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Figured out the release date for the PTB and 3.2.0 Chapter...

AntiJellyAntiJelly Member Posts: 1,100

So. The devs have said dedicated servers come out before summer, right? Summer ends September 23rd.

Now, I'm assuming that dedicated servers will come with 3.2.0, because it doesn't make a lot of sense to just release them in a seperate update.

So, when's September 23rd? The 4th monday of September. Now, updates only come out on Tuesdays or Thursdays. This means the Chapter will not release the week of September 23rd.

However, we all know PTBs are always up for two weeks before the chapter releases, yes?

There's only three more Tuesdays between now and the week before September 23rd.

Which means that there's only two weeks between next Tuesday and the Tuesday before September 23rd.

Which can only mean that, unless the devs break the cycle, the PTB has to come out next Tuesday, September 3rd



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