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When is some change coming too fix how fast gens are done?

Title, really hate being in high ranks because every game gens are done in what feels like 5 mins.

Ruin is not a good gen rushing counter since it's a totem perk

Pop Goes only works if you can down people fast, which may not happen depending on who you are playing.

Thana only works on Huntress, Legion, and Plague, and is pretty pointless on those who can't constantly keep people injured.

Lullaby, Overcharge, and other skill check perks work at low ranks, but the higher you get the harder it is too see a failed skillcheck, even with overcharge. And lullaby is shown right at the start of the match, so it suffers from both ruin and Pop goes problem in it'll get popped early or you won't get tokens too make it matter.

IMO a good change would be too increase gen length until the devs make a second objective. I know no one wants it or likes it, but with toolboxes, Brand New Part, and Prove Thyself, I can't see 20 seconds being enough too make it feel any different. Another good change is a second objective, where you have too find gas cans too power up a gen, or find the bulbs for the exit gates, or something else because right now it really sucks too be a high rank killer unless you want too only play Nurse.



  • FishFry247FishFry247 Member Posts: 695

    Yea so many good survivor's can make a chase last for what seems forever, Even ending chase's to find someone else doesn't seem to matter in a lot of maps because the amount of pallets. Maps like Auto Haven and Haddon field legit make me want to dc, But I pull though because once in a blue moon I get the 4k on them. But for the most part I get destroyed by people on these maps because the the shear amount of pallets and safe loops, But when its a map like the badham rework. I can get stuff done. Apply pressure properly and mind game loops even though the school is still very strong although imo. it should have another pallet. The problem isn't so much the gen time, Because people don't want to hold M1 all day and hit skill checks. There needs to be a second objective ( and no not totems ), And I don't have the solution but I hope the BHVR finds one soon to make it more fun for everyone

  • ZixologyZixology Member Posts: 1,062

    Ever tried an endgame build? Or Dr 3 Gen?

  • ZixologyZixology Member Posts: 1,062

    That's the funniest thing I've read this week. Thanks for the laughs.

  • BunnyTheHuttBunnyTheHutt Member Posts: 1,773

    I shouldn't be forced too play certain builds just too have a chance against people, because the problem remains the same.

  • StupidButTruStupidButTru Member Posts: 366

    This isn't Friday the 13th, no GIT GUD as the killers always tell me as they camp and tunnel

  • BunnyTheHuttBunnyTheHutt Member Posts: 1,773

    I don't want too play like scum just for a 4k. I want the game too be as balanced as possible, and again, I fail too see how 20 extra seconds would completely ruin the game with things like Toolboxes, Brand New Part, and Prove Thyself among others.

  • BunnyTheHuttBunnyTheHutt Member Posts: 1,773

    Anytime I don't run Ruin (and even sometimes when I do) one chase can let 1 gen get done and others half way, even if the chase isn't long. There has too be some change too make it take longer for survivors too do gens, because having 3 perk slots available because Ruin is pretty much mandatory on most killers is not fun.

  • FrostyFrosty Member Posts: 375

    Just played a game like this, i was constantly chasing people off gens, kicking them, getting downs and hooks and still the game ended ultra fast. The first gen was done before i got half a lap around the map. Not to mention i worked real hard and managed to down two on their way to the gate but there is only ever one hook within reachable distance so number 2 wiggles free, because he nearly had crawled to safety at this point and the close hook was holding the what ended up being the only sacrifice of the game.

  • HatCreatureHatCreature Member Posts: 3,298

    The fact cannot be argued that if I person is being chased then 3 Survivors are on Gens. Killers are NOT DESIGNED to create map pressure to stop Survivors from doing this.

    Gens need to go or need to be reworked.

    Death Garden is also made by BHVR, different team but same studio, they fixed this problem by having Runners collect an item from 1 Objective and Deliver to the 2nd Objective, this gives their Hunter plenty of chances to intersect every Runner while chasing another, that's pressure.

    I feel they need to take the same approach and bring it to Gens, this way even if the Killer is chasing 1 Survivor he can still randomly come across another Survivor while they are collecting or doing whatever it is, the chances are higher and that's pressure.

    Gens are not good enough, this game is 3 years old and it is time they too get reworked, Killers, Survivors, and now maps are getting and it's time Gens get it.

  • altruisticaltruistic Member Posts: 1,078

    Fake narrative tbf.

    I’m tracking my games. 15 games at R1 last night and my average game time was 19 minutes.

  • savevatznicksavevatznick Member Posts: 651

    It's not so simplistic as a single nerf to gen repair speed. It's not the one thing.

    It's partly a mapping issue. On the larger maps, it takes so long to rotate between gens that a killer that isn't one of the Holy Triad has no gen pressure, only hook pressure.

    It's partly a balancing issue, where the game isn't balanced around the highest level of play - if survivors stop messing around and do gens, then you will lose two or three gens in your first chase, even if it's a concise one. Double those losses if your killer requires trap setup time.

    It's also just part of how the game works. A killer starts with zero resources to pressure survivors. The opening three minutes generally dictate how a match will go, as you can see by the video. The first hook is where a killer can force survivors to do things besides gens, and denying that first hook is how you ruin their day.

