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Hex Totem Buff

The biggest weakness about hex totems is easily how visible they are to survivors. To fix this, I say cover all spots in which a totem can be with a pile of leaves or rubble. It blocks visibility of all totems on the map, and the way survivors can make the totems visible is by clearing the debris off of the spots. This action of cleaning the debris should only take about 2-3 seconds. If a totem gets revealed, the survivor can then proceed with the normal cleansing process. If not, then they must go search the other spots on the map to find totems.

On every map, there should be 15-20 leaf/rubble spots to clean. 5 of those spots should contain a totem. Also, the killer should still have a totem aura visible for their hex perks, even when the totem is covered by debris. This change would just be helpful in keeping totems a bit more hidden than they currently are.


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