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Who'd be the one to sacrifice themselves so the survivors and killers could escape?

Chaddad2169Chaddad2169 Member Posts: 748

Imo, Bill would be the one to sacrifice himself to ensure that the survivors and killers would escape the nightmare that is the entity's realm.

Theoretically, Bill's perks are mostly the ones revolved around his teammates and an undying will to not give up.

Also if you've ever played the L4D games then you'd know that Bill sacrificed himself so Zoey, Francis and Louis could escape the horde of zombies.

So in my opinion this solidifies that Bill would probably be the one to sacrifice himself so the others could escape.



  • BSNightflowBSNightflow Member Posts: 78

    I'm afraid you'll have to sacrifice so much more than just one survivor to ensure an escape from the Entity.

  • Chaddad2169Chaddad2169 Member Posts: 748

    Bill would be up there in my opinion.

    Honourable mentions could be Detective Tapp, Dwight (he's a leader after all and it would be a leader thing to do), maybe even Ace?

    I'm not sure, but the way you said it was a little deceiving 😂

  • Chaddad2169Chaddad2169 Member Posts: 748

    Interesting, it does seem that Evan Macmillan wasn't the type of person to simply bow down to someone.

    Thus, the entity tortured him, you can see this by the scraps of metal piercing his arms.

    It would be cool if Evan and maybe even the other killers that got tortured (Nurse, Doctor, Hag and Spirit) all try to get payback and kill the entity whilst also dying themselves.

    Interesting theory man.

  • ImpalaImpala Member Posts: 143

    Bill and Tapp, imo.

  • SureSpearSureSpear Member Posts: 211

    He's a little stupid. But then he also knows there's a shot Eleven could track him down. The Entity made a mistake pulling Steve and Nancy in imo.

  • MikeadatrixMikeadatrix Member Posts: 818

    Stupid in terms of academics and pop culture but smart in terms of survival and monster slaying. Oh and absolutely. The Entity didn't want Ash, Ash found his way in. For all we know, Steve and Nancy ended up in the Entity's realm by accident. I'm willing to bet everyone's favorite eldritch nightmare is now pissing itself because it's got three new survivors who aren't timid or defenseless. Steve and Nancy are a force to be reckoned with for sure.

  • SureSpearSureSpear Member Posts: 211

    Not to mention two of them have a fairly viable exit gate in El, which means everyone has an exit gate.

  • SaitamfedSaitamfed Member Posts: 1,041

    Talking about non-licensed characters. Meaning being in the DbD lore only, I think Bill and David.

    Maybe David is not selfless as Bill, but as he likes to pick fights it's likely he will like more being chased even if it's against a monster. Even his perks works like depending just in himself.

  • aderpymuffinaderpymuffin Member Posts: 97

    Freddy and Spirit are the only ones powerful enough to rip a hole through the entity. Freddy would take raw effort that would probably kill him, and Spirit would have to realize that the entity wasn't holding up his side of the deal first.

  • ektoekto Member Posts: 103

    ash has tried to sacrifice himself before but was called out for "wanting the easy way out" which was true. something tells me that dude is just waiting for a bullet to jump in front of. still though, bill would probably be my first pick.

  • LCGasterLCGaster Member Posts: 3,154

    Honestly I think all of them would kill themselves once they accept that they'll never escape for real

  • SureSpearSureSpear Member Posts: 211

    Steve and Nancy couldn't personally manage to kill the Entity (unless Steve found a nail-spiked baseball bat), but Eleven could probably deal some good damage.

  • MikeadatrixMikeadatrix Member Posts: 818

    The only way the survivors could kill the Entity is to all together fight it with the help of the neutral killers who have been tortured into submission, ala Wraith and Spirit.

  • xxplayerjuanxxxxplayerjuanxx Member Posts: 17

    Bill, Detective Tapp, and David.

  • MegMain98MegMain98 Member Posts: 2,575

    Bill and Tapp survivor wise. Non licensed wise I gotta go with David.

    Killer wise I think the only one capable is Spirit. It says in her lore that her rage is so powerful that even the Entity can’t control it. If she knew that the Entity wasn’t holding up it’s end of the deal then she could destroy it.

  • End_of_SlayerEnd_of_Slayer Member Posts: 87

    Just because her rage is uncontrollable, doesn’t mean it would deal harm to it in any way. A rock bounces off its skin like it was made of iron in Kate’s backstory. And all the weapons and powers are given to the killers by the Entity. Meaning, the Entity can make the weapon as sharp, or as dull as it wants at any given moment. Meaning that it cannot be harmed by physical objects.

  • Pugpablo123Pugpablo123 Member Posts: 115

    Trapper. He has clearly been tortured by The Entity for a long time, and he would be a much larger threat to it than any of the survivors, given his invincibility. Not to mention that he is the poster child of the game and the first killer, it would make sense he would be the one to bring it down.

  • SpringeySpringey Member Posts: 202

    If I remember correctly, it was said that even the entity was suprised about how strong spirit is or that it barrely is controlable.

    So if Spirit realizes that the Entity is just using her, she could be the one actually being able to either kill it or make an exit open.

    But tbh, I myself don't think that there's an escape into the real world.. but maybe the 'escape' would killing the entity to finally die.

  • MegaWaffleMegaWaffle Member Posts: 4,174

    I sort of hope BHVR gives us more Lore for DBD but does so in a way like Dark Souls, where not every question is answered and the community is left piecing evidence together to create what fits for themselves.

  • End_of_SlayerEnd_of_Slayer Member Posts: 87

    That’s exactly what they are doing with the Archives. They give us lore and we have to piece it together. But every question answered is another 4 questions asked. Meaning we must piece it all together, even if there will never be a finite answer. The devs are also going to Ben giving us journal entries, cinematically for the characters before they got taken, etc... the Archives are going to be a blessing for all of us invested into the lore

  • 8obot1c8obot1c Member Posts: 1,129

    I feel like David would maybe

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