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Queue times for Killer when DLC drops...

TheBeanTheBean Member Posts: 2,320

So... Just thinking of something...

I wonder how many new people BHVR projects might come in to play the game once the DLC drops.

Cause.... There seems to be have been an increase in killers vs survivors the last few months, to where the queue times for killer are getting longer and longer.

How many of those new people do we expect to actually stick to survivor. Cause... If more seasoned players have dropped survivor to play killer, why wouldn't the new people be any different.

I won't be surprised that there would be more new players wanting to play as the killer than survivor.

I'm putting my bet on that the killer queues are going to get insanely longer when the DLC drops. Not just the normal longer queue times when a new killer comes out... I think it will be a sustained longer queue time weeks and weeks after it drops.


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