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Killer Idea

BethanyBethany Member Posts: 30
edited August 2019 in Creations

Since I have an idea about a Killer, I'd like to share it with you and see your opinions. Maybe you can even help me out with some perks. I have the idea for a couple of weeks now but no idea what perks the killer could have. Please note: It's a "selfmade" killer, but it has a slight reference to the game "Vampire - The Masquerade: Bloodlines"


Alice Grout, granddaughter of Alistair Grout, had a nice life with her family in London. Her dad works as psychotherapist, her mum was his secretary. This was no surprise since her grandpa was the head of a psychotherapeuting institution nearby London. But well, like I said, he WAS. In a stormy and uncanny night - he disappeared after he went to the roof of the institution. Alistair went up there to look for some old notes about a patient...and never came back. Since then never ever entered the roof again. The last few patients either were cured or died in the institution...and since then the building was left on its own.

Years after that, Alice - a curious and adventurous girl, decided to explore that old building. She wanted to find some traces where her grandpa could have vanished to. Even if, after all these years, there was not much hope to find anything.

Alice did know that the roof was the place she should look first - but she could not ignore the rest of the old building, since it was - despite the plants growing everywhere - in quite a good state. After hours of exploration Alice finally went to the roof. It was already getting dark and in the twilight Alice had at first some problems to see anything on the roof. But as soon as her eyes were getting used to that light she was sorrounded by ... bats! A swarm of bats which lived here for ages. And this swarm of bats...and a little bite on her neck was the last thing Alice could remember before a dark and devouring fog surrounded her while she passed out. Just to wake up in an area which looked like the territory where the institution was...but something was not like it should be. For any reason now she had fangs...fangs like a vampire! Her skin was paler than before and all out of a sudden she could see better in the dark. It felt like Alice had sharper senses than before...but not only this was a change. There was also a voice in her head that murmured unclear words...[insert Entity murmur in here XD]


I thought of 2 abilties a vampire-style Killer could have.

  • Bat/Batswarm - Alice can switch between her humanoid and her bat form. In the humanid form she has average speed while walking and also an average attack range. The Bat/Batswarm is kinda a mixture of the Spirit's Phasewalk and the Legion's Feral Frenzy. While being in the form Alice can not see the survivors. But she hears them better, no matter if injured or not.(Just like a bat which can hear ultrasonics). And she can "vault" palettes and window offsets in her bat form. Or better to say: She just flies over palettes and through windows et cetera. Of course in this form Alice can not attack, it's just a helpful ability for finding survivors.

  • This ability is also about switching between the humanoid and the bat form. But instead of hearing the survivors better, there are several bat colonies all over the map. For example nearby generetors or other important gameplay spots. Alice is able to transform into a bat and be part of one colony. And can use the colonies to "port" between those.

In both cases Alice has no or at least reduced terror radius, in the humanoid form it should be an average terror radius. Both abilities have in common that Alice cannot attack while being in the bat form. As weapon I reckon a simple dagger. Maybe we can put some lore about that dagger and say it's a heirloom of her family which was forgotten in the institute ;)


This is the part where I ask all of you guys there out in the fog? Do you have any Perk ideas? I'm seeing forward reading your ideas and opinions 😊


  • Legion_Is_BestLegion_Is_Best Member Posts: 53

    Blood filled rage: You want to see death. after hooking survivors 4/3/2 times the perk activates once you down a survivor all survivors auras are revealed for 4/6/8 seconds and for 15/20/25sec each survivor you hit gets broken status effect for 20/25/30sec

    Strikedown: You have a hatred of your obsession. after hitting survivors 4/3/2 times the perk activates. You and your new obsession see each-others auras for 20 and you can Mori them if you down them within 25/30/35sec

    Hex:No way out: you still persist even when the objectives are powered. when the exit gates are powered a dull totem becomes a hex when the endgame collapse starts the aura of the totem is revealed but is cleansed 20/25/30% slower and the exit gates are blocked for 50/55/60sec unless it is cleansed at which it ends early

    Let me know your thoughts

    Tell me if I need to change something

  • BethanyBethany Member Posts: 30
    edited August 2019

    That are indeed some nice ideas. I don't really think that the Hex will be used in that way(it's kinda a mix of Thrill of the hunt, just without the extrapoints & Bloodwarden), but it is a good idea to start with :) Some new Endgame-Hex/-Perks besides NOED would be nice indeed so we can try new Endgame-Builds :D

  • Legion_Is_BestLegion_Is_Best Member Posts: 53
    edited August 2019

    if you want I can add extra bloodpoints :)

  • BethanyBethany Member Posts: 30

    Like I said, it wouldn't work with that. I don't think that it's good to implement perks which replace other perks completely.

    The Hex could maybe work like that: The obsession is 5/10/15% faster cleansing totems(no matter if it's a hex totem or not). But after cleansing one the obsession is is in the exposed status for 20/25/30 seconds. After you hit the exposed obsession, another survivor becomes your obsession.

  • Legion_Is_BestLegion_Is_Best Member Posts: 53
    edited August 2019

    Oh ok

  • Legion_Is_BestLegion_Is_Best Member Posts: 53

    I don’t want it to replace Thrill or Bloodwarden

  • Legion_Is_BestLegion_Is_Best Member Posts: 53

    Also to survivors it’s shown

    the killer has no idea

    unlike bloodwarden it cannot be triggered by the killer

  • TheUnendingNightmareTheUnendingNightmare Member Posts: 1,172

    I really like the idea, although it would be more interesting if she actually used ultrasound to detect survivors in bat form.

  • BethanyBethany Member Posts: 30

    If using ultrasound to detect survivors can be implemented to the game, why not :D Nice idea, it would make it quite realistic cause that's just the way bats make out the territory they're in etc :)

  • RaptorrotasRaptorrotas Member Posts: 2,354

    Well, with demogorgon getting a tunnel mechanic, i dont see why your killer shouldnt be able to teleport or blink (slight difference) from bat to bat.

    You might add crow's mechanics to bat swarms, or replace all crows with bats. Or add bats additionally to the crows for extra tracking in your killer's kit.

    For your transformation skill: with how often the sounds get bugged (i think they currently are again?) and te inability to see or attack, it does feel quite weak. I might be prejusticed because i absolutely loathe the restriction of basic tracking (vision, scratchmarks and blood) for spirit and legion.

    The idea of echolocation (forcing loud noise notifications or those killer instinct markers of legion and ) and highlighting visible survivors might be better than just sound increase. Depending on duration/cooldown it might even trigger on running.

    Im not too keen on creating perks in killer concepts as they distract from the main topic (the killer)

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