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New perk system rework, in order to give old weak perks new life, whilst retaining the overall meta.

My idea for a system that uses lower level perks, and underused perks and allows them to fit into more builds by lowering their cost of applicability into a loadout.

To sum it up

  • All perks have a "pip level" up to a max of 4 at level 3, with the total pips allowed being 16 (so 4 perks at max level.) Lower level variants of some perks, and underused/under powered perks have a lower maximum pip level, allowing more perks to be fit in. iron will lvl 3 would have a pip level of 4, but its lower tier variants due to being much less useful, might have 2/3 pips.
  • 8 perks can be technically allowed total. However they all have to fit the maximum "pip power level". You cannot have more then 4 perks all at level 3, unless otherwise specified in very rare circumstances were perks are underpowered enough to warrant that (things such as no one left behind which has the lowest usage rate in the game.) some green rarity perks also fit this category olf being worth less pips at lvl 3.
  • Some perk combinations could lock the perk slots into 4 slots only. things such as dance with me, might be a 3-4 pip maximum on their own, but combined with lithe and quick and quiet it becomes an absurdly strong build. hex totem perks are always worth 4 slots however. i believe it would be a better case to just make combo-able perks worth 4 pips always.
  • perk level variants are downgrade-able now, whilst retaining ownership of higher level versions. this is to allow for weaker versions of perks to be combined to make larger builds.
  • Some perks will never have less then 4 pips even at lower tiers due to their power. Ruin and adrenaline, two of the most used perks in the game come to mind.
  • This system also allows for absurdly strong perks by design. something such as infinite exposed for killer or a possible infinite 5% speed boost for survivor, could be a possibility at the expense of being unable to run any other perks. (these are obvious crazy perk ideas that would never be implemented but the point is there.)
  • It also allows for "hard mode" perks to not cost pips, or to cost less pips. things such as no mither, might cost 0-2 pips highest rank as it effectively makes the game harder, but could be placed into a variety of builds.

The purpose of this idea is NOT to allow for more then 4 level 3 perks at once (excluding very certain perks like monstrous shrine, or no one left behind,) but to allow for more lower level variants of perks to be played in larger builds, and underpowered perks to see more play. This is designed so that for the most part you will be sticking to having 4 perks, whilst also allowing the freedom to run less then stellar perks in "variety builds" per say. There shouldn't be cases of players running 8 perks unless all their perks are at level 1, and are for the most part underwhelming. The case might become that a killer might run mad grit, agitation, iron grasp, all at level 2 monstorus shrine at level 3 and maybe hangmans trick level 1. or a survivor might run, saboteur level 1, along with breakdown level 3, flip flop, level 2, unbreakable level 1 and no mither lvl 1. or something crazy like that.

Dbd for the most part is around optomising and specializing your build, but for the players who want to be a jack of all trades, run everything at once, they should be able to at a cost (lower level perks.) This also opens up more opportunity for ultra rare offerings, that expand the useable pips for a trial (allowing perhaps an extra perk.) 99% of the time, running 4 perks level 3 will be your best bet. but sometimes you might want to level one or two down, and run that extra perk your missing or just don't have ranked up yet.

Also if this could be used unrestricted (With the option to limit it in the menus) for kill your friends that would lead to some really fun games.


  • se05239se05239 Member Posts: 3,920

    You forget how many perks in the game are "one-point" wonders. This idea of yours would cause too much damage.

  • Maelstrom10Maelstrom10 Member Posts: 1,373

    What exactly do you mean by "one point wonders" please elaborate on how it would cause too much damage as im unsure as what you mean by that

  • JdsgamesJdsgames Member Posts: 1,109

    I would generally say I am smarter than the average ape. However, I don't understand how this would benefit the game at all. You can use more perks only if you don't level them up which removes the point of leveling your characters. I am genuinely confused by the whole layout seeing up to like 8 perk slots.

  • Maelstrom10Maelstrom10 Member Posts: 1,373

    You'd still get to level up your perks, however you could purposefully select lower levels of the same perks you've already leveled up in order to use more perks. You'd still have access to the higher level variation of the perk you'd just be using a lesser variant in order to get more perks :)

    So as an example, say i leveled iron will to level 3 (just as an example,) but that takes up 4 pip slots. i could choose to use iron will level 2 in my loadout, along with another few perks as iron will level 2 might be worth less "loadout pips". effectively i'd be nerfing the overall perks, in order to be able to use more perks, or lower tier perks.

    I'd still have iron will level 3 however, and would be able to instantly swap it back into my loadout, it would just cost the usual 4 pips out of 16 effectively limiting the amount of extra useable perks.

  • JdsgamesJdsgames Member Posts: 1,109

    Ok at least I can get the concept now. All the text confused me. However, he is right perks like Decisive Strike and say maybe Adrenaline really don't have tiers. A couple second reduction in exhaustion speed is not really worth lower pip amounts. This means all Tier 1's of perks would not be able to have the same pip value. So you would get cheated builds. If all perks worked feasible with something like for example Iron Will that has a large gradient between tiers. I could say a mechanic like this would be a decent idea.

  • Maelstrom10Maelstrom10 Member Posts: 1,373

    3rd rule i wrote on the image: i do understand the text was incredibly lengthy and not all of it is easy to gather at first glance.

    --- In the post i stated that some meta perks that cannot have tiers will always have the maximum amount of 4 pips. things that can be totally game changing or super situational but powerful will always be rated at 4 pips no matter what level they are. the level system for those perks would simply be there to grant a form of "hard mode" for people who don't want to go perkless, but who want to make it more difficult on themselves.

  • JdsgamesJdsgames Member Posts: 1,109
    edited August 2019

    I see but from a user stand point of build making it would be like doing calculus to determine if your build meets the pip standard. Let's average it out to 75 perks that is what 225 perks considering tiers? Even if it did tell you all this it would be a clutter of information new players would certainly not like.


  • Maelstrom10Maelstrom10 Member Posts: 1,373

    huh? where do you get 75 perks from? or 225 perks from? all perks would show what "pips" they have at which tiers, and then its a simple matter of "oh i can fit 16, this has 4 at this level, this one 3 etc all a matter of addition and simple addition at that? im really confused.

  • TheUnendingNightmareTheUnendingNightmare Member Posts: 1,172

    Yes bc every survivor running the exact same perks is a fun way to balance and enjoy the game.

    More like buff some perks and nerf most meta perks imo.

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