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Looping and the generators.

TL;DR:Looping is really strong ATM and killers are not a threat at all, this is rather 1v1 game atm then 1v4.

Hello, because this is closest you can get to devs, i would like to share my experience.

First i share my experience from a killer side, then from a Survivor one.

My GF got me into this game and i enjoy every bit of it. However, as i play more and more, i noticed that more and more people just walk around me, like i am no threat as a killer. So if i started chase someone, even around a car, they been faster and easily outrun me, or looped me for like 6 loops. Which in meantime, makes me regret my life choices, as three generators get completed. And i only damaged one survivor in a meantime.

Now you can say i can use Ruin or go for another survivor. Which yes is correct, but the next survivor is doing exactly the same as a first one. And when you find out you have ruin, you are without totem faster then you can know it.

From playing all the killers (I bought ALL the DLCs to support devs, now i am not saying that to take some weight to my words, but state that i have AND played everyone) to my observation, Nurse and The Spirit are only killers which can end loops in seconds. And my winrate littelary SPIKED! When i started to play those two killers, why? From my personal opinion, looping is huge issue in the game. Chases should be fast and swift. And i believe (It might be just me) that this game should be more about hiding and not getting spotted by a killer. Which is not necessary ... Because why would you hide when you can outrun him and buy time for other survivors to finish generators? Or you can just do both, hide and if spotted just run.

I feel like this game lost its horror appeal and is more like action packed game, which i find odd and the atmosphere is really weak. And i love this game, but playing killer gets really frustrating. And when survivors play with friends, its even worse. You put someone on the hook, and minute you do that, they are off it.

I try to play as a good decent killer, i am not camping, and as long as there is another survivor which is not hurt i go after the healthy one. So i try not to tunnel, but its sometimes necessary, i hope you pardon me.

As from survivors side.

I find this Ridiculously easy! Even without items and perks, if we have one good looper in our team, he can buy us enough time to finish all the generators. And they have no chance unless they dont camp (And because i am playing mostly solo, the survivors dont know how to deal with that) But if the killer is playing straight and fair, its not hard to survive at all, You only need to find good looping position and be aware of your surrounding and that it.

You either:

A)Buy enough time to win the game


B)Which i find is more common, you outrun a killer. Unless its spirit or nurse.

So from my perspective, playing Hag, Wraith, The Pig, Trapper ... Is almost certain lose on all the levels.

Could it be possible to nerf looping or make game more favourable for the killer?

I feel like survivor can 1v1 me basicaly. And i feel like its not okay, and we talk about survivors which are even random.

And look for survivors mains, i get it, you dont want to lose because of some new people in the game etc. But this game is for survivors about cooperation, and i believe killer should be a threat, and if he finds you, you should feel like you just made huge mistake, not be super safe because you can outrun them. Thats are at least my feelings. And my observation from playing the game. What do you guys think?


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