    Making gens take 20 seconds longer would help, but it wouldn't be a change that addresses the game's problems.

  • ImpactImpact Member Posts: 89

    @BunnyTheHutt said:

    I know no one wants it or likes it, but with toolboxes, Brand New Part, and Prove Thyself, I can't see 20 seconds being enough too make it feel any different.

    Perhaps this is a root cause? I think the devs should investigate the affects of certain perks, items (toolboxes) and add-ons, when it comes to gens being completed too quickly.

    I also hate being gen rushed as killer, but I also dislike the idea of increased gen completion times and secondary objectives, as survivor. Increased gen length for survivors without toolboxes, against a strong killer, will make survivors struggle too much.

    There has to be a way to establish balance.

  • BunnyTheHuttBunnyTheHutt Member Posts: 1,773

    I do agree that something needs too be looked at, but I feel that the items themselves aren't the problem.

  • Aven_FallenAven_Fallen Member Posts: 12,641

    If you struggle at High Ranks, maybe you should not be at High Ranks? Thought about that?

  • BunnyTheHuttBunnyTheHutt Member Posts: 1,773

    Because there is clearly something too be done about that. I'm not going too DC every game just too go too green ranks and bully low leveled people just because I don't want too deal with gen rushing. This is not even an argument mate.

  • FriendlyGuyFriendlyGuy Member Posts: 2,768

    And you consistenly win chases against a top tier survivor with LF? Are you cheating? No really with LF a chase can take three to four Minutes.

  • CatbucketCatbucket Member Posts: 335

    no change needed, the recent video that got people freaking out about this was pretty much a one in a thousand situation. Plus, the killer made a number of mistakes, allowing the survivors free reign early game.

  • FriendlyGuyFriendlyGuy Member Posts: 2,768

    Rank? I can consistenly 2pip 4k with nurse at red ranks too, but my wraith gets rekt. Only my bad skills as killer right?

  • AWesley91AWesley91 Member Posts: 151

    I can see it now.


    10/20/2019 "Why does killer que take 30 minutes to get into one single game!?"

  • chieftacochieftaco Member Posts: 230

    the problem isn't the time it takes to do the gens, the problem is the meta that's been created and sworn to like religion that dictates being good at Dead by Daylight requires gen rushing and running out of the exit with no points like stooges..

    as a survivor i get lots of teams that bury their heads in gens & want nothing more than to run out of the exit without ever even knowing who the survivor is.. to me, their teammate, it's disgusting and boring as all hell.. but, that's how those people like to play the game and who am i to tell them to play my way..

    that being said, that goes both ways.. who are they to tell me i have to play the game their way?

    my advice to you as killer or survivor would be to encourage the game to end as quickly as possible and move on to the next one.

    as survivor, if the game isn't almost over, go do something risky & accidently end up on a hook.. if the game is almost over and everyone's ready to leave, i usually still run around looking for totems & chests.. i try to get chased a little more, maybe a few more pallet stuns.. i don't mind if End Game Collapse kills me at all because i really need the time in game and doing stuff so that i don't de-pip..

    as killer, see if you can hide from the gen rush team.. don't scramble for points, accept your low score and depip and do what you can to ensure they get no boldness or altruism.. definitely don't switch targets.. you scrambling for points and switching targets gives the ######### survivors the points they need to safety pip.. if you do it too much they'll pip ..

    if you're chasing someone who's giving you mad loops and you can't hit them for whatever reason, stay on their tail and DONT switch out.. maybe you'll learn something you didn't know for later when you're playing survivor (or killer again), and most importantly, everyone depips with you ;) hopefully they don't have a great time and they surely won't giggle for long when they see the scoreboard, and maybe they can take that lesson with them into their futures.

  • KillermainBTWm8KillermainBTWm8 Member Posts: 4,212

    Everyone is drunk off the idea created by content creators that only nurse spirit and billy and hag are viable. This is false. Any killer can be great when mastered. Except for Legion who I truly believe to be the killer with No power.

  • 8obot1c8obot1c Member Posts: 1,129

    U I R N

    oops dropped my letters. RUIN, there we go.

    R C O T P R U N I E T T R V O I N V

    sorry 1 sec. CORRUPT INTERVENTION, that’s much better.

    H TM I R E OS R L LN G I

    T E R

    Idk why this keeps happening.

    THRILLING TREMORS, I hope nothing else happens...

    S C E CA D I DO R N

    Oopsy Daisy. DISCORDANCE. Cool.

  • BunnyTheHuttBunnyTheHutt Member Posts: 1,773

    These perks really don't mean much mate. Ruin is a Totem perk, it usually gets popped in the first few minutes. Corrupt Intervention only works the first 2 minutes of the game, then you're down an entire perk slot. Thrilling Tremors does do anything if survivors are on a gen. Discordance only lets you see where they are, and why would I bother when I can just use BBQ which is a better perk? Being snarky and sarcastic ain't helping the discussion, which is gens need too take longer.

    Hate too break it too ya, but these perks just don't work as well as they should most of the time. And why should something like Ruin be mandatory just so killers have a chance too get a few kills?

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