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Slugging is a very viable tactic, in fact I do it too. But there comes a point where slugging is just way too unfun to play against,

ie: Slugging builds and never hooking.

Slugging by definition would be to leave a Survivor on the ground after downing them, reasons being:

-Another Survivor with a flashlight is coming, chase them for free pressure.

-Countering DS.

-Pressuring in general because another Survivor needs to come and pick them up, less people on Gens.

There comes a point where people would sometimes slug on purpose as stated before until all of them have been downed first. And before you say it, the chances of someone bringing Unbreakable is likely to counter that build but in the end could lead to it being wasted and everyone on the ground again. This leads to a very uninteractive and boring gameplay for the Survivors.

I propose that there would be a mechanic that allows the first person who got slugged to be able to pick themselves up without Unbreakable or help, but, only after three people have been downed. Hooked people not included.

If a Survivor picks themselves up after three people have been downed, there is still 2 more people on the ground, still lots of pressure for The Killer and would still make way for The Killer to snowball without anything much in the way of normal gameplay changing. Unbreakable is still helpful to recover faster or to reduce pressure to the Killer after they have downed another person.

What do you guys think?

ps: this post may not have been influenced by the fact that i was in a match with a trolling nurse who just downed everyone and waited for everyone to bleedout. ######### you horses ass.


  • The_BogeymanThe_Bogeyman Member Posts: 269

    Slugging hardly ever works in matches I play in. Even when the killer goes try hard slugging the second last guy to get the 4k.

  • InFluxCapacitorInFluxCapacitor Member Posts: 13

    It's for those rare cases where 2 people are potatoes and the conditions are just right for it to happen

  • GrootDudeGrootDude Member Posts: 14,112

    Snowballing is a valid tactic and needs no nerf.

  • thesuicidefoxthesuicidefox Member Posts: 8,227

    Slugging is fine. The only time I have a problem with it is when it's a game where the killer just constantly slugs the third guy for a 4k. Like doing it once or twice is okay, but I've had killers just repeatedly do it for 20-30 minutes, sometimes going as far as to drop reset the guy so they can keep the game going. It's like, just take the 3k and play for hatch. If it's spawned, slug the guy and go look for it, come back kill them and close hatch. Killers have such a huge advantage in EGC after you close the hatch you shouldn't have a problem getting the last guy. Hell I will do it with 5 gens left not even caring because I know I have a higher chance of finding the hatch first. No reason to drag out the game for 20-30 minutes for 1 measly little kill. The best part though is when killers do this and it blows up in their face where they let those last 2 slip through their fingers.

  • NoShinyPonyNoShinyPony Member Posts: 4,570

    If a killer successfully slugs while all survivors are still alive, the survivors just played bad.

    No, survivors don't need a free Unbreakable to save them when they messed up. No, a killer doesn't have to get punished despite playing well just because survivors always need another chance.

    If you need another chance, that won't be free, you have to use that perk slot for Unbreakable.

  • CymerCymer Member Posts: 942

    I recently have a lot of success with an Infectious Fright, Haunted Ground, MYC and M&A on my Hag. With the right setup you get a lot of snowball potential especially when Haunted Ground pops. Then you have one minute of instant down, with teleport hits and Infectious Fright to keep the train rolling. If you slug in that chase you almost certainly win the match, unless someone brings Unbreakable.

    To counter this as a survivor you really need to spread out and if you go for an unhook make sure no traps or hag is on your side of the map, otherwise you go down with MYC and the unhooked is still injured and probably revealed by Infectious Fright. Best counter: DS, Instaheal and Unbreakable.

  • NoShinyPonyNoShinyPony Member Posts: 4,570

    @Cymer So when Infectious Fright triggers, your Hag still has a 32m terror radius, not a 16m terror radius, correct? (I'm asking because the chase ends when you put the survivor into dying state.)

  • MegaWaffleMegaWaffle Member Posts: 4,172

    You said it yourself "rare cases" so why implement a mechanic that would affect most games to combat a rare case?

  • CymerCymer Member Posts: 942

    Correct, it takes the large terror radius from M&A. Perfect synergy.

    First you can sneak up, thanks to reduced TR and get a hit in. Then at the end, scan the area with larger TR, for flashlight saves and hiding survivors.

  • FrostyFrosty Member Posts: 375

    "Slugging" is a major advantage to a survivor when you consider the alternative is to get hooked. There are reasons to not go for the hook, like you see another one lurking of yonder waiting for a clean rescue.

  • Locker_MonsterLocker_Monster Member Posts: 496

    You want a free pickup because the Killer is doing good?

    Hard pass.

  • Aven_FallenAven_Fallen Member Posts: 12,404
  • NoShinyPonyNoShinyPony Member Posts: 4,570

    Infectious Fright just works within the killer's terror radius. And Nurse needs 2 hits to down somebody. If any killer manages to slug an entire team, the survivors messed up.

    In general: Slugging is successful when survivors are too close to each other and go down too fast.

  • RoKruegerRoKrueger Member Posts: 1,371

    If that happens to you, just accept that you played poorly and try again.

