenomenon and I wonder how it ended up like that. I wonder if they're forced to have a steadier hand when it comes balancing licensed folk. Did they have to ask for the Freddy rework?
    3. I -want- to say that I heard the devs saying that all the feedback points toward chase oriented gameplay over stealth with some more obvious reasons. Not finding anyone as a killer can be boring, frustrating and low scoring, as a survivor it can be exciting but still low scoring. I also believe that being forced to make a series of decisions constantly in a pvp situation is what leads to skill being determined. You could argue about the semantics about braindead chases but I'll simply maintain that a lot of chases tend to end with a grievous error on the side of either party which can lead to reflection and re-strategizing rather than wondering if you would have found the blendette had you hung around that generator for another minute or two. As for Nurse, I would mostly agree. I think she just needs an add-on pass and maybe tweaking. You could add a lot of depth to her through add-ons and normalize the power level of her blinking that way.
    4. Full Disclosure: I play killer far more than survivor but spirit is not one that I pick outside of quests. Whenever I go against her I definitely come away feeling like you described though, mostly a "welp I'm not sure what I was honestly supposed to do there" after getting downed because she felt around for me while invisible rather than listening.
    5. I would only add that there's a fair bit of killer outfits that I scratch my head at as well.
    6. I never bothered with running noed myself, and with the new cleansing rewards I tend to stop for dull totems when I see them. I only get annoyed when it's someone like a nurse or spirit running it rather than a LF or wraith. Getting downed trying to soak a hit near the gate for someone because of NOED will never stop tilting people I figure.
    7. I figured a lot more people were starting to catch wise to this, it's surprising the sheer amount of pallets you're forced to break on this map. I wonder how it'll look with the new pallet value system.
    8. I agree with you again, I also feel like betting on that sort of thing has led to far more frustration than glee in my case. Third Seal is one of my absolute favorite perks but the fact it's a hex means it's far less likely that it'll earn its value.

    I think the first few unpopular opinions that come to my mind are:

    1. Hex totems should not be lit up.
    2. There should be in game text chat between all sides, and pregame chat between all sides, just hide the killers name. Double down on the moderation team and add a report function for toxicity. My hopes that it would add to a more civil experience are probably dubious though.
    3. Moris aren't anything but petty revenge offerings. I'm fine with devour hope since there's counterplay.
    4. Perks/events/offerings that affect bloodpoints should be far more pervasive.
    5. Perks don't need ranks anymore with this many in the game, it was a thing for the sparse content back then.
  • AcesthetiicAcesthetiic Member Posts: 1,077
  • AnnaEliza365AnnaEliza365 Member Posts: 133
    1. Survivors tend to blame the killer, when a lot of their problems could be solved if they ran better team perks. A lot of them run perks that are more for their own individual survival.
    2. The EGC gave killers another free lane to be an #########. There is no need to be a jerk letting them crawl almost all the way out only to pull them back, and watch them slowly lose hope, or bleed out, or be taken by the entity. Just take your kill, and go. ESPECIALLY, when you already crushed them in the match.
    3. The end game collapse removed viability for hatch escapes, and make a few perks completely useless (not that they were that useful to begin with).
    4. Survivors need to stop the bull with the butt dancing. If the killer was an #########, and still lost okay fine. Butt dance for a second. But, it's when we've gen rushed a killer to death, they haven't gotten a single hook, and then survivors want to sit there and tea bag in the exit gate that is beyond not okay.
    5. I don't think the EGC should trigger with one survivor left. I think they should still have the option to try to get gens done to get out.
    6. AND LASTLY if I am the last survivor in a match I should have my time on the hook. I should have the ability to struggle to get off even though everyone around me is dead. I should be able to get my 800+ struggle points.
  • Nescau_FernandoNescau_Fernando Member Posts: 44


    That was a refreshingly civil response, specially for an unpopular opinions thread. Here are my answers:

    1 - F2P model doesn't necessarily earn less money. Compared to the traditional monetization model (20 to 60 dollar main game + 5 to 20 dollar expansions), F2P has focus on selling cosmetics and speeding up some of the grind (in DBD's case, paying for a character instead or grinding shards). It tends to earn less from dedicated hardcore grinders, but a lot more from casuals and whales.

    Upon gaining independence from Starbreeze, Behaviour started to change DBD's monetization from traditional to F2P model. Problem is we currently have the bad things of both models (base game price + agressive monetization) and few to none of the good things (full content access + free access). The grind (lack of full content access) was always there indeed, which is why this have always had a foot in F2P territory to begin with. BTW, I'm OK with grind (needs to be reduced, though) and cosmetic store (cosmetics could be a lot better, though); it's the access price that IMO needs to go.

    2 - I don't think there is a disagreement here, but rather different concepts of "casual". To me, casual is any player who is not going to be a hardcore DBD competitor, regardless of being a non-gamer normie or a gamer who will play DBD at intermediate level or below.

    3 - I believe fun and skillful stealth competition is possible against Nurse. The Survivor needs positioning and awareness, as well as the choice of where and if to run or not. Nurse needs to find clues of the Survivor's position (generator's worked on, scratch marks, crow alerts, sounds etc.) and decide where to focus her rotating blinks. Nurse can eventually find the Survivor and will score a down quickly, but the skill matter here is how much of the Killer's time the Survivor wasted. When playing as or against Nurse, I experienced the above situation many times and it was fun/skillful, so I want this to be more common. In other words, I want more balanced/back-and-forth stealth gameplay and less of the extreme cases (no stealth at all or full immersion).

    5 - Yeah, Billy in particular deserves better. Not only better cosmetics, but a base appearance upgrade would be nice.

  • PhoxPhox Member Posts: 206

    Oh we’re giving unpopular opinions? Okay, I’ll say it.

    The devs do a great job and we’re lucky to have them.

    Also.. noed is fine, and they over nerfed MoM.

  • WateryWatery Member Posts: 1,158

    It’s okay to be bad at this game, but admit to your shortcomings and realize sometimes, it really is your fault.

  • BurgerKingEmployeeBurgerKingEmployee Member Posts: 34
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    1.Boil Over is actually a pretty fun perk

    2.Nurse has counter play

    3.Tunneling/Camping is okay in certain situations

    4.Meg is hot

    5.LF needs a buff before pig/wraith

    6.Bamboozle should be reworked or removed

    7.Everyone should stop asking for shirtless cosmetics

    8.Spirt takes no skill to play effectively

  • OmansOmans Member Posts: 862

    1) People who claim nurse is weak to stealth don't know what they are talking about, at all. Nurse is no more vulnerable to stealth than other killers, and is actually even better against it because she can close distances so quick with her power, leaving little time for survivors to stealth away. Against a good nurse the only way to possibly win is have all 4 survivors going as hard as they can on generators. Stealthing against good nurses does not waste their time.

    2) Claiming that a killer is balanced at base is a silly comment to make. Killers absolutely should not be considered balanced or too strong based on their base kit. If you use a killer's base kit in red ranks, expect to be at a disadvantage.

    3) The time it takes for generators to be completed is not the biggest issue in the game right now. The biggest issue is how awful some maps are, and the need for a map overhaul for many maps.

  • GloryGlory Member Posts: 241

    This is a cursed thread, asking for shirtless LF and decrying shirtless Myers (and a bunch of other stuff, but that's not as important)

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