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We have been investigating cases of distributed denial of services (DDoS) over the last week. We take these reports extremely seriously. We're actively monitoring the situation internally and with our partners to gather as much information as possible and identify trends.

We are terribly sorry to those who have been affected by these attacks- we understand the impact this has on you. We are taking every appropriate measure to ensure the safety of our players.

We encourage our players to report to us any cases of DDoS, as well as any other form of inappropriate or abusive behaviour in the game. In the meantime, we encourage you to stay safe and follow best practices for online safety.

The demogorgan first impressions

So..looking at the information given , I'm not sure how it looks for him..his teleportation while sabotagable is the most flexible and controllable there is..however..its only real use is a map pressure tool , the leaping attack he does..I cant say how good it is..though I will say compared to a lot of other killer powers seems very..bland..not to discredit the design team by any means I just wonder how fun itll be to use..as it seems so simple..what say you guys?


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