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Pennywise killer idea

deathsiadeathsia Member Posts: 250

Partially inspired by this video

I thought I would give my take on a killer idea involving this clown. I'll go through his power, perks, and then possible addons.


115% movement speed.

32 meter Terror Radius

Tall height.

His power:


Each Survivor's fear of IT, gives IT power which only grows as each survivor becomes more and more afraid of Pennywise.

Each survivor starts with an empty fear gauge at the start of the trial for every second Pennywise is in a chase with a survivor(s), the gauge begins to fill and for every 20 seconds Pennywise chases the survivor they go up one fear tier, up to 3.

Tier 1:

Survivor has a low chance to "stumble" while in a chase, briefly slowing them for for 0.5 seconds. Additionally, if the survivor stuns Pennywise by any means, the stun time is reduced by 10%.

Tier 2:

Survivor has a moderate chance to "stumble" while in a chase, briefly slowing them for for 1 second. Additionally, if the survivor stuns Pennywise by any means, the stun time is reduced by 30%.

Tier 3:

Survivor has a very high chance to "stumble" while in a chase, briefly slowing them for for 1.5 seconds. Additionally, if the survivor stuns Pennywise by any means, the stun time is reduced by 50%.

Secondary Power:


At the beginning of the match, one survivor picked at random starts at Tier 3 FEAR for 60 seconds and Pennywise appears as the killer the player has been killed or sacrificed the most during this time. Additionally, if Pennywise hooks a survivor, any survivor within 32 meters of the hooked survivor at this time is set to tier 3 FEAR for 60 Seconds after which their fear level is reduced to what it was prior unless they are being chased, at which point their fear level will return to normal after they escape or are downed.

Survivors can reduce their fear level by performing cooperative actions together, simply standing within range of another survivor WILL NOT reduce their fear. For every 30 Seconds Survivors perform cooperative actions together, their fear level is reduced by 1. This value is cumulative, meaning if you were to heal another survivor with your teammate for 10 seconds and then work on a generator with them for 20 seconds, your fear level would reduce by 1.



At the start of the match the basement hooks are revealed to the killer for 30/60/120 seconds and any survivor who enters the basement during this time is revealed to the killer and is overcome with crippling fear, crying out(sound ping to the killer) and rendering them unable to move or act for 10/15/20 seconds. (If struck by the killer, they can move again unless they are downed)


If the Killer spots a survivor from up to 24/32/40 meters from them and the survivor is not looking at them(nor is their camera focused on them) for up to 3 seconds, their aura is revealed to the killer for 5/10/15 seconds. The survivor is given an audio cue that their aura has been revealed to the killer at this time.(this can not occur in a chase)


While in a chase with a survivor, the time to obtain each tier of Bloodlust is reduced by 3/5/7 seconds.


Bloody Balloons:

Balloons are placed on all generators in the trial. When a Survivor fails a skillcheck the balloon pops increasing the fear level of all survivor's who are working on the generator by 1.

Horrifying Photograph:

When Pennywise downs a survivor all survivors within 32 meters of him will have their Fear Level increased by one unless they succeed in a moderately difficult skillcheck that can appear anywhere on their screen.

DeadLight essence:

Once Pennywise reaches Bloodlust level 1, he becomes invisible to all other survivors except the one he is currently chasing. This effect persists for 3 seconds after a chase ends.


As you can see, my vision of what Pennywise would be is a type of killer who discourages survivors from tag teaming against the killer as well as discourages the use of a flashlight stun when he goes for a pickup.

Survivors are actively punished for using their most used tactics and thus must figure out new ways to work together while working around Pennywise's power or at the very least stay out of his Terror radius while he is in a chase with another survivor.

I expect that most survivor mains will take one look at this killer and dismiss him as OP due to his power discouraging most commonly used tactics survivors use but who knows, maybe not?


  • HatCreatureHatCreature Member Posts: 3,298

    So being in a chase or using add-ons will increase their Fear and slow them down and also reduce their stun time against IT. If he chases the entire team then they are all weaker against him, spreading the Fear around and limiting their power. If they work together as a team their power over him grows because their Fear goes down.

    Now in theory this would be awesome against SWF, if they're all afraid then flashlight saves, pallet stuns, and hook sabos will still have an effect but it won't be that powerful against him.

    But that is only what he is good for.

    This Pennywise has no map pressure and is only good in loops and against try-hard teams which is good but because he has no map pressure then these teams will not resort to those tactics and that makes him weak. This Killer actually encourages Gen rush and teaming on Gens because it makes Pennywise less powerful. Sure he is good in a chase because the Survivor only has pallets in a chase and those pallets won't be protecting them for very long but because IT has no map pressure then the Gens will fly and Pennywise won't have enough time to make the others afraid enough to be weak against him.

    All in all, this perfectly fits the character lol he is powerful against 1 Survivor but when they team up they have no fear of him and he is weak. I do love the concept though, this is really cool.

  • deathsiadeathsia Member Posts: 250

    They gen rush regardless... so imo there is no drawback to this at all but meh.

  • HatCreatureHatCreature Member Posts: 3,298

    I was just pointing you made a weak Killer and was hoping you'd see that and try to find a more powerful ability lol If the Devs won't design powerful Killers for whatever reasons then we should.

  • Pennywise1500Pennywise1500 Member Posts: 3

    like the power but could use a mechanic like being able to travel through lockers for map pressure. allow the choice to search lock and if nobody is in the locker he could travel through it maybe also give him 5 seconds with no TR after coming out of the locker

  • Pennywise1500Pennywise1500 Member Posts: 3

    would be a killer that benefits from lockers

  • T0xicTylerT0xicTyler Member Posts: 482

    Really cool concept. It works in the lore of IT very well! +1

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