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If Bond is the best survivor perk..

Then why is Meg/Claudette/Bill often suggested as an ideal leveling order?

I have never used Bond, but it sounds pretty nice. I've never been given the impression that Dwight was one of top 2/3 i should be leveling. I may have just gotten some bad advice.

So is Bond really the best survivor perk? I hope to be adept dwight tonight.


  • Science_GuyScience_Guy Member Posts: 1,669
    edited August 2019

    Who told you Bond was the best Survivor perk, and are you sure they weren't pulling your leg?

    Bond is nice, but not as much of a game-changer as the perks on Meg/Claudie/Bill.

  • 53nation53nation Member Posts: 679

    @Science_Guy This was advice given to me as a solo survivor. Mainly as an alternative to SC and to just be a more all around useful teammate i supose.

    I really like the idea of just happening by someone on a gen. There's also a steam thread from last year, with poster saying they thought it was the best overall.

  • Dwight_FairfieldDwight_Fairfield Member Posts: 5,963

    Bond is one of the best survivor perks. Hands down. The information it can give you is invaluable, especially when playing solo, and can save lives including your own.

  • I_am_NeganI_am_Negan Member Posts: 3,359

    Bond is cool I think empathy is a little better

  • SunderMunSunderMun Member Posts: 2,791

    Bond works all the time, empathy only when survivors are hurt. So at higher levels empathy would typically work better, but in a meta where healing is a thing, i'd argue bond is better...but the new perk would be way better since a main reason i use bond outside of knowing someone isn't doing anything while nearby and so may as well heal me, is to make sure I don't mess with gen work. Good solo queue perk for once, yet doesn't bring anything to SWF :D

  • The_BogeymanThe_Bogeyman Member Posts: 269

    Bond is fab. Waaaaaay better than empathy which is only good for injured people.

  • IMhereRUNIMhereRUN Member Posts: 605
    edited August 2019

    Neither Bond nor Empathy I would put even in the top 20 of perks. They’re basically the same thing.

    Bond’s radius is small, but no injured survivors are required.

    Empathy’s range is almost the whole map, but they must be injured.

    None are too useful unless you’re trying to max out coop or altruism points, communicate with mic instead.

    EDIT: You can invite your randoms to chat party, they don’t have to be your friends to communicate effectively.

  • GenSim12345GenSim12345 Member Posts: 182

    Bonds a really good perk for solo survivors. But i wouldn't say its the best, not by itself anyways. Its good dependent on which perks your using it with, and helpful for keeping track of teammates, even in chase and they are heading to you.

  • somewherenearsomewherenear Member Posts: 35

    I assume you are talking about perks from a beginners eyes (since you bring up the order in which to level characters), and strictly those that are free to start with.

    If you are absolutely new to the game:

    Dwight is the best person to level first (for bond). New players generally have a hard time tracking where to go in the map and it helps to follow teammates around and work with them - letting them familiarize with the map is top priority.

    Claudette is not good because they probably wont be escaping any chases (I mean, I never did when I started) so self care is pointless until you understand maps and loops

    Nea had Urban evasion for new players that get scared easily, but again, without good map knowledge and ability to track killers, its not that good.

    Meg has adrenaline (top tier perk), but again, is this beginner going to make it to endgame often? Sprint Burst (and Balanced from Nea) are both great exhaustion perks, but again, even with that burst of speed without knowledge of how loops work they will be going down.

    Bill ... is hard mode. No never start with him as a beginner.

    Jake has tenacity. Again, they arent going to be winning chases. Skip.

    David King is arguably a better first time survivor than Dwight. We're gonna live forever gives beginner players 2 great benefits.

    1. They have incentive to unhook, which allows them more time to see different maps and get used to them.

    2. They get more blood points, which you desperately need when you start playing the game.

    TLDR; Dwight's bond is great for ABSOLUTE beginners, helps them with finding teammates and understanding game.

    David King's We're gonna live forever should be the second thing (or first if you are yolo) beginners should get. New account = NEED MORE BPs

  • Maelstrom10Maelstrom10 Member Posts: 1,922

    Bond is really an incredible survivor perk. i wouldn't say its absolutely neccessary as it relys mostly on playstyle but the thing about bond is it fits into pretty much any play style amazingly well. having the ability to see the killer chasing another survivor near you, or be able to find and help other survivors near you (similar to empathy) or to find them on gens is always incredibly helpful and allows you to optomise your play.

    there is no right or wrong way to level charecters in dbd. i personally prefer leveling david first for his two perks wglf and dead hard, then dwight for prove thyself and bill for borrowed time and unbreakable.

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