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Wraith able to hit out of invisibility

IronWolf115IronWolf115 Member Posts: 671
edited July 2018 in Feedback and Suggestions

So there is a new DBD like game out for mobile ( Identity V ) but in this there is a killer who is basically Wraith, and his ability is that he can hit when coming out of his invisibility, and I just thought that that would be SUCH a good change for Wraith.

What do you all think?

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  • xxaggieboyxxxxaggieboyxx Member Posts: 498
    Maybe once the wraith passes a threshold of like 75% coming out of it and can be seen before he does it. But then he would recloak get that noice bloodhound and a speed boost and do it again. I feel like survivors wouldn't stand too much of a chance especially if they have cloak and uncloak add ons there would have to be a debuff to the wraiths cloaked speed or visibility while unlcoaking for this to be balanced. 

    But it nonetheless still a good idea and it could work 
  • azazerazazer Member Posts: 446
    Survivors have detection perks. Perks to tell them when a killer is looking their way, when they are looking a killers direction, plus his tell tale shimmer. They have the tools to fight against him already, plus he still has his weakness to flashlights. Maybe add a cool down to cloak, or he can't cloak during a chase and he would be golden
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