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Rant about perks that you find unfun

Seltas0208Seltas0208 Member Posts: 1,056

Title and ill start

Furtive chase - [BAD WORD] it. It's unfun to use because decreased terror radius in a chase is....situational at best, although the way you earn the tokens is neat...although I don't think you should lose them all when the obsession dies

Unrelenting - another underwhelming perk. While perks that give the killer to bounce back from mistakes are ok and do require at least some skill to use (basic chase skills). Unrelenting just gives you it's effect for just missing your attacks which is fine but it's just unfun. Maybe if stbfl (a fun perk) had its cool down applied to all attacks and unrelenting got reworked it'd be better.

Adrenaline : the only counterplay is to be carrying the survivor when all the gens pop and then hit them back down...or just run noed. It's a "win more" perk that makes survivor snowballing a bit too much for most killers to handle. It's not fun.

Hex perks when you aren't running thrill of the hunt : can be stressful to think "are they on my totem? Better check o wait no P they're not on it ill go wait I heard one blade of grass move". The effects of totems can be fun but just the thought process isn't. It could encourage bad habits of guarding the totem and not the gens but then it's a damed if you do and damed if you dont situation


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