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What is the best off-meta build you can make?

What is the best build you can think of that is off-meta? Meaning none of the obvious meta perks for killer and survivor. For survivor my off-meta build is No Mither, Resilience,Prove thyself and WGLF. For killer my off-meta build would most likely be Devour hope, PWYF, Iron grasp, agitation.


  • AwakeyAwakey Member Posts: 2,679

    Alert, bond, spine chill, whatever that new scratch mark perk is.

    Information galore.

  • ElusivePukkaElusivePukka Member Posts: 673

    Survivor: Buff Daddy

    Vigil, Prove Thyself, Streetwise, Urban Evasion

    Killer: Karate Kick

    Pop Goes the Weasel*, Overcharge, Brutal Strength, Surveillance

    *Surge will be a good replacement for non-meta, especially with Pop becoming meta

  • edgarpoopedgarpoop Member Posts: 1,675

    For a 115% movement 32m terror radius M1 killer: Save The Best For Last, Make Your Choice, Monitor and Abuse, Thrilling Tremors

  • GrootDudeGrootDude Member, Trusted Posts: 13,878

    Survivor: Spine Chill, diversion, distortion and windows of opportunity.

    Killer: Devour Hope, Furitive Chase, Make your choice and infectious fright.

  • michaelkhjmichaelkhj Member Posts: 76


    Gen Master: Prove Thyself, Resilience, Self Care and Stake Out. If ruin was your problem, you got your problem solved, if you got injured just heal yourself to 99% and full heal when you hear any heartbeat because you do not have any exhaustion perk. (If you are good with hex skill checks then change Stake Out for the new perk Better Together)

    up-grated version of Gen Master: Adrenaline, Resilience, Self Care and Balanced Landing. (Maybe Adrenaline and Balanced Landing are Meta perks but well everyone needs something to escape right?)

    Full Ninja: Calm Spirit, Urban Evasion, Iron Will and Quick & Quiet or Diversion or Balanced Landing. Since Ninjas are good jumping from heights and good throwing things.

    I Hate Chases: Dark Sense, Poised, Spine Chill and Empathy. Well in this build you can see if someone is on a chase so you can move to another place if not want to be seen and when completing a gen you can see where is the killer and you can run to the opposite direction not leaving scratch marks during 10 seconds if the killer is near.

    The Hero: Adrenaline, After Care, We'll Make It and Solidarity. Well this build does not have Borrowed Time because you want to heal the survivor, then the rescue will be when the killer is not near the hook. Also you can know the position of the other teammates that helped you or you helped for healing, Adrenaline because you can cover a hit when there are few gens to be done.


    Your are the Only One for ME: Brutal Strength, Bamboozle, Enduring and Spirit Fury. Just in case you want only one survivor but if it goes well you will get 4ks hahah.

    I want only My OBSESSION: Bitter Murmur, Tinkerer, Rancor and Whispers. Just chase the obsession till all gens be done, that would be a scary game for your obsession.

    Let's talk in the Basement: Agitation, Insidious, Mad Grit and Iron Grasp. When you want a private talk with your dear Survivor in the Basement.

    But in my opinion.. sincerely if you want a 4k playing as a killer, there are not best off-meta build, you have to have Ruin because gens will be rushed so hard, is like you hooked the first one but 3 gens gets done at the same time, well not always but most of the time. You must have Bamboozle or Enduring + Spirit Fury or Brutal Strength for chases, and well BBQ if you want extra points and knowledge of where the survivors can be, and Pop goes the Weasel to reduce a little bit the time for all gens to be complete XD

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