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Underrated Killers and Perks

FichteHiroFichteHiro Member Posts: 711
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I feel like some Killers and Perks are so underrated, and some extremely overrated.

The first example is Plague: She is so underrated: Once you vomit on all Survivors:

-If they don't cleanse, you'll have an insta-down for the rest of the match.

-If they cleanse, you'll become one of the most OP Powers in the game.

The second example is Pig: She is so underrated as well: Some players even think she is worse than Leatherface.

The point is, her dash ability can help mindgaming small loops pretty well, RBT's make Survivors waste a lot of time they could be doing Gens, and crouching, especially on smaller maps, can jump scare Survivors.

Myers and Hillbilly are the most overrated Killers IMO: Myers and Hillbilly can be looped normally, and Myers' power takes time to build up. If he doesn't get it quickly, he'll have a hard time late game as the Gens will pop.

To Perks:

I feel like Monitor & Abuse is underrated as well: It can feature an excellent synergy with some killers, like Plague, Hag, Myers and Spirit.

Iron Will is both underrated and overrated IMO. It's underrated cuz some Players say it doesn't make any difference in- and outside of a chase. It's overrated cuz some Players say it saves your life all the time, like, in a chase.

Do you also think so?

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