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Due to an issue with Hit Validation affecting interactions with Oni players, we are temporarily disabling the feature until the next hotfix.

Can haddonfield be the next map to be reworked please?

Seltas0208Seltas0208 Member Posts: 1,056

Yesterday I played cannibal on that map and if I wasn't running noed I wouldn't of gotten 3 kills because the amount of times the tantrum started... Even though on my screen I was a visbale distance away from HEDGES. HEDGES. That's what made me salty. Insta heals are Insta heals, tea bagging is actually kinda funny to watch especially at the exit gates. But you give me a hedge and I will commit mass arson

On a simular topic for some reason I get pallet stunned alot more that I should. I'm not even near the pallet and it stuns me. This tended to happen on legion the most and idk of I just need to memorise EVERY single hitbox in the game or if pallet have hit boxes are deceptively large.

Dev's of you somehow read this please fix the hitboxes of hedges and pallets, I think they don't depend on any sides connection so it isn't as hard as say fixing lunge hitboxes on hag or huntress


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