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The Pig Buff Ideas

OinkOinkOinkOink Member Posts: 8
edited September 1 in General Discussions

Okay so as a player with every killer in the game, I somehow enjoy playing pig the most. Even though I barely play killer as a survivor main, I will never turn down playing as the pig. But, Bhvr keeps nerfing her and I don’t think they understand she’s already bad as is? Here are some ideas I have however that’s could potentially make her better.

  1. The T r a p s

Okay so the traps. Honestly, I think her dash is just fine..sort of, I’ll get into that soon, but her traps oh my god. I can’t tell you how rare it is to get a trap kill. And not surprisingly, My tons and tons of games against the pig, I can’t say i’ve ever everrr died to a reverse bear trap. The bear traps should put so much pressure and and give anxiety to the survivor. Every time a survivor gets a trap put on their head they’re always like. “Oh, a trap. Darn.” There’s nothing scary about it. You have enough time to search every single box. It’s just annoying when a trap is on you’re head. Not scary at alll. I think the timer should be to the extent of only being able to search at least 3 jigsaw boxes. All 4 isn’t a chance of survival. It’s a guarantee. Also, here’s a cool little feature I though of, imagine if getting in a 3 meter range of another survivor with a trap, started the timer on both of your traps. Also, the nerf the traps got that no longer kill you through an exit gate. No. Just no. That’s dumb. If I ever got trap kills, that’s the way I most commonly got them. So no..nooo. Change it back again. They also added a Nerf to where the exit gate no longer starts the timer. Change that back too.. and for christ’s sake can we fix The beeping audio on the traps? I don’t like hearing the trap on my head sounding like it’s going to pop within seconds when it’s been on for 40.

.2: Her Dash..

so, her dash is what will make her viable or not, as of now..she’s viable. I guess? But I’m sure you don’t know how how difficult it’s is to be a pig in red ranks. Let’s make this quick, make the charge shorter, make the range farther. Or rework her. But still make it so she can’t be sneaky and crouch..please?

i just want to say thank you for reading if you made it this far, and hopefully they do something about debatably one of the worst killers in the game. Also, quick thing. Licensed killers with theme songs should totally have special chase music. And lobby music, ghostface plague legion spirit and clown all of special lobby music, you should have everyone have one, like for Myers, make it his theme song but on repeat instead be of it being played for 3 seconds after selecting him. For pig have like the saw theme, etc. okay now how do I end this?

bye bye


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