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Self-Care is not a good perk.



  • fahad0595fahad0595 Member Posts: 57

    you should not heal all the time that's why self-care is bad and it takes too long .. so ew run a med-kit instead

  • justarandyjustarandy Member Posts: 1,711


    - 90% of the reason why the whole team dies.

    But hey, of you are so persistent on using selfcare in a corner with sloppy butcher and tana against a Legion go ahead. Your team mates will like your for sure lol

  • TeaLeafTeaLeaf Member Posts: 205

    Until the collapse survivors don't have time constraints, its not as much of a detriment to survivors as a time eating perk would be for a kill. As well for survivors who solo and can't rely on the quality or helpful nature of their teammates it ensures the ability to always recover even your essentially alone. It might not be the most meta of meta perks but it has its place.

  • karatinac97karatinac97 Member Posts: 210

    @Might_Oakk I used to use self care all the time but now don't use it at all. I love 'We'll make it' - as long as survivors don't run away while I'm trying to heal them! Lol

  • brokedownpalacebrokedownpalace Member Posts: 7,633

    I don't use it, actually. Keep thinking you're better than people over a perk in DBD, though.

  • LirulinielLiruliniel Member Posts: 3,007

    I started with Feng Min. Didnt realize till later on how good she was as a starting character.

  • BlueFangBlueFang Member Posts: 1,379

    All you people using self-care with Botany knowledge

    Just bring Pharmacy for pete's frigging sake! You'll get a green med-kit so you can heal yourself and others far faster then self-care and botany without the need to sacrifice two bloody slots and you'll search every chest faster

    There's no reason to run Self care when pharmacy exists

  • chickenManchickenMan Member Posts: 23

    Self care makes games easier for killers. It wastes time for survs and forces one surv to sit still for 30+ seconds. It really is a crutch perk, and once I stopped using it I became a lot better at the game. I’m kinda happy about it right now though, when I play killer it means I don’t have to worry about gens as much since at least one surv is probably just sitting in a corner, doing nothing. Just my opinion

  • justarandyjustarandy Member Posts: 1,711

    I never said I'm better. Train your reading skills lad

  • SnakeSound222SnakeSound222 Member Posts: 4,467
    1. I’m too lazy to level up Quentin lol.
    2. Botany also helps with helping other Survivors. I think it also works with We’ll Make It. It’s like 2.3.0’s healing nerf never happened.
    3. Green Medkits are what, 24 charges? You can only heal yourself once. You also aren’t guaranteed a medkit in the other chests. After that first medkit, you could be back to running around injured and relying on your teammates. Pharmacy isn’t really worth it in this case unless the medkit has add-ons.
  • brokedownpalacebrokedownpalace Member Posts: 7,633

    "But hey, of you are so persistent on using selfcare in a corner with sloppy butcher and tana against a Legion go ahead. Your team mates will like your for sure lol"

    Right. Troll someone else please.

  • MegMain98MegMain98 Member Posts: 2,822

    She’s a really good starting character. I think think Meg is the best for new players. You can easily gain distance from the killer with Sprint Burst, can be stealthy with Quick and Quiet, and have an insta-heal at the end of the game with Adrenaline. When I first picked Meg when I was new, I had no idea what Adrenaline did but I still equipped it because it was all I had...saved me many times.

    Only thing I don’t like about Feng and Meg is that they are two of the loudest survivors. They breathe very loud and have loud injured moans.

  • martin27martin27 Member Posts: 696

    I'll bring self care because i have no faith in my team mates. It's an even 50/50 split if i'll be healed by my team mates or forced to self care.

  • LirulinielLiruliniel Member Posts: 3,007

    There's a guy who listed Survivor's for sound to get the ones who makes noise and compaired to one another. He also does Survivors who to start with based on teachables. I know he said Feng simply because she has a exhaustion, useful info ability, and technician helps with failing skill checks.

  • KillermainBTWm8KillermainBTWm8 Member Posts: 4,210

    Selfcare ain't good your prolly correct but inner strength... we'll have to see.

  • GeneralLiviuGeneralLiviu Member Posts: 7

    There are survivors like me that usually play stealthy (self care, iron will, lithe, andrenaline). And if Im stealthy and get away, not beeing fully healed sounds bad for me. I agree,its a pretty bad perk bcs its slow, thats why there are 2 new perks that heal over time, I dont remember the names.

