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Giving Killer's a Rebalnce (Please Consider These)

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Change the various effects of the Pig's add-ons. Most are either unusable or don't help much at all.

Remove the downsides of Amanda's Letter, both to keep it in line with other killer add-ons (for example the Wraith has the same exact thing, but doesn't sacrifice anything other then a add-on slot) and because the negatives far outweigh the positives.

Move the roar audio to the end of the Ambush Dash attack charge.


Give Trapper a base carry capacity of two.

Increase the trap's hitbox to allow for better loop control.

Disallow for Dead Hard to bypass the set traps, they are still stepping on it!


Remove or slightly decrease the downside of having to uncloak (the speed at which you move while uncloaking). The built in speed boost does not justify how slow you are when doing so. (Given that the net gain is pretty small compared to the net loss)


Slightly increase the base reload speed of the Clown.

Slightly increase the duration of the intoxication effect on survivors.

Direct bottle hits have a lingering effect as well as the gas lingering effects.


I could write an essay on what needs to be fixed, but the main points are

Undo the vaulting speed changes. These were entirely unnecessary to nerf with how unlethal Deep Wounds was made.

Buff the cooldown add-ons if you don't want to touch base cooldown.

Undo having to wait for a full charge to activate Feral Frenzy OR you have to have at least half of a meter to activate it.

Remove the cost of hitting a survivor normally if the above suggestion isn't added.

Change the Frank's Mixtape, Stab Wound's Study, and Fuming Mixtape add-ons.

Change the failed Frenzy swings to only lose 25% meter per missed swing, allowing for a chance to correct a missed swing.

*Or you could go with my Overhaul idea.


She also has a lot of problems to deal with. Here is what she needs:

Remove or decrease the price of running Iridescent Seal.

Remove the loss of Corrupt Purge after being stunned by any means.

Make being Fully Infected mean something (Survivors as it is are not scared of being infected) by any of these means:

  • Lower action speeds (Healing other survivors who are not fully infected, Repair Speeds, Sabotaging)
  • If the above cannot be implemented, make being infected actually be scary with these stages:

Not Infected: Survivors move normally.

25% Infected: Survivors are slightly hindered

50% Infected: Survivors are hindered and cannot fast vault

75% Infected: Survivors are hindered, cannot fast vault, and begin to vomit

Fully Infected: Survivors are hindered, only slow vault, and vomiting stops all actions momentarily (repairing, running, opening gates, etc)

And that is all, do any of you agree? Disagree? Tell me why you do or don't.

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