  • KsoniKsoni Member Posts: 607

    I love slugging when i play killer. I love when survivors slowly bleed out and often DC.

  • not_Queefnot_Queef Member Posts: 595

    Slugging is purely the domain of trash killers so I wouldn't mind if it was eradicated from the game.

    I don't blame anyone for DCing if the game is that boring. If you're just playing to make the game a miserable experience for everyone else, you are the definition of toxic.

  • Locker_MonsterLocker_Monster Member Posts: 496

    yes. There's never a reason to slug.

    Like..maybe..Hmm..When there's 2 Survivors left and you know 1 has found the hatch so you slug one so you can get the 4K? Oh riiiight! Survivors would claim that's being a 'tryhard' and 'Killers don't deserve the 4K'.

    Or how about when you want to slow down gens, and know someone will come to pick them up? It's slower than an unhooking. Right, right! Killers should just hook & let them unhook.

    Or how about when a SWF team 99% every Hook & then breaks them when you down someone? Oh yeah; Survivors would claim the Killer should eat the wriggle-escape.

  • Aven_FallenAven_Fallen Member Posts: 12,404

    No offense, but as long as you play on PS4, you dont really experience the "joy" to face a really good Nurse. And especially not those Nurse players who dont play nice and just want to create an unfun experience for Survivors.

    Nurse gameplay is only about being nice. Nurse is the only Killer that can roll down a whole team by just slugging it.

  • NoShinyPonyNoShinyPony Member Posts: 4,570

    Nurse is way harder on PS4 than on PC but that doesn't mean that there aren't any players who are amazing with her. I know a handful of PS4 Nurse players who are indeed amazing and I definitely know the difference between a decent Nurse and an amazing Nurse.

    And that doesn't change my opinion: Nurse is not unbeatable. You just can't afford to make as many mistakes as with other killers.

    Survivors have so many 2nd chances available to them and gens can get done so fast, that survivors don't have to play well to win against most killers. I see on a regular basis how bad a lot of high rank survivors are.

    But against those kind of Nurses, 2nd chances and focussing on gens is not enough, now the survivors also have to play well to win.

    Playing on high rank gives some bad players the impression that they are good players when sadly, they aren't. They face weak killers in the majority of their matches and rely on their DH, DS, Adrenaline etc. and are used to winning. And if they face an amazing killer from time to time, lose, and can't see the mistakes they made in that match, then they think "Oh, I can't beat this killer, therefore this killer/perk build is op".

  • Aven_FallenAven_Fallen Member Posts: 12,404
    edited September 2019

    This was not my point. I only talked about slugging. And Nurse is the only Killer who can slug the whole Team reliable.

    And there is no second chance available (except Unbreakable, but a Nurse has no problem to get back to that person who had Unbreakable)... No DS possible when I am Onehooked for example.

  • NoShinyPonyNoShinyPony Member Posts: 4,570

    You are talking about this as if the survivors can't do anything against a slugging Nurse. Yet they absolutely can. If any killer - including Nurse - manages to slug a team of 4 survivors, then these survivors played bad and it's their own fault. Again, slugging a full team means that the survivors are too close to each other, get found too fast and go down too fast.

    (Also when we are talking about perks, don't forget DH, which usually requires the Nurse to make at least 2 additional blinks. Also Adrenaline helps against slugging.)

  • Aven_FallenAven_Fallen Member Posts: 12,404

    Again: There are a lot of Nurses (and also good Nurses) on PC.

    Dead Hard? Yeah, that is two blinks. Its additional...10 seconds? If we assume Dead Hard is not bugged for once (which it currently is).

    Adrenaline? Yeah, I will repair this Gen while on the ground.

    seems like you underestimate what 32 meters are. This is not a short range at all. Furthermore, if one Survivor is slugged, another one needs to pick him up. So two are next to each other. Eventually the whole team will be next to each other, or they simple let the people bleed out. But even if that happened, Nurse with her insane mobility would be able to find the non-slugged Survivors.

  • NoShinyPonyNoShinyPony Member Posts: 4,570
    edited September 2019

    The amount of amazing Nurses on PC is higher than the amount of amazing Nurses on PS4, sure. But what does that have to do with the question whether a match against these players is winnable?

    Also: I don't know why you are being sarcastic when it comes to Adrenaline. If the last gen gets finished, a slugged survivor will get picked up by Adrenaline. Slugging doesn't mean that the survivors get "destroyed" and everybody dies without any gens being done.

    Also: At high ranks, usually 3/4 survivors run DH. Even if that DH would only buy 10 seconds for every survivor every time before they got downed, that is a lot of additional time. (Usually it buys more time than 10 seconds.)

    32 meters is not a short range, but it also isn't the whole map. After survivors have noticed that the Nurse runs Infectious Fright, they have to start paying attention not to be too close to each other when getting chased. (You usually try to do that anyway.) Also Infectious Fright only shows the location at the moment when the survivor gets downed. This is not "show the aura for 4 seconds". Even if a location gets shown, this doesn't have to mean that the survivor gets found or at least gets found immediately.

    Edit: We can agree to disagree. You think it's op, I think it's not. I don't think anybody will convince the other one.

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