  • PennosukePennosuke Member Posts: 100

    Because most of solo players always have trust issues.

  • MimiDallasMimiDallas Member Posts: 45

    Its a life saver for most beginning players.

  • DemonDaddyDemonDaddy Member Posts: 3,292

    It never was a good perk just a fix for all the players complaining they can't get teammates to heal them. Relying on infinite healing to make it till endgame causes alot of players to continue bad habits and poor choices.

  • justarandyjustarandy Member Posts: 1,711

    Even after quoting you can't read? This is really sad, glad I'm not I'm your skin lol

  • indieeden7indieeden7 Member Posts: 3,035

    More like no mither, self care, solidarity and second wind.

  • rrichard023rrichard023 Member Posts: 10

    I always run it, as whenever I don't have it, I have to search the entire Map for my teammates, and I might not have a med kit on hand

  • PolarBearPolarBear Member Posts: 1,899

    Self-care is kind of a trap for new players. They'll have the option to either heal or do a generator and when they constantly play with Self-care they start to always go for the heal even when it isn't beneficial.

  • Johnny_XManJohnny_XMan Member Posts: 5,478
    edited August 2019

    Just because it isn't your choice of a perk, doesn't mean it's not a good perk.

    I personally don't use it because I would rather play with other perks, but there are legit times I wish I had it because people are too far to heal and I didn't have a medkit with me. \

    I would argue that at times healing with self care isn't optimal, but you just gotta be smart about when to/when to not heal.

  • ASAPTurtleASAPTurtle Member Posts: 968
    edited August 2019

    Most survivors arent confident while being injured, thats why they run Self Care. Or other survivors rather do a healing build and revive their team instead of distracting the killer, or focussing on the main objective. As long as you arent a Meg or Kate self caring in the corner of the map while your teaming is dropping like flies, its fine.

  • CorruptedCorrupted Member Posts: 157

    You clearly don't get it. People aren't saying healing is bad just to say it, the point is instead of healing most of the time - do a gen instead. If all 4 people heal that's a lot of time off of gens, especially if done multiple times. When you prioritize gens over healing then the game ends sooner which is far more beneficial for survivors. Yes, a perk can be good in one patch then bad in another especially if it's nerfed. Look at MoM.

  • AshleyWBAshleyWB Member Posts: 4,062

    One good thing about it is that you only waste your own time self healing but once you get multiple Survivors with it the time taken to self heal could be used more efficiently.

    Good for casuals but for not really advanced players.

  • MemeMeme Member Posts: 275

    Self care is decent, but people who act like it is the best survivor perk in the game clearly forgot med kits are in the game.

  • Melodys_RhythmMelodys_Rhythm Member Posts: 10
    edited August 2019

    I usually use self-care while I have botany knowledge equipped as well. I’m also a solo survivor so depending on my team for a heal is a bit too reckless for me considering I’m not great at running away from a killer.(I’ve gotten better but I’m still not great)

    Although, my main survivor build is for healing purposes, I prefer to bring toolboxes, or keys as my item of choice instead of a Medkits with that build. Toolboxes help me complete gens faster if it seems my team already have people doing altruistic stuff or if we’re behind on gens. I usually only bring in a key if i feel like escaping through the hatch.

    Also, medkits don’t last forever and as someone who does their best to save other survivors I do need a way of healing that I can depend on...because my teammates a lot of times are unreliable.

    But! I do understand that self-care does have a down side to it. It does take some time to heal yourself. Which is why other survivors and I would not recommend using self-heal if it’s not paired up with botany knowledge if you ever planed to use self-care.

    Soo, self-care on it’s own I would say is a decent perk. Not great, but it get‘s the job done. But paired with botany-knowledge, knowing the appropriate time to use it when injured, and having a certain play style. It can certainly be pretty great.

  • BirdmanOwOBirdmanOwO Member Posts: 43

    Some of us killers who use Sloppy/Thana religiously love self-care users; Either you throw the game by healing, or you have a dead perk!

    Seriously, help your team out and use Bond; Not only will it help you find teammates to heal you, but it also:

    - Lets you find injured teammates nearby to heal

    - Helps you not lead the killer towards a teammate thats healing, working on a gen, etc.

    - Make decisions like "Should I stay on my gen, or go save the hooked person" better in some situations.


    Bond has more uses than just finding teammates to heal you, making it much more useful than self-care.

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