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How to turn Gideon into a VERY good map for surviving

Why the Game is potentially one of the best maps for survivors bcs there are SO MANY safe or at least mindgame-able pallets.

There are only two problems:

  1. You cannot see the majority of pallets
  2. Totems are pretty good hidden

But you can VERY easily counter this moments - bring WINDOWS OF OPPORTUNITY & MAP with RED TWINE and ODD STUMP

  • WINDOWS OF OPPORTUNITY. With this perk you'll see that the Gideon is literally teeming with OP or at least mindgame-able pallets. Incredibly strong perk in Gideon bcs of 2 floors.
  • MAP with RED TWINE & ODD STUMP. For the above reasons, you'll find RUIN very very fast and preventing NOED from appearing will be also easy.

If I bring Jigsaw Piece, I use these perks: Windows of Opportunity, Balanced, Bond, Borrowed Time

  • Gideon is a paradise for Balanced Survivors, very easy to trigger it
  • Bond is very efficient in Gideon, a lot of information and healing if you run map
  • Borrowed is classic

I am very enjoyng this build in gideon. Yeah, there are no DS, but you can pretend you have it and jump into a locker. Skilled killers will suspect DS and will leave you alone.


  • KasakiKasaki Member Posts: 155

    Gideons is already a good survivor map if you know how to run the tiles, bad survivors don't like it because they can't find ruin 5 seconds into the match , the only thing I will say is sometimes generator spawns are terrible and you will only have one upstairs gen sometimes forcing the killer to just stay downstairs and let the upstairs gen get done to couple them all in one area

  • Aztreonam78Aztreonam78 Member Posts: 1,104

    I think Windows of Opportunity is really needed in Gideon. Yeah, I get downed frequently only bcs I run in the wronf direction where there are no pallets

  • MegMain98MegMain98 Member Posts: 2,824

    Gideon Meat Plant is an extremely good survivor map. Most of the pallets are safe and it is great with Balanced Landing. It’s a very annoying map for killer due to all the pallets.

    If anything it should he changed to favor killer more than survivor because it is already HEAVILY survivor sided.

  • BithardBithard Member Posts: 406

    Gideon is my favourite map for survivor. The looping is unreal on it if you plan it out.

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