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Devs why so quiet?

I get it, things happen and such. But why can't you give at least a little bit of info to help people calm down. You guys just went completely silent after the stream.

I get you might not be able to say anything, but something more then soon is nice.


  • FishFry247FishFry247 Member Posts: 695

    Yea the radio silence is killing me lmao

  • brokedownpalacebrokedownpalace Member Posts: 7,990

    Maybe they're all in the upside down...

  • CatbucketCatbucket Member Posts: 335

    Theyve already stated that there was an internal problem, they have no info on when the ptb is happening until that gets resolved.

  • will_i_am_14_85will_i_am_14_85 Member Posts: 488

    Pretty sure the devs don't have an obligation to give an update every single day, they didn't say when the PTB was coming out, they didn't fix a date for when the Stranger Things chapter was going to be released, like they never fixed a date for the dedicated servers.

    Also, read the notice at the top of the forum, when they have some information then will share it.

    I feel this generation lack patience and want everything now.

  • MikeadatrixMikeadatrix Member Posts: 890

    All but the juicy lore, Peanits. Where is my Lore?